15 Best Hallmark Valentine's Day Movies To Watch

Best Hallmark Valentine’s Movies to Enjoy

The methods of celebrating Valentine’s Day have changed – it is no longer about going on romantic dates and splurging to make your party happy. Be it celebrating with your partner or your friends, celebrating the day indoors is not a bad idea. And what better way than to celebrate it with a selection of romantic and classic Hallmark Valentine films? While there is a huge variety of romantic movies streaming on various OTT platforms, nothing beats Hallmark movies when you are craving some sappy and mushy romance to spend the day with.

15 Best Hallmark Valentines Day Movies

15 Best Hallmark Valentines Day Movies

Hallmark and Valentines is an ultimate match, totally unbreakable. That is the only reason you would never want to miss these romantic movies on the special day of love. It’s that time of the year where you want to cuddle up with your special someone under a blanket and watch a Hallmark movie while sipping your favorite wine or hot chocolate! We have curated the ultimate Hallmark Valentine movies list for you to enjoy your day of love.

 1. Beverly Hills Wedding

This is one of the most liked movies. The movie is about a small-town wedding photographer and how she wins a dream wedding contest, winning an all-expenses-paid trip, and entering a star-studded event in Beverly Hills. The chemistry is great between the lead characters, which is just so amazing! You would love to watch it over and over again.

 2. It Was Always You

This is one of the favorite Hallmark Valentine’s Day movies of all time. It is a combination of romance and comedy featuring Tyler Hynes and Erin Krakow. You will love the romantic confession at the end of the movie, which is perfect for watching on a valentine’s day with your partner.

 3. Playing Cupid

Hallmark channel is very well known for its collection of valentine’s movies. There is something about celebrating this day and watching a cheesy romantic store, which will for sure have a happy ending. The story is about a single middle school teacher who secretly sets up with a divorced dad and starts a matchmaking business for a school project. It’s a unique family movie.

 4. All Things Valentines

This movie is about a blogger who is having a stroke of bad luck on Valentine’s Day. She meets a dashing veterinarian and later finds out that he leaves rude comments on her articles. She starts to question if her luck has changed. The movie is such a cute love story, which will pretty much make your day. You will find out new things about relationships. It’s a worth watching movie with your loved ones.

 5. While You Were Dating

This movie is a cute chick flick. You will find romance and all the mushy stuff, which can be your perfect Valentine’s Day movie plan. It’s a movie about a divorced couple, which meets online and goes on a blind date. They decide to fix each other up with their friends after an awkward moment. But, as they say, it’s hard to give up on old habits. You will thank Hallmark for this touching movie.

 6. All of My Heart

It’s a lovable classic movie with every element, from innocence, romance, fights to the perfect last kiss at the ending. The music is just so perfect for your perfect Valentine’s Day evening. Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott will take your heart away. This movie is very humorous, with great chemistry between the main leads.

 7. Appetite for Love

You will watch this movie over and over again. It’s such an adorable one. The store revolves around a corporate executive, specializing in strategic acquisition, sent to a town to re-launch a restaurant. Furthermore, it gets interesting as the site turns out to be her hometown, where she hasn’t been for years, and the restaurant owner is her high school love. This movie is a typical Valentine’s movie with all that high school love story. You will cherish the moments and will remember your teenage memories.

 8. I Do, I Do, I Do

It is such a fantastic comedy movie that you will not realize time has passed by. It is a story of an architect who reminisces about her wedding again and again until she finds out what she really wants in life. It’s a pretty nice movie to watch if you are planning to get married. You will love watching it with your friends or partners.

 9. Love, Romance, and Chocolate

The movie gets romantic to the next level by watching all the scenic beauty of Europe. The movie will show you Bruges’s beautiful streets and mesmerizing waterways that you will automatically fall in love with. It is a must-watch movie on Valentine’s Day, and you can easily convince your partner to take you to Europe and feel all the love and romance and eat the best chocolates from Europe.

 10. Matching Hearts

Matching Hearts is the ideal Valentine’s Day movie you will love to watch with your partner on your special day. This unexpected romance is heartwarming; it will make your valentines day even more special. The story is about a matchmaker who is tasked to find a match for a business tycoon who wants to stay single.

 11. Anything For Love

Anything for love is a sentimental Hallmark romantic comedy for Valentine’s Day. The on-screen chemistry between the lead characters will not fail to show the absolute feeling of being in love. You will enjoy this movie with your loved one and recall all the good times spent together while sipping a glass of wine.

 12. Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It is the most entertaining Hallmark movie you can watch this Valentine’s Day. You and your partner will love this refreshing story. Different twists and tales will keep you all engrossed in the movie. It is a well-thought-over movie with an amazing cast and is extremely well directed. If you believe in the power of true old-fashioned love, it’s a must-watch for you.

 13. Love at First Glance

This movie is an original concept of romance, where the two actors meet on the train and trade a glance. The guy leaves his phone on the train, and as the woman gets off the train to return the phone, she finds herself on the journey of self-discovery. The movie is a classic tale of Hallmark shenanigans. You will love to watch the cute love story and the lovely acting performed by the cast. It’s a perfect movie to watch on Valentine’s week.

 14. Cooking With Love

The movie is a perfect watch to watch with your family during Valentine’s week. You would love the chemistry between the two actors and will find them extremely cute and romantic. The attitude of the celebrity chef will flatter you. It’s such a fun movie to watch; a highly recommended Hallmark valentines day movie.

 15. The Story of Us

The movie is a very subtle romantic comedy. It has the right balance of romance and comedy, which will keep you engrossed. It’s a perfect valentines date night movie with your loved one – you will love every bit of it!

Some people think that February 14 is a perfect day to show off their romantic side over perfect dinner dates, gifting jewelry, buying chocolates and flowers, and many more romantic antics. No matter whatever your plans are for Valentine’s week, it’s always a brilliant idea to watch a romantic Hallmark valentine’s movie sitting under your blanket and having a hot chocolate drink along. You can choose to celebrate the day with your family, best friends, or partner; a good romantic movie never disappoints you.

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