9 Ways to Naturally Whiten Teeth at Home

9 Ways to Naturally Whiten Teeth at Home

Since childhood, we have been told that we should take good care of our teeth, not only for personal hygiene but also to look beautiful. But, in the course of our daily lives, we often miss brushing and flossing them before going to bed. A common problem many people complain about these days is their teeth turning yellow. If you’re wondering why it happens, here are some reasons.

Why Do Our Teeth Become Yellow?

The teeth are covered with a smooth enamel which is naturally white. When this enamel wears off, it exposes the yellow-coloured lower layer underneath, which is called the ‘dentil’. There are also certain habits that can take away the shine from your pearly whites. Research has shown that beverages like coffee and sugary drinks cause stains and discolouration of teeth.

Home Remedies to Whiten Teeth

If you find your teeth aren’t so white anymore, try these remedies that are light on the pocket, and your time.

1. Use Baking Soda

You can mix baking soda with water and pour it on your toothbrush before brushing. You can also apply it to your teeth and leave it on for about one minute before washing it off. Who knew baking soda isn’t just used for baking cakes?!

Baking Soda

2. Don’t Discard Fruit Peels

Next time you eat a banana or an orange, don’t discard the peel. Use it to whiten your teeth! Rub the inside of the peel on your teeth and brush after a few minutes. Bananas and oranges are rich in magnesium, manganese and potassium, and help retain the enamel.

Fruit Peels

3. Eat More Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Did you know that you can just eat your way into whiter teeth? Crunchy foods like apples and carrots rub plaque away as you chew on them.

Crunchy Vegetabes

4. Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a quick and effective solution for your yellow teeth woes. Take a drop or two on your finger and rub it on your teeth. Rinse thoroughly and repeat till your teeth are back to being sparkling white again.

Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Do Oil Pulling

Oil pulling means swishing the oil around in your mouth to remove plaque from the teeth. It’s an ancient Indian home remedy for whitening teeth. You can try with any edible oil, but coconut oil is a popular choice due to its pleasant taste. Take 1 tablespoon of pure coconut oil into your mouth, swish it for 15-20 minutes, and spit it out. Doing this daily will soon reduce plaque and make your teeth appear whiter.

Oil Pulling

6. Drink Staining Beverages with a Straw

Some beverages like coffee and soda are known for staining the teeth. Although it isn’t possible to completely avoid them, you can limit their contact with your teeth by using a straw. In addition to that, brushing your teeth after consuming such beverages will help in protecting the enamel.

Drinking Beverages with a Straw

7. Avoid Smoking

We already know that smoking has harmful effects on the lungs. Turns out, tobacco is capable of discolouring your teeth too! That’s two good reasons why smoking is best avoided.

Avoid Smoking

8. Limit Your Sugar Intake

If you have a sweet tooth, it might be the reason your teeth have become yellow over the years. Sugary foods encourage the growth of Streptococcus mutans bacteria that is known to cause plaque, says a study. Cut down on your sugar intake or brush your teeth after you consume your favorite laddoos!

Limit Sugar Intake

9. Add Calcium-rich Foods to Your Diet

Milk is good not only for your body but also for your teeth. That’s because milk products like cheese contain calcium that prevents teeth discolouration.

Add Milk Products to Your Diet

You can use the above-mentioned home remedies on a daily basis to maintain the health of your teeth and keep them white. In extreme cases, if the stains are too many or are accompanied by pain, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with your dentist.

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