14 Must Have Baking Accessories For Every Home Baker

Essential Baking Accessories for Every Home Baker

Having the best baking accessories and tools urges you to bake more often and perfect your skills. There is no limit to the number of baking tools you can buy and use with the advanced online shopping platforms. If you are new to baking, have a look at our baking essentials for beginners.

Must-Have Tools for Baking

Essential baking equipment online is the one-stop solution for all of your baking requirements! So, know what tools can add perfection to your baking skills. Start baking with these baking essentials for beginners:

1. Measuring Cups (Dry and liquid) and Spoons

Baking is an art that requires precision. When you follow a recipe, add ingredients using measuring cups and spoons as such. Always make sure to use measuring cups specific for dry and liquid ingredients to get a good result. Always use the correct utensil with the precise measurement as mentioned for a particular recipe. Look for solid handles and easy-to-read quantity instructions on the product. They are available in the form of glass, copper, plastic online.


2. Sieve

A sieve helps in sifting dry ingredients to separate large granules to give a fine powder. It also helps to separate liquid ingredients from other interfering particles in them. Sieves also come into play when there is a need to decorate the cake with icing sugar. The Sieves available are stainless steel or plastic materials.

Look for a stainless steel sieve if your focus is a lightweight sieve that is durable.


3. Mixing bowl

One should use a mixing bowl to mix dry ingredients and wet ingredients before baking.  Bowls that vary in shapes, sizes, material and, color are available online. Choosing a deep bowl with a flat base eases mixing. A good rim would help easy batter pouring. You can purchase glass bowls to get a  transparent view and stain-free property. Look for food-grade if safety is your concern.


4. Whisk

Whether whipping cream for cake decoration, mixing dry ingredients, or beating an egg, you can always rely upon a whisker.


5. Oven

Oven exposes baking mixture to a hot temperature within a hollow chamber in a controlled manner. Brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, Panasonic are known for their best performances.


6. Baking pans and tins

Baking pans and tins are available in different shapes, sizes, and materials. You may buy one circular or square, or rectangular as a beginner. Always buy a heavy-bottomed one for the best baking outcome. Quantity is one critical criterion to be kept in mind before purchase. Removable bottoms allow easy removal of cake. As your basics get strong, you may try on other available features for baking pans or tins.


7. Baking tray

Bake bread rolls, cookies, and pizzas using a baking tray. They can be of different materials. The most common types are stainless steel or aluminum. The heavy bottom of the tray gets even temperature distribution and gives a perfect bake. Choosing trays with a heavy bottom will make them more durable and more suitable for multiple purposes.


8. Baking rack/Cooling Rack

A baking rack has metal wires running in two ways parallel to each other, providing a minimal surface for baked food to touch and become soggy. Cool the hot baked stuff on a baking wire rack/baking pan rack. These racks circulate air uniformly and allow proper cooling after the pan/tin with the baked item is taken out of the oven. It protects the baked item from overbaking and sogging. Consider rack size, grid size, material, and quantity to be baked when buying the cooling racks. Always check if the manufacturer has stated the oven usage for the frame. Go for small baking racks to begin your baking journey if the quantity of bake is not your priority.


9. Baking Sheet

Baking Sheet, also referred to as Parchment Paper/Cookie Sheet/Sheet Pan, is used to prevent the sticking of baked items to the walls of the pan. Make sure you buy better quality to avoid smoke when quality is low.


10. Brush

Brushes come in different types as silicon brushes, pastry brushes. Silicon brush has the advantage of being used at high temperatures as compared to pastry brushes. It comes to help when you need to grease tin/pan, apply milk layer, egg white coating. I would recommend a silicon brush over a pastry brush.


11. Silicone Baking Mat

Replace parchment sheets with silicone mats for a better experience.


12. Piping Bags and Nozzles

Apply creams over cakes and pastries using Piping bags. Additionally, you can decorate your cake with cream using nozzles. Choose rust-free materials when you buy Nozzles.


13. TurnTable

A TurnTable helps shape and smoothen cakes after applying creams,  thus helping to reach every corner with ease.


14. Stand Mixer

A stand mixer, or planetary mixer, will make it incredibly easy for you to mix doughs and batter for all your baking adventures. Put the ingredients in and save yourself some elbow grease!


Apart from the above baking essentials for beginners, you can also check out other excellent tools that take your baking to another level. As your skills improve, you will learn which tools are more suited for you and which tools are needed to transform you into a professional baker!

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