Weight Gain After Marriage: Reasons & Solutions

Gaining Weight after Marriage – Here’s Why It Happens

The euphoria of getting married may last a while making couples want to spend their time enjoying activities which can trigger weight gain inadvertently. Weight gain after marriage statistics reveals that married couples have more chances of gaining weight in sharp contrast to their single counterparts, a fact which may make them reach for their running shoes!

Why Do People Usually Put on Weight after Getting Hitched?

Some of the likely reasons why married couples may put on weight include:

1. Couples Love Doing Everything Together

Newly wedded couples love spending as much time as possible with each other. The same may be true for eating together even if one of them isn’t too big on food. So, if the wife is relishing a cake, the husband is quite likely to join her. Eating out more or ordering food usually junk at odd hours, partners impacting food decisions may all contribute to weight expansion.

Couple Eating at a Restaurant

2. Partner Displaying Their Culinary Skills

Sometimes one partner gains weight after marriage owing to the other’s culinary skills. Wives may start indulging their partners by preparing a variety of delicious meals and yummy sweet treats which may trigger the gathering of flab at all the wrong places.

Husband Tasting Soup

3. Emotional Eating

Emotional eating due to relationship conflicts can also sabotage weight-maintenance efforts. At times the toughest food cravings tend to hit at the lowest emotional moments. When facing a hard time, feeling stressed or even bored, one may give in to eating more especially sweet, high-calorie, fatty foods. Food serves as an easy distraction to soothe or suppress negative emotions so much so that couples may seek comfort in unwarranted eating.

Emotional Eating

4. Pregnancy

One of the reasons wives gain weight after marriage can be pregnancy. Women may begin packing pounds in case of a pregnancy owing to fluid retention, food cravings and fluctuating hormones. Most women don’t possess the will to battle food desires that occur during pregnancy. Some husbands also rack up weight when their wife becomes pregnant as they find it tough to resist the temptation of gorging along with their partner. Also, post-pregnancy weight often sticks around and can multiply together for new parents.


5. Pressure Is Over

The pressure of looking after themselves, staying fit and maintaining may be off after people get hitched. Unmarried people possibly take their fitness concerns more seriously in comparison to couples who get married to each other. There is probably not as much of incentive to stay slender once you have securely found a partner. They may no longer feel inclined to keep a strict check on their weight to attract their partner. Moreover, couples who are in a happy, satisfying relationship are also susceptible to garner more weight.

Pressure is Over

6. Couching It

Married people have an increased tendency to couch in front of the television more than single people. They also might tend to overeat while watching TV.


7. Biology

Weight accumulation after marriage can partly be on account of biology. A committed relationship may bring about an emotional shift which can generate a modification in brain chemistry affecting weight as well. Marriage promotes relaxation and the deep attachment releases oxytocin in the body, initiating weight hoarding.


8. Lifestyle Changes

Life may take a complete 180 degrees turn after marriage. Many alterations in lifestyle generally happen once couples merge homes and finances. There is so much to negotiate involving major adjustments. Balancing responsibilities may become the new norm. Lifestyle changes after marriage may leave less room and time for following a regular exercise routine. Partners may encourage less-than-healthy practices and habits. It may be easy to roll over and cuddle with your spouse than getting out of bed for the morning run.

Lifestyle Changes

How to Control Weight Gain after Marriage?

Certain tips that may help control weight gain after marriage are:

  • Married couples may like to reflect on weight as an important aspect of their overall health than just appearance. Therefore, they should make an endeavour to influence each other for choosing healthier food options.
  •  Partners may have a greater success rate at cutting down weight if they design wholesome meals, shop for nutritious foods and plan healthy menus to remain fit as a shared goal.
  •  Couples can think of spending time together involving some activity or skill instead of food. For example, you both can sign up for dance or yoga.
  • Nurture your loving bond over some interesting adventure which will keep the spark and attraction alive along with boosting fitness levels.
  • In case your partner seems disinterested in working out, you should not feel guilty about prioritizing exercise even if it means doing it by yourself. Personal happiness may translate into a more successful and fulfilling relationship.

Marriage weight gain is a reality which most wedded couples like to deny. Nonetheless, it can generate many emotional and physical problems which may negatively affect the relationship in the long run. Thus, couples should make attempts to connect over a healthy regime rather than food.

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