30 Amazing Country Style Bedroom Ideas

Beautiful Ideas to Try while Creating a Country Bedroom

Have you got a yearning and affinity for farm living, old-world charm, and casual comforts? If you have answered “yes” to any or most of the questions, then you are a country person. Less cluttered, organized, and streamlined country spaces are all about kindling the free spirit in you. Easy-going in style and serene in appeal, country-themed bedroom designs range from casual to chic. A country-style bedroom could feature appeal accumulated through ages, and it is simple to recreate the magic. Combine rustic references, primitive patterns, and original furnishings to carve a peaceful and free-style country bedroom.

Ways to Transform Your Bedroom Into a Country Bedroom

Are you looking at redecorating your bedroom to something that will look rustic and vintage? Well, there are loads of ideas for designing a rustic country bedroom. If you have a cottage-style house or a Victorian kind of villa, it makes sense to embrace history. Traditionally designed bedrooms have a charm of their own as they resonate with the timeless, classic appeal of an era gone by. Inexpensive yet contemporary country master bedroom ideas could leave an everlasting impression. Take a look at some ideas that could inspire your dream project:

1. Soft Pastel Palette

A modern country bedroom will always be dominated by a soft pastel palette (beige, white, yellow, or sky blue). A poster bed with complementing furnishing and bedding will add a mesmerizing effect.

Soft Pastel Palette

2. Make Use of a Fireplace and an Alcove

If you have a fireplace, then make sure to have some detailing on the panels. Most bedrooms with a fireplace will also have an alcove that can be transformed into a workspace or a dressing table with a mirror with traditional borders.

Make Use of a Fireplace and an Alcove

3. Choose Primitive Patinas

A chic country bedroom uses things in hand – inherited heirlooms, objects recycled – to serve functional use. Use antiques and think of arrangements that combine appeal and functionality. Flea markets and yard sales have relics that have been discarded but can serve as ornamental décor for your bedroom.

Choose Primitive Patinas

4. Make the View the Focal Point

Country bedrooms need to make optimum use of the landscape and views outside. Place the bed at an angle where natural light trickles in. An inviting seating area by the window could be the perfect space to unwind.

Make the View the Focal Point

5. Fur Adornments

Sheepskin rugs, zebra skin rugs, lengthy fur coats – these furry pieces exude wealth, opulence, and elegance. So give some high-class elan to your country bedroom décor with animal skin additions.

Fur Adornments

6. Shiplap Walls

Shiplap walls, a special type of interlocking board, are typical of farmhouse style. Mostly white or in pale shades, these wood-clad walls add a warm exuberance to the room. If you cannot get real wood, then invest in shiplap walled design wallpaper.

Shiplap Walls

7. Embrace Your Dark Side

Old country homes had an element of darkness to their rooms with minimal windows, which were mostly shuttered to keep harsh elements at bay. Paint the ceiling and walls with gloomy hues that highlight the architectural finesse.

Embrace Your Dark Side

8. DIY Headboard

Opt for a headboard made of recycled or upcycled rustic wood. Repurposed to give it a chic look, you don’t need a traditional headboard as this itself will suffice to lend the country look.

DIY Headboard

9. Linen Furnishings

Choose hand-woven linen bed furnishings to render a relaxed and cozy look to your bedroom.

Linen Furnishings

10. Classic Quilts

Quilts are a theme that goes with country-style living, a lot like bread and jam. Shop for vintage-style quilts online, in an antique shop, or pick a new one with an old style.

Classic Quilts

11. Canopy Detailing

Canopy detailing is exquisite to country-style furnishing. It adds a touch of drama and takes you back to the time when beds were protected pieces of furniture and needed to have curtains around them for additional privacy.

Canopy Detailing

12. Florals

Fresh flowers, floral drapes, upholstery, or floral wallpaper – country bedroom must have a floral accent to it. Bring the natural beauty of the outdoors into your bedroom with some flowers.


13. Colour Scheme

Choose pale and pastel shades. The buttery yellow is a classic country-style hue. Versatile, warm, and bright, the light color schemes always give a country hug at the end of the day.

Colour Scheme

14. Mix Patterns

Paint walls white and brings in graphic patterns with rugs and upholstered headboard. Keep the bedding all-white to lend a tailored and sophisticated look.

