8 Tips on How to Charge Your Phone Faster

Easy Tricks to Charge Your Phone Faster

Having to charge your phone always might get really frustrating. A dying phone battery is a very common problem especially when you need it the most. The most obvious solution to this issue is to charge the phone beforehand but refuelling the battery is not always a very fast process.

Basically, batteries in phone work by holding electricity to power the phone. The larger the battery in the phone is, the longer it will work. But, the battery life is also influenced by the phone’s power requirements. For example, larger screens will consume more power. A battery’s capacity indicates how much charge it holds. Standard chargers that are given with iPhones and older versions of Androids carry 1A of current and have 5 watts of output power. New rapid chargers come with technologies like Quick Charge that supports 2A and 12 watts or even more. This has made charging four times faster.

How to Quickly Charge Your Mobile Phone?

how to make your android phone charge faster. Here are some quick, easy ways on how to make your android phone charge faster.

1. Use a High-Amperage Charger

Not every charger is created equally. For instance, iPads come with a larger 2.4A bricks while iPhones come with Apple’s small 5V/1A power bricks. If you use the charger of the iPad for the iPhone, however, it will use more power. Phones that are relatively new will pull around 1.6A from the iPad charger while some older iPhones might not be able to use more than 1A.

Your phone will only take the current it knows it can handle, so you do not need to worry about damaging your phone as long as the charger you use is of a trusted brand. Therefore, the amount of time you save depends on the phone, the battery size, and the amount of power it draws.

2. Enable Aeroplane Mode

Network signals are one of the biggest draws on the battery. The worse the signal on your phone is, the faster your battery will reduce. If you happen to live in a place that has a very poor signal, your phone will take a longer time to charge when compared to keeping it in a place with a better signal. As you charge, the signal will eat through power. The best solution is to put your phone on the Aeroplane mode before you plug it in for charging. You will be able to notice that the amount of time needed to charge it completely will be reduced as much as 25 per cent. Simply swipe down on the notification bar and tap on the aeroplane icon to put it into an aeroplane mode. Switching on the aeroplane mode means that you will not be able to make or receive calls or even texts, use data or GPS until the settings are back to normal. Therefore, do not forget it turn it off when you are done charging.

3. Avoid Wireless Charging

Wireless chargers are widely chosen because of the fewer cables, and messy cables are something you do not want. But when the faster charging is what you need, then it is best to avoid them. They provide you with a slower charging experience when compared to the ones that are wired. The charging speed might even be 50 per cent slower. There are two reasons why you should charge them with wires. The first one is that transferring energy is less efficient on simple contact and netter through wires. The second reason is that wasted energy might create excess heat.

4. Plug into a Wall

Though your laptop is really close by it is better to plug your phone into a wall outlet if you want it to charge as fast as possible. Using a USB port on the computer or the car will lead to a much more inefficient charging experience. Typically, wall socket charging will give you at least 1A (depending on the device) while non-wall socket USB ports only have a power output of 0.5A. Your device will not be harmed if it receives lower amperage, but it will definitely make charging a lot slower. So look for a wall socket to charge your phone.

5. Ensure Charge Mode is Enabled

Your Android device will let you specify the type of connection it makes when you plug it in a USB cable. It will be hidden in the Developer Options menu on the most recent versions of Android. To access this option, you need to first enable this option. To do this, go to the Settings> About Phone> Build Number. Tap on the build number seven times. The device will give an on-screen countdown after the first two presses for the number of necessary taps remaining. Next, go to the Settings> Developing Options> Select USB Configuration. On the list of options, make sure you select the Charging.

6. Remove the Phone’s Case

Most of the smartphones have lithium-ion batteries. The chemistry behind the way these batteries work is that the charging process works very efficiently when the battery is not hot. For optimal charging, the temperature of the battery should be between 41 and 113F. The battery temperature is also influenced by the temperature of your surroundings, and therefore, removing your case will help you lower it. However, to repower do not put your phone in the refrigerator because the efficiency drop-off will be even higher at temperatures that are below the ideal range.

7. Get a Power Bank

If you want to charge your phone when you are travelling or outside, a power bank could save your life. Many power banks will give the same amperage output like the wall socket, and in some cases, they will provide even more. However, you should make sure your USB cable can handle the extra power while your phone is charging faster with a 2A output. If the cable is not strong enough it could lead to a fused cable.

8. Do Not Use Your Phone While Charging

Using the phone while charging it will increase the amount of time required to completely charge the phone. The reason behind this is simple. The charge of your phone is being drained simultaneously by the phone network, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and apps when they are being used at the moment though the phone is getting charged. It is like filling a bucket with water with so many holes at the bottom.


1. Will Fast Charging Ruin My Phone’s Battery?

You will not ruin your phone’s battery from rapid charging if you use authentic chargers. Fast charging from branded chargers will not damage the phone’s long-term battery life.

2. Can I Use Fast Charger with Any Phone?

Not every phone will charge quickly with every fast charger. Many phones use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge Standard or any other rebranded variant of this. In such cases, the chargers can be interchanged. For example, you can use a Motorola TurboPower charger on a Samsung Phone, and a Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger on a Motorola phone since both of these are based on the same Qualcomm’s Quick Charge Technology. Therefore, check to see which one would be suitable for your phone.

Also, it is important to remember that your phone will not charge at the same speed from 0 per cent to 100 per cent. Charging between 0 per cent and 80 per cent or so can be made very fast using a fast charger, but after that, your battery will slow down a bit and continue charging at a regular speed. The reason why your android charging is very slow might be because of certain factors like poor USB cable, Poor charger, and other such reasons. These tips will help you charge your phone faster and is a clear solution to how to charge a mobile fast.

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