11 Healthy Low Calorie Drinks to Try

Best Low Calorie Drinks You Will Love

The life of any party are some fancy and delectable drinks, and you definitely can’t miss them! However, sometimes you want to indulge because you’ve had an exhausting day at the office. Whatever be your reason to sip in one, if your consumption is increasing steadily, be mindful of what is going into that cocktail shaker.

This is because the alcohol itself is calorie-dense. A 1.5-ounce alcohol shot contains calories in the range of 60 to 100. When you add mixers to this, the calorie count shoots up rapidly. Do not forget the sides you eat along; they add to the count too! Also, cocktails take time to kick in due to the mixers, so you drink a lot more than you should. To be precise, you drink a lot of sugar! So, here we are to help you enjoy your favorite drinks and yet cut out the calories. The next time when a bartender is making you a drink, instruct him accordingly!

How to Order Low-calorie Drinks?

The following tips will help you enjoy some low-calorie cocktails with the same old punch. Let’s get started:

  • Always keep it fresh. Go for freshly squeezed lime juice and mint leaves as mixers.
  • Try for clear drinks, like champagne, beer, wine, or hard alcohol with ice (on the rocks) or soda.
  • Choose branded spirits and drink them slowly with ice to imbibe in the great flavor. Drinking slowly will help you save money and your health as well.
  • Tell the bartender to avoid putting flavored syrups in your drink. Ask him to go for some fresh juice as a mixer or reduce the number and quantity of syrups.
  • Always drink in moderation and stay hydrated.

Healthy Low-calorie Drinks You Can Try

Here are the top drinks to help you reduce your calorie intake and yet not miss parties. We will also be sharing some low-calorie drinks to make at home. Let’s dive into the world of exotic drinks:

1. Pruned Margaritas

Margaritas, the most famous cocktail, is made from a lot of pre-made mixers. These mixers contain a lot of sugar which you can easily cut down. To make your glass of margarita of the lowest calorie alcohol, mix tequila, a dash of agave syrup, and fresh lime juice on the rocks.

2. Vodka Soda 

Vodka Soda- The perfect combination for the perfect evening! It is easy to make, has no hard flavors, goes in smoothly, and is easy on calories. An ounce of vodka is usually 65 calories, while soda is calorie-free.

3. Red Wine 

Tired after a long day at the office? Want to relax and yet be mindful while drinking? Cook something light and accompany it with a glass of red wine. A 5-ounce glass of red wine costs you some 100 calories. But beware of buying canned wines that contain added sugar.

4. Mojito 

The dim-lit ambiance and the fragrance of fresh lime with mint can set the perfect party mood. Isn’t it? But, the regular mojitos contain around 170 calories. Remember, we are here to cut down some calories from your drink. So, what we can do is, ditch the syrup out of mojito. This cuts off around 40-70 calories and brings it down to less than 100 calories. Tell the bartender to mix in rum, little sugar, tons of mint, fresh lime juice, and skip the syrup.

5. Light Beer 

Beer gives you bellies that are hard to lose. But such is not the case for all beers! Pick light beers instead of regular ones. Light beer is 50 calories lesser and is called low-calorie beer. Remember not to go overboard with beers. Pro-Tip: The darker the beer, the more calories it has.

6. Vodka & Kombucha 

Kombucha is the latest trend in the market. It is a famous fermented health drink due to its high probiotic content. It is made with tea and is sweetened with sugar. It serves as a flavored drink and hence pairs well with vodka. Just keep in mind to pick low-sugar varieties of Kombucha.


7. Scotch on the rocks

No sugary mixers. Just plain scotch with some ice and a little sip each time. A glass or two can keep you going for the whole evening.

8. Gin and Seltzer 

The ideal combination of Gin with tonic water contains 142 calories. This is because 12-ounce tonic water can contain eight teaspoons of added sugar. Go for gin and seltzer instead. Seltzer has zero grams of sugar and hence no calories. You get the same bubbly feel but no calories!

9. Martini 

This well-known alcoholic beverage is everybody’s absolute favorite. But we need to play with the original portions a little to make it one of the best low-calorie mixed drinks. A gin or vodka martini adds to 120 calories if one shot of alcohol is mixed with 1/3 ounce of vermouth. Martinis are known to be strong beverages. So you cannot sip in more than one or two.

10. Champagne 

Champagne is a token of celebration and luxury. But picking low-calorie champagne is essential for your health. Always remember dry champagne has fewer calories and therefore lesser sugar. Look out for the word ‘brut’ on the bottle, which means dry or unsweetened in French.

You can also try making Champagne cocktails by Mixing bitters, champagne, citrus twists, and some ice cubes.

11. Hot Toddy 

The perfect concoction that will set the mood right for a wintery evening. It is made from scotch, honey, lemon, hot water, and a pinch of cinnamon. You can cut more calories by adding lesser whiskey and more hot water. You can also increase the amount of cinnamon and lemon juice!

If you want some of the lowest-calorie energy drink options, the following are perfect for you:

  • Add flavor to your regular water by adding slices of your favorite veggies, fruits, and herbs. Try adding oranges, lemons, cucumber, mint, watermelon, or lime in cold water. Put it in a transparent bottle and relish it throughout the day.
  • Drink Green tea; It helps prevent various diseases like cancer, obesity, diabetes, liver, and heart diseases.
  • Make fresh vegetable drinks and include them in your diet.

There are various factors these days that contribute to unhealthy lifestyles. Firstly, sitting-throughout the day jobs with minimum to no time for a workout. Secondly, no time for proper cooking, which means one mostly eats outside food. Thirdly, the increasing trend of going out and partying, which includes alcoholic beverages. There is no harm in what we call “living life to the fullest.” But everything looks and suits well if done in moderation! Moderation is the key, So next time you hop out for a party, look after what you eat and drink. Enjoy to the fullest while taking complete care of yourself…

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