Mix Patterns

15. Poster Beds and Rocking Chairs

A four-poster bed and a wooden rocking chair are typical features of a country-style house. It will aesthetically transport you to your grandma’s and evoke some wonderful memories.

Poster Beds and Rocking Chairs

16. Change the Curtain Holder

Pelmet features were staples for curtains in country rooms or farmhouse bedrooms. Decorative drapes come to life with this décor and provide insulation to windows, saving money and energy.

Change the Curtain Holder

17. Go Green

Green has always been described as a hue that induces sleep. Choose from a color palette of lime green, forest green, or teal to create a harmonious effect.

Go Green

18. Coastal Landscape

A country home need not be in the midst of woods. It could even be a sea-facing cottage. Dream away into the ebb of waves by opting for white bed linen with some soothing blue wallpaper.

Coastal Landscape

19. Incorporate Exposed Wooden Beams and High Ceilings

Exposed large wooden beams and tall ceilings could recreate the magic of country bedrooms. Complement them with stylish linen bedding and wooden furniture for storage.

Incorporate Exposed Wooden Beams and High Ceilings

20. Cabin-style Country Bedroom

Include paneled walls to bring some warmth to the bedroom. Choose floral themes and large cushions on the bed. Opt for tray-styled side tables to store antique pieces and bring the magic of camping in a cabin.

Cabin Style Country Bedroom

21. Synergise the Indoors and Outdoors

Harmonize the natural beauty of the landscape by opting for natural finishes within the room. Choose from wool, silk, linen for bedding, furnishing, and decorative showpieces to work in harmony.

Synergise the Indoors and Outdoors

22. Use Modern Accents to Complement

Just because you are styling your bedroom as a country bedroom, you need not shy away from modern accents. Add a wooden bench at the end of your bed to add a varied touch to the bedroom.

Use Modern Accents to Complement

23. Nature Motifs

The close connection with nature is what makes country homes wonderfully special. Try and include nature in every possible way – fresh flowers by your bedside, a dedicated wall by the bedside with floral wallpaper, or just floral bedding.

Nature Motifs

24. Pictures of Farm Animals or Farmlands

For pictures and wall art, choose artwork that portrays scenes of farm life. Be whimsical in your choice to add some fervor to the room.

Pictures of Farm Animals or Farmlands

25. Make Use of Space Beside Windows

If you are lucky enough to have a large space in your bedroom and some significant space around the window, transform it into a seating area.

Make Use of Space Beside Windows

26. Wooden Chests Could Serve as Nightstands

Ditch the traditional nightstand and go for a wooden chest or an antique trunk to perch your night lamp. Add vintage pieces to complete the tableau.

Wooden Chests Could Serve as Nightstands

27. Use Large Mirrors

Most country homes had dedicated large-sized mirrors, which reflected the space and ethos of the room. Feel free to add one to your walls with intricate detailing to brighten up the room.

Use Large Mirrors

28. Sliding Barn Doors

If you want to save space, add the country panache, then switch to a sliding barn door. Paint it in a light hue and leave it rough around the edges to lend the country appeal.

Sliding Barn Doors

29. Gingham Styling

Red and white gingham is a country classic theme that completely matches the farmhouse look. Opt for gingham drapes or gingham-covered cushions to make the room look lively and chic.

Gingham Styling

30. Decorate with Household Items

Country-styled bedroom designing often means throwing in household items for home décor. White dinner plates in a symmetrical pattern on the wall, buckets and baskets on the floor for storage, and recycled milk cans for flower vases are just some ways to style the bedroom.

Decorate with Household Items

If you have moved to the beautiful wild countryside and wish to match your home décor with the landscape, there are several ways to incorporate it. Rustic trends and farmhouse styling are current decorating trends in interior décor. If you are looking for the perfect country-style bedroom, there are several ways to create one unique to yourself. More than decorating, country décor themes rely a lot on history, relics, and the necessity of reinventing, reusing, and recreating. The ideas above are great to bring the charming rustic style to your bedrooms. Our gorgeous and inspirational ideas will suit any room – large or small and will let you rest in rustic style.

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