Are Sagarika and Zaheer Khan Expecting? This Is What We Know!

Sagarika and Zaheer Khan

Pregnancy news never fails to delight people. And more so when it’s a celeb couple! The Internet has been buzzing once again with potential pregnancy news about another super couple – Sagarika and Zaheer Khan!

According to reports, the cricketer, who bowled several people away with his pace bowling, and his talented and beautiful wife are believed to be expecting a baby this year. While we’re still awaiting confirmation from the couple, here’s what we do know!


The couple celebrated Zaheer Khan’s birthday a few days ago together with friends and fellow cricketers. Sagarika wrote him a special note appreciating him for being the most selfless person she knows, and it gave us all the warm fuzzies! Can you imagine, a little baby getting added to this loving equation? Aww!


Whether the pregnancy news is true or not, the couple may be anticipating some more good news this year with Footfairy, a crime thriller starring Sagarika releasing soon, and the results of the ongoing Indian Premier League. There’s much to look forward too!

We wish them both all the best, and hope their lives are filled with big and ‘little’ joys soon! See what we did there?

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