Easy & Creative DIY Calendar Ideas You Can Try at Home

Easy And Creative DIY Calendars You Can Try at Home

No matter how organized you are, you’re sure to forget an important date! If you’re looking for a simple yet chic solution to keep up with your weekly schedule, your child’s exam date, or grocery list, homemade calendars are sure to keep you organized and on track! Place them on your living room wall, office table, kitchen, or wherever it catches your attention.

DIY Calendar Ideas That Will Help You Get Started With The New Year

Calendars are simple and effective tools that keep track of special events, upcoming meetings, important assignments, and milestones. They can help you visualize your schedule and maximize your day through judicious planning. By structuring your day, you learn to prioritize your commitments and set boundaries. Just like focusing on work, practical aid reminds us to take a break, destress on a planned holiday or a long vacation from time to time. By fall, every year, we start feeling the need to control the chaos by getting all our tasks and deadlines sorted out. As the calendar for the New Year arrives, we start planning our life afresh and set new goals for the new year. Rather than being overwhelmed by the long checklist of things you need to do, a calendar provides the space to plan for each due date at the appropriate time. Here are some of the most creative do-it-yourself calendar ideas that can inspire you to make one as your personalized companion or a gift for the New Year.

1. Wall Calendar

This easy DIY wall calendar acts as a focal point of your room. You may select your theme, size, or switch to a new printable piece of cardstock. The number cards for the calendar will be changed monthly to represent a different theme.

Wall Calendar

Source: Pinterest

2. Desk Calendar

Repurpose white plain gift tags into colorful flip calendar pieces by doing a small painting and using metallic transfer letters to make a compact DIY desk calendar.

Desk Calendar

Source: Pinterest

3. Photo Calendar

Perfect as a Father’s or Mother’s Day gift, a DIY photo calendar can be made to look nostalgic by printing your favorite photos in black and white or color and assembling them to make a photo cube calendar.

Photo Calendar

Source: Pinterest

4. Wooden Calendar

A DIY wooden calendar with removable month and date pieces enclosed within a box makes a classic gift that will last for years.

Wooden Calendar

Source: Pinterest

5. Whiteboard Calendar

A DIY whiteboard Calendar can help to organize any school, household, or office work with ease. Paste self-sticking whiteboard sheets to a large framed calendar and use peel-and-stick calendar decals for the dates and months of the year.

Whiteboard Calendar

Source: Pinterest

6. Instagram Calendar

This calendar is perfect for teenagers who like to update their status on the app. Use cardstock or construction paper as a backing for your favorite photos that can be changed each month.

Instagram Calendar

Source: Pinterest

7. Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

You can repurpose old tires and wheels to make this calendar. It is also a chalkboard calendar; you can make the changes every week and keep up with your appointments and meetings.

Upcycled Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

Source: Pinterest

8. Dry Erase Calendar

This dramatically framed calendar can be hung in the hallway. Fasten some hooks along the bottom to hang daily essentials. Use a straightedge to make a simple grid and change the month and days using colorful dry erase markers after every month.

Dry Erase Calendar

Source: Pinterest

9. Chalkboard Calendar

Paint one wall with chalk-friendly paint. Next, paint on the outline of a calendar that can be customized by writing each month with a chalk stick.  Wipe the numbers off with every change of the month.

Chalkboard Calendar

Source: Pinterest

10. Glitter Acrylic Calendar

You can use metallic stenciled letters for the numerical dates that stand out on an acrylic square base of this gorgeous calendar. Just add or remove with a dry erase marker to adjust for the next month.

Glitter Acrylic Calendar

Source: Pinterest

11. Watercolour Perpetual Calendar

Brighten up your desk with this calendar that can be enjoyed all year long. Paint a big, free-form swatch on the top of the watercolor pad that sits on a mini-easel. Work your way through all twelve months in ROYGBIV order.

Watercolour Perpetual Calendar

Source: Pinterest

12. Canvas Calendar

All you need is old painter’s cloth for the canvas and then iron-on transfers and hand-stitching to adorn each month of this calendar with line drawings, print out full recipes, paint images or create your own stitched design.

Canvas Calendar

Source: Pinterest

13. Washi Tape Calendar

Made of light adhesive products, this calendar is a perfect choice for renters. It’s made of fully re-designable material and can be removed easily without leaving a mark. Coordinate your washi tape to your Post-It notes and use fun pens to keep your calendar updated and yourself on track with your monthly plans.

Washi Tape Calendar

Source: Pinterest

14. 3D Printable Calendar

A 3D calendar made from cardstock can be a color version or a black and white version. Print the months off for the New Year, cut out, fold and assemble.

3D Printable Calendar

Source: Pinterest

15. Acrylic Calendar

Drill and mount an acrylic sheet on the wall in any color and size that complements your home style. Add grid lines using vinyl chart tape and white letter stickers to customize the dates.

Acrylic Calendar

Source: Pinterest

16. Clipboard Calendar

You can use printable templates or draw the dates on recycled paper and clip them on a wooden clipboard that can be hung up on the wall. Sticky notes on each month may contain relevant info.

Clipboard Calendar

Source: Pinterest

17. Printable Floral Calendar

This calendar with a vertical layout can be made with a monthly calendar template with a pretty design and stylish calligraphy font or painted with modern bold flowers. It may also include a weekly meal planner, year-at-a-glance, a weekly planner, a faith planner, and inspirational quotes.

Printable Floral Calendar

Source: Pinterest

18. Linen Wall Calendar

This weekly calendar can be made using linen fabric with frayed edges for a natural feel. Print out your calendar dates, sketch out the months and days, and create artistic designs using a paintbrush and fabric paint to paint over the pencil. Lay down the design of your calendar, then iron the months in place.

Linen Wall Calendar

Source: Pinterest

19. Paint Chip Calendar

A rainbow wall calendar made of free paint swatches adds character to your boring walls. Get paint chips and pull different shapes and brands that can be trimmed to look unified later. Hang each swatch behind the glass of a photo frame and change the month and days with a dry erase marker.

Paint Chip Calendar

Source: Pinterest

20. Hand Stamped Wood Calendar

This wooden calendar looks like a homemade piece of artwork.  You can use a permanent ink stamping kit and an acrylic block to stamp it by hand on a piece of plywood cut to the size you want. Stain it if you wish, or leave it natural.

Hand Stamped Wood Calendar

Source: Pinterest

When you’re embarking on crafting a calendar, make a stand-out piece that will win instant compliments from friends and family and aid in simple time and date management. With these ideas, you are guaranteed to earn compliments along with more than a few requests to remake them as well.

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