20 Tips on How to Improve Productivity at Workplace

20 Ways Successful People Use to Increase Their Productivity at Work

There never is enough time in a day to finish everything we need to do; at least that is what it seems like. The truth is, if more people put in the effort to work smarter, it is possible to become more productive at work. If you are not sure how to improve productivity at work by working smarter, we have you covered.

20 Effective Strategies to Increase Your Productivity at Work

Here are some effective tips to boost your productivity at workplace:

1. Stop Multitasking

Though it may seem like taking on more than one thing at a time makes you more productive, it is quite the opposite. When you work on more than one thing at a time, you are not able to give it your full concentration. This often leads to poor quality work and sometimes, missed deadlines. By focusing on one thing at a time, you will be putting all your concentration into it, meaning you will finish it faster too. You can then move on to different projects.

2. De-clutter and Organize Your Workspace

When your environment is cluttered, it tends to impact your mind. By clearing out your work space and keeping everything organised, you can not only think more clearly, but can also save time by not having to constantly look for the things you need.

3. Eat Healthy Food

Eating is not just about satiating hunger, but is also about fulfilling your nutrition needs to be able to function at your best. Eating fast food will help your hunger, but it will not give you what your brain needs to be able to stay sharp. Eat a balanced diet so that you will be setting yourself up for success not just physically, but mentally too.

eat healthy food

4. Exercise Daily

Exercise is important not only to stay fit, but also to keep the mind healthy. A healthy mind will be able to focus better, and completing tasks at work will seem much easier than before. Those who do not exercise are prone to becoming sluggish and bored with their tasks, making the time taken to complete them longer.

5. Put Your Phone on Silent

It is very easy to get lured into wasting a lot of unnecessary time checking your phone every time you get a notification. Time flies when you open your social media and messenger apps, so make sure to put your phone on silent and focus on the tasks that you have on hand at work. Without the constant distractions, you may find that it takes much less time to complete a task than you had previously thought.

6. Finish the Important Tasks First

Get the important tasks out of the way, and you will definitely save a lot of time and stress when you are nearing the deadlