How Important Is Giving Space In A Relationship & Why Does It Matter

Giving Space In a Relationship – How Important Is It?

It is a common feeling to want to spend every second of every day with your significant other, especially in the initial stages of a relationship. There are some people who wish to remain in touch with their partners constantly, either through texts or calls, but there are also others who remain aloof and can get distant. Striking a balance between the two by giving a healthy amount of personal space and time is extremely important in every relationship. Space is a perfectly reasonable expectation, and it is important to not be offended or taken aback if your partner asks for it.

What Does Giving Space In a Relationship Mean?

When in a relationship, people often feel like they have met their soulmate, and they are destined to be with them forever. But it is important to remember that while you and your partner may be in a relationship, you are still distinct individuals with your own interests and hobbies. Personal space refers to the time that you take to put yourself first, to do the things that you like, that make you feel good about yourself, and put you in a great mindset. It could be to pursue a hobby, spend some quality ‘me time’, go out with your friends or spend some time with your family. If you don’t give your partner space, they may feel suffocated, and this could result in conflicts.

Why Does Everyone Need Space In a Relationship?

You and your partner must love to spend time with each other or stay in constant touch when you are apart, but there is always a need for some personal space in a relationship. Each person’s reasons for needing space can vary, and it is important to discuss why your partner needs space. Don’t be shocked or get defensive when they ask you for space or tell you why they need it. When you try to comprehend their reasons with a clear and rational mind, you will understand where they are coming from and know exactly how much space to give them and how.

Is It Good or Bad to Have Space In a Relationship?

Healthy space in a relationship is always a good sign. Asking for space or giving space is not a negative element and does not indicate that your relationship is failing. If your partner needs some emotional or physical space, it does not mean that they feel contempt towards you or the relationship. Space is necessary for a healthy relationship as it helps both you and your partner grow individually and gives you freedom. It will instil a sense of confidence and security in your relationship and make it stronger. When you strike the right balance between time spent together and apart, your relationship will only flourish.

Benefits of Having Space In a Relationship

Space in a relationship is essential so that you or your partner don’t feel restricted or suffocated. Here are some of the benefits of having space in a relationship:

1. Maintain Individuality

You and your partner are two separate individuals with your own characteristics, interests and likes that form a part of your identity. It is important that you have your space so you can preserve your identity by doing the things that you love because those are the things that make you happy. Space can give you a sense of independence, which is healthy for your mental state, and it will only make you happier and more content, even in your relationship.

2. Improves the Relationship

Space allows you and your partner to explore your individual hobbies and interests, spend time with friends and family, and do things that make you happy. Even when you spend time with yourself, you can process your thoughts, pursue your interests and be filled with a sense of freedom and confidence. These are also necessary for you to be happy with your significant other. Not giving space will make you or your partner feel smothered and unhappy, and it will cause conflicts.

3. Make Time for Other People

It is very common for people to spend all their free time with their significant others and not make time for friends and family. While maintaining a connection with your partner is necessary, it is also vital that you give enough time to your friends and family. They are people who genuinely care about you. Interacting with other people will also give you different perspectives and a shoulder to lean on when things are not at their best in your relationship.

4. Build a Respectful Connection

When you and your partner fell in love, you were attracted to their unique personality. It is important that you both retain your uniqueness, and that can happen by giving each other space, and also being respective, supportive, and appreciative of one another.

How to Know Your Partner Needs Space

It is important to have a clear line of communication with your partner so that there are no underlying conflicts or building resentments. Here are some signs that your partner might need some space:

  • If your partner begins to get cranky, even for the most trivial issues.
  • If your partner begins to fight with you for pointless reasons and argues, just as a reason to get away from you.
  • If your partner begins to agree with you for everything and doesn’t offer any input, and it seems like they are losing their identity.
  • If your partner is unusually stressed because of work, family, medical concerns, or financial issues.
  • Your partner becomes codependent and needs to spend time with you constantly or need your approval for everything.
  • If your partner tends to be annoyed with you or around you for no rational reason.
  • You can feel that the connection between you and your partner is strained and you need some time away.

How Can One Ask for Space In a Relationship?

Communicating with your partner in an open and healthy manner and letting them know about your expectations and needs is very important. Here are some ways in which you can ask for space in a relationship:

1. Tell Them That You Love Them

You have to let your partner know that your need for space does not mean that you don’t love them or are fed up with them or the relationship. Communicate with them clearly about your reasons for needing space and how you think it will help your relationship.

3. Justify Why You Need Space

Don’t make your significant other speculate or overthink possible reasons for you needing space. Make them understand why space is necessary for you both and how it will make your relationship stronger.

3. Understand Your Partner’s Concerns

When you tell your partner that you need space, it is only natural that they may be offended or concerned about the implications that space will have on your relationship. Listen to their fears and address them appropriately.

4. Let Them Know That Your Relationship Is Not Over

Let your partner know that you still love them and are committed to the relationship. Asking for space does not mean that the relationship is coming to an end.

How Much Space Is Normal In a Relationship?

It is important to give sufficient personal space to your partner but not to make them feel estranged. Space does not mean that you have to be distant from one another. Every relationship is different, and people have different expectations of space. Talk to your partner about their reasons for needing space and determine how much they want so that you can give it to them accordingly.

How to Check-In While Still Giving Space

It is important to give a healthy amount of space without letting your partner drift away. Keep communicating with your partner regularly. Make sure that they are doing okay and reassure them that you are always there if they need you. If you think that it is having a negative impact on your relationship, voice your concerns and sort it out.

How Does Space Fit As a Whole In the Relationship?

While asking for space is completely normal and reasonable, it may have negative impacts on your relationship if your partner has a history of lying or cheating. All these aspects need to be considered before you determine how much space you want to have, especially if your relationship is in a rocky phase.

How You Can Use Your Space In a Relationship

Space is not a bad thing, and you can make the most of it in the following ways:

1. Focus on Yourself

While your relationship is an important part of your life, it is not the only aspect of your being. Make sure that you give yourself time, maintain your hobbies and interests, and let your partner do the same.

2. Respect Space

While it may make you anxious to not be in touch with your partner or not know what they are up to, it is important to respect their space and have faith in your relationship.

3. Appreciate and Encourage Your Partner

Motivate yourself and your partner to do the things you have taken space for. Appreciate their talents and be supportive so that you can build a strong bond of love and confidence.

4. Keep Communicating

Space does not mean that you stray away from your partner. Communication is the most important part of your relationship. Therefore, ensure there isn’t too much space.

Having a healthy amount of space in a relationship is very important for the survival of the relationship. Communicate your needs in a clear and respectful manner, help yourself and your partner grow, and your relationship will blossom as well.

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