9 Ways Adopting a Dog Will Enrich Your Life

9 Ways Adopting a Dog Will Enrich Your Life

Deep down, we all love animals. Be it a fluffy cat, a big-eyed puppy or a tiny hamster; at the end of the day, they’re too adorable to ignore! But there’s something about dogs; just having them around can lighten your mood (or the exact opposite if they frighten you!)

We often see these cute puppies running around at the side of roads, and some of us secretly want to have them as our own. Well, guess what, you can adopt them! And believe us, you may feel that you’re saving the animal’s life, but in reality, the animal might save yours, in a couple of unexpected ways. Read on to find out!

Benefits of Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog comes with a host of benefits. It’s one of the best deeds you can do this year; considering the fact that the population of stray dogs is ever-increasing! Here’s how adopting a dog will enrich your life, and make you a better person!

1. Experience the Magic

If you adopt a dog, you’re bound to experience this particular kind of magic. Confused? For your dog, seeing you is the highlight of his day, and he’ll stop at nothing to prove this to you. This magic that we’re talking about is the warm, fuzzy feeling you will experience when you get back home to find your eager pet waiting to pounce on you the second you set foot at home. Trust us; it’s magic. That single moment will take most of your stress away. It will make you feel like a child and will leave you grinning wide each time it happens. No other feeling compared to this one. With a dog around you will get to experience this every single day!

2. Say Goodbye to Loneliness/Isolation

A happy woman hugging her dog

The American Psychological Association published a study on the positive consequences of pet ownership, which proves that having a pet is critical for the overall well-being of humans. Humans fulfil their social needs by interacting with others in society – friends, relatives, colleagues, and pets! That’s right; pets can help meet one’s social needs just as well as humans, thus aiding their loneliness and pulling them out of their isolation. This is precisely why senior citizens or those who live alone are advised to get a cat or a dog because the mere presence of the animal is enough to add a spark to your daily routine. But this does not mean that a dog alone is enough for social interaction. It means that people who own dogs enjoy sharing their experiences with the animal while doing the same with their friends & family!

3. Boost your Self-esteem

It is a known fact that pet-owners have more self-esteem than non-pet owners. This, to quite an extent, is related to the fact that pets satisfy one’s social needs. Pet-owners tend to be more open-minded and creative. They turn into friendly humans with a positive outlook. That’s another thing about adopting dogs – they help get rid of the negativity at home and add a spark to the environment. One of the traits of this animal is that it understands your mood and unlike humans, it does not fear to step up and comfort you! Dog owners are generally more extroverted, and less fearful in the tasks they undertake in their daily life. Adopting a dog will lift your spirits and make you a stronger person without you even realising it.

4. Lower Your Stress Levels

A woman cuddling her dog

A study claims that spending too much time with an animal can reduce stress by increasing the level of hormone ‘oxytocin,’ also known as ‘the love hormone’ in your body. It’s a neurotransmitter that reduces fear and increases trust. You’ll be surprised to know that after a rough day or an unfortunate experience, talking to your dog can be just as effective as talking to a friend (or even better, because you get the advantage of speaking your heart out without being interrupted). And not just on bad days, normally too, dog owners feel more secure and supported by the presence of their furry friend! Do you ever meet people who are more attached to their pets than humans? This is because the bond is real; it’s pure. Humans find it easier to connect to animals, and they can be themselves in front of their pets.

5. Improve your Physical & Psychological Health

On average, adults require 30 minutes of exercise per day to stay healthy. For dog owners, this goal is entirely achievable. Taking your dog out for a walk will help you get the exercise you need for the day, thus keeping you fit and active. Also, it is believed that owning a dog makes it easy to detect and manage a variety of illnesses. And you cannot rule out the fact that reduced stress can have a significant impact on your heart health. It works wonders in keeping your heart strong and healthy, thus improving your overall health. Having a pet has also shown to contribute to lower blood pressure and reduced cholesterol.

6. Gain an Exercise Buddy

A woman walking her dog

If you have been trying to shed some kilos, but you lack the motivation, then adopting a dog might just get you there. Dogs offer more than enough motivation for you to step out of the house and sweat it out. Be it the long dog walks or chasing him around the house after he does something naughty, owning a dog will make you much more active. Walking your dog will, by default, make him your exercise buddy. Even when you think about going for a jog or strolling in the park, you will automatically think of taking your dog with you. He will always keep you on your toes, which will eventually, turn out to be quite beneficial for your physical health.

7. With Great Dogs, Come Great Responsibility!

When you adopt a dog, you feel responsible for him! You want to look out for him. You take care of his eating and sleeping habits, his health, his timely vaccinations and grooming! Believe us, owning a dog is no less than having a baby. There’s one more constant though – it makes you a responsible human. You learn how to take care of the tiny details of another being. And when you’re finally capable of raising him on your own, you’ll experience a sense of achievement like no other! That is one of the perks of owning a dog – they groom you into a responsible person, and that feeling of being needed by someone makes all the effort worth it.

8. Your Children Gain Buddies Too!

A boy sitting with his dog

Families who own dogs never think of them as any different from their children, and why would they – children grow up to adore their pet dog just like their siblings. Over the years, dogs have proved to be the most loyal and lovable creatures. In your absence, your pet dog will stop at nothing in looking after your child. He will follow your child everywhere and make sure that he’s not alone. Children feel supported by the presence of their pet dog. It makes them feel secure, and they often grow up to look at their pet as their best friend. Besides, children who grow up with pet dogs tend to be more compassionate adults.

9. You’ll be Saving a Life

Lastly, by adopting a dog, you might just save his life. Irrespective of whether you adopt a stray dog or one from the animal shelter, if he gets to be a part of your family, you’ll be giving him a lot more than just ‘comfort’. He will end up in a safe environment, surrounded by a family that loves and adores him. He’ll get good, healthy & timely meals, which he might not have had otherwise. He’ll get timely vaccinations too, which are essential for his health and that of others around him. You might just pull him out of his misery and give him the love he deserves. And we can bet on it; you won’t regret a single moment! Plus, you’ll get back so much more than you have to give!

So irrespective of whether you’re a dog owner or not, hanging out with a four-legged friend can enrich your life in unimaginable ways. You know the benefits, so what’s stopping you? Go ahead and adopt a dog, for he will truly enrich your life in more than a million ways!

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