Importance of Wearing a Helmet While Riding a Motorcycle

5 Must-know Reasons to Wear Helmet on Two Wheelers

Going for a long ride and enjoying the wind gushing through your hair, or avoiding perspiration when you are stuck in traffic are common reasons for not wearing a helmet. Yes, it can give you a sense of relief while you are on the track. But is it worthwhile? Especially when it compromises your safety?

Why Is Wearing a Helmet Important While Riding Motorcycle?

It may occur to you – how do bicycle helmets protect the head in an accident? Well, they do so by absorbing the impact of the fall, so that your head stays safe. Without a helmet the ride may sound alluring, but it is not safe. A helmet is protection that while riding, one should not ignore. There are many advantages of wearing a helmet. Knowing them would make you more aware.

1. Curbing Risks of Head Injuries

One of the most essential parts of our body is the brain and it has a guard in the shape of a skull. But its strength can be daunted if it collides with a superior force. Head injuries on the road are quite common. Fatal accidents that take place on the road are mostly cases of negligence where the riders ignore precautions. And accidents are accidents – they come without any warning. Hence, wearing a helmet makes perfect sense. If nothing fatal, then any kind of damage could have a debilitating effect on the body. Do you need any greater reason to wear a bike helmet than this one?

2. Protects From Adversities of Nature

Riding can give you a sense of freedom, but the chill of the air, the dust particles, or the blazing heat can cause troubles. With mercury dipping, a ride without a helmet could invite cough and cold. In the scorching sun, that could lead to a sunstroke. And what’s more irritating than a dust particle in your eye while riding? It can cause accidents. Helmet while riding would make the experience more enjoyable.

3. Better Visibility

Many would try to contest this claim but it is actually true. A good helmet with a top-class visor not only protect eyes from dust particles, but reduces effects of the sun or glaring headlights of other moving vehicles. This is one tool that gives ample opportunity to the rider to keep her focus on the road. Better focus means less chance of an accident. It increases the confidence of the rider and the journey becomes more enjoyable. Among several uses of a helmet, while riding, this one stands out as an experience enhancer.

better visibility

4. Abiding by the Law

Laws are often made to save people from any potential threat. It prioritises the safety of the citizens. In the case of motor acts, it is even truer. In many countries, the law is quite strict and if you don’t wear a helmet, you may have to lose your permit. But its enforcement comes later. Before that, one should understand the need for it.

5. Setting Examples

Riding carelessly could be a bad example for the next generation. As citizens, riders should set an example on how not to endanger lives. Riding a bike without a helmet does not just jeopardise the rider’s life, but others’ as well. Say, for example, the pillion rider. Even other riders who are on the road may not feel safe around a rider who, to prove his bravado, has rejected the helmet. As a responsible rider, you should consider these as well.


These are some other considerations that you should keep in mind regarding the use of the helmet.

1. Should My Child Wear Helmet While Riding a Bicycle?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary. Any type of fall could lead to danger. A helmet would protect the head from any such unwanted scenarios. You just have to choose the right one for the activity.

2. How to Choose the Right Helmet?

There are things that you should consider while opting for the right helmet. Firstly, the helmet should fit you comfortably and should not rock at all. Secondly, it should have a chinstrap or a buckle to hold the helmet in the right place. Thirdly, you should consider the right helmet for the right activity. Fourthly, in case of accidents, it should break. You should never reuse a helmet after a crash. Lastly, it should offer clear visibility.

So, strap up before you hit the road next time. It’s a safety precaution that can keep your rides safe and enjoyable for a long time to come.

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