Consuming Milk and Banana Together: Is It Harmful?

Eating Banana and Milk Together – Good or Bad?

Smoothies do feel refreshing and sumptuous. With seasonal fruits and milk coming together, what could go possibly wrong? And they can be perfect mid-day meal substitutes, especially when they come with nutrients, fibre, protein, and vitamins to start with. Our hectic days pose several challenges to our dietary plans and its really difficult to get all by cooking a delicious meal which seems to have everything. Hence, smoothies are the perfect solution. They need little time and are loaded with nutrients that we often lack in a ready-to-cook or on-the-go meal. Banana and milk come together as a perfect smoothie combo. But is it really safe? Think again after considering a few facts.

Why You Should Not Have Banana With Milk?

These two are definitely two different entities. Milk has a wide range to offer, right from proteins, vitamin B12 to minerals like riboflavin and calcium. It is no wonder that people often consider milk as a complete meal. And to top it all, 100 gm of milk contains 42 calories. But we often miss out on several other ingredients such as vitamin C and dietary fibre. Milk lacks these vital components and its carbohydrate level is pretty low. However, milk can be a very good protein provider, especially when most of our foods do not offer such a wide range.

It is a head-on clash. Banana has some strong features that can give milk some tough time in terms of nutrients. To start with, 100 gm of it contains 89 calories, banana is loaded with dietary fibre, potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, vitamin C and biotin. It does have carbohydrates and can make us feel fuller for a longer period of time, all the while providing you with much-needed energy.

What milk lacks, banana complements. It seems that they are a perfect combination. So, can milk and banana be eaten together? The answer is, no. No need to raise a hullabaloo.

When these two different kinds of foods enter the body together, they trigger a digestion problem. This heavy blend can disrupt the normal work process of the body parts to deter the normal workflow. In addition, the two together are not good for sinus. This means sinus congestion which could then trigger cold & cough and other allergies. It can further set off vomiting and loose motion.

However, some nutritionists do feel that these two are a great combination for bodybuilders who wish to gain weight quickly. Yet, they have a caution for people with asthma attacks as this combination can seriously spark a breathing problem and cause an unnecessary rush of events.

have milk first, then eat banana

What Does Ayurveda Say About Milk and Banana Combination?

It is not just that the modern day scientists who are advocating. If you need a second opinion, you can always look back to our age-old sages and seek advice. Ayurveda has some well-defined ideas about what to have and what not to, and there, a combination of these two is a strict no-no.

Ayurveda breaks down foods in three particular categories. According to it, the three definitive parts are rasa or taste, vipaka or post digestive effect and virya that is heating or cooling energy. The digestive system, according to Ayurveda, strictly prohibits these two foods from coming together. As milk and banana’s side-effects, the two together can increase the toxic level of the body and curb the speed in which the brain actually works.

But there is always a way out. You cannot have them together, that is yes. But you can always have them separately. What you need to do is give it a gap. If you are planning to have it as a pre-workout or post-workout diet plan or even as your substitute for a proper meal, give them a gap of a minimum of 20 minutes. Have a glass full of milk first, and later have the banana.

Still missing the old flavour? This option can give you some respite. You can have it with curd if you really want to go for a dairy product. So dig in and have some really good moments. These two foods may ask you for a little time but they are both excellent food items as on-the-go food.

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