Top 40 Big Dog Breeds That Are Great For Families

40 Large-Sized Dog Breeds That Are Great for Families

Despite their large stature, many huge dog breeds are sensitive towards their human companions. These canines are versatile in their abilities. They can be your cuddle buddies, outing partners, fierce bodyguards, and loyal friends. But before bringing them into your life, make sure to ask yourself whether you have the money, time, energy, and space to take care of them. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and find your canine friend today!

40 Best Big Dog Breeds to Add to Your Family

Here is a list of the 40 best large dog breeds that can become a member of your family.

1. Collie

This majestic dog breed is particularly fond of kids and makes one of the best family dogs. They are trustworthy, clever, and do well with companionship, and need regular exercise.

2. Border Collie

These dashing dogs are workaholics and hyperactive by nature. The secret to winning their hearts is keeping them occupied with some physical activity. Once they are spent, they can be affectionate with you.

3. Poodle

Amazing Big Dogs For Families

Poodles are the true fashionista of the dog’s world! These smarty pants are quick learners, easily trainable, athletic, and can adapt to any living condition.

4. German Shepard

There are not enough adjectives to describe their attributes—loyal, courageous, confident, intelligent, self-sacrificing, the list can go on! Once you gain their trust, they will become the most loving, devoted family pets.

5. Golden Retriever

These golden beauties are full of joy, outgoing, easily trainable, and considered one of the best family dogs. They love outdoor activities such as swimming, fetch games, etc.

6. Labrador Retriever

These handsome dogs are friendly, loyal, devoted to family, eager to please, and high-spirited—everything you look for in a kid-friendly dog!

7. Dalmatian

The Dals are famously known for their distinctive spotted coats. They are reserved with strangers and make good watchdogs. They also have a loving nature, which they show only to their favoured humans.

8. Greyhound

These champion sprinters are independent but gentle and sweet-tempered companions. They will be motivating partners in outdoor activities.

9. Irish Setter

Top Large Sized Dogs for Your Family

These sporting dogs, with their flashy red coats and athletic bodies, are considered one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. They are little kids at heart, have outgoing personalities, and love making friends.

10. Newfoundland

They are gentle and sweet-natured companions are famously known as ‘nanny dogs’ for their patient and watchful behaviour with kids.

11. Alaskan Malamute

These strong Alaskan dogs are playful, friendly, and love to be snuggle bags for their human companions. They need firm training to contain their exuberant energy, and their thick coat needs daily grooming.

12. Chinook

These dogs were once on the verge of extinction; hence they are scarce and may cost you big bucks. Chinooks are patient with kids and devoted family pets. They enjoy physical activities such as running, trekking with their owners.

13. Great Dane

These gentle giants, with their sweet disposition and fierce protective instinct, make perfect family dogs. Though they are very patient with kids, it’s essential to teach kids how to interact with them.

14. Afghan Hound

Stylish Big Dogs for Your Family

These elegant-looking agile hunters are high on energy and love to chase around anything that runs. Despite their independent nature, they are also loyal and affectionate towards their family members. Their beautiful long coat doesn’t shed much but needs daily grooming.

15. Vizsla

These rugged, handsome dogs are physically and mentally very active. Vizslas are versatile dogs that can be gentle family pets, fierce protectors, and running companions.

16. Bernese Mountain Dog

For families looking for a calm and sweet-natured dog breed, Bernese is the answer! These hard-working, fluffy big dogs are gentle and patient with kids. Though they love some mild physical activity, they don’t mind spending time lounging around the house.

17. Doberman Pinscher

These working dogs possess a powerful physique and keen intelligence and are often used in police and military forces. They can be playful and loyal house pets if they are trained and socialised from a young age.

18. Siberian Husky

These arctic beauties always attract attention with their lush coat and exotic eyes. Huskies are pack animals; hence they are very affectionate and love socialising with people. They make a poor watchdog and need moderate exercise.

19. Boxer

Boxers are a brilliant and energetic breed that thrives on resolving new challenges and daily physical activities. They are very tolerant and loving towards their companions but wary of strangers.

20. Manchester Terrier

These sleek and compact dogs are very spirited and athletic by nature. They were bred to catch rats. But today, they have become loyal companions and watchdogs to humans.

21. German Shorthaired Pointers

List of the Best Family Dogs

These noble-looking dogs are friendly, trainable, and bond deeply with their owners. They make great companions for outdoor activities, which allows them to burn their excess energy.

22. Rottweilers

These robust, aloof dogs make a gentle playmate to the kids and a formidable protector to the family. Rottweilers with good training are calm, confident and have a good disposition.

23. Belgian Tervuren

These dogs are very loyal, affectionate, and possessive of their loved ones. They thrive when they are occupied with mastering some skills or solving some doggy puzzles. They are not suitable for a sedate lifestyle.

24. Giant Schnauzer

These dogs are a giant version of the Standard Schnauzer. They are intelligent, hard-working, loyal, and trainable dogs, making them the best companions in and out of the house. They are one of the natural guard dogs.

25. Mastiff

Mastiffs are one of the biggest dog breeds in the world with great courage, strength, and guarding instincts. If trained from a young age, they make very loyal, docile, and affectionate pets.

26. Irish Water Spaniel

These Irish hunting dogs have a crispy curled coat that rarely sheds, which aids them in being champion swimmers in the doggy world. If you don’t mind their hyperactive nature, then they can be easily trained to be good house pets.

27. Gordon Setter

These Scottish hunters are known for their easy-going temperament. They are athletic animals who need a lot of outdoor activities. They can be loving family pets, but their abundant energy sometimes demands a great amount of patience to take care of them.

28. English Foxhound

These hounds are known for their strength and endurance in hunting games. Though they can be affectionate with their human companions, they don’t make great house dogs unless they are trained to behave and have enough space for their daily physical activity.

29. Old English Sheepdog

The Best Big, Furry Dogs for Your Family

These gentle giants are the best house dogs to have in cities and small spaces. They are great playmates to kids, faithful and protective of their human companions.

30. Komondor

Komondor is one of the distinguished large dog breeds that look like a walking mop with its corded coat! This loyal, courageous, and territorial breed can become a great family pet when trained under an experienced owner.

31. Spinone Italiano

These warm and adorable-looking hunting dogs are very driven and playful when they are out on the playground. But at home, they become docile and caring companions. They don’t need a big backyard and are suitable for city life.

32. Rhodesian Ridgeback

They are patient with kids, devoted to the family, and are strong guard dogs. In a nutshell, they are the perfect family dogs! But there is one problem, because of their strong prey drive, they can’t be allowed to roam around unleashed.

33. Saluki

Salukis are one of the oldest dog breeds, who were companions of Pharaohs of Egypt. Their smooth athletic body with long hairy ears lends them supermodel status in the canine world! They can be loving family dogs but require a lot of playtime and outdoor activities.

34. Scottish Deerhound

Once upon a time, Scottish Deerhounds were owned by only the royal families! These fearless hunting dogs can be gentle and loving with their family. They are low maintenance but require a lot of space to run around.

35. Chesapeake Bay Retriever

Chessies can be trained, and they’re a bit more independent than other retrievers. Hence they might not be suitable for a novice owner. They are energetic and protective of their human companions. They love all kinds of fetching games.

36. Borzoi

If you are looking for a regal-looking sighthound, which keeps you on your toes with its boundless energy, then you’ve found your dog! Once they burn off their energy, they can be quite affectionate and become model family pets.

37. Airedale Terrier

Large-Sized Dog Breeds That Make Great Companions

These shaggy dogs, who look like cute, stuffed toys, are considered one of the best family pets in the world. They are versatile dogs that can be sharp hunters, great guard dogs, and loving companions.

38. American English Coonhound

These sleek hounds are exceptional hunters. They can be warm and sweet-natured, but the effort required to train them, manage their high energy, and ringing barks makse them an unsuitable house pet for a rookie owner.

39. Bergamasco

Even with a thick, messy hairdo, Bergamasco is a non-shedding large dog breed and needs low maintenance. They are hard-working, stubborn, and very protective by nature. They love being with kids, are tolerant towards other dogs, and easily trainable.

40. Australian Shepherd

These brainy dogs are full of energy and need some physical activity to satisfy their herding instincts. Aussies are suitable for people who are looking for an active dog that can work along with them.

Without proper training and interaction with their human companions, no dog breed can flourish and reach its full potential! Hence choose a breed that you can handle and enjoy their unconditional love for years to come!

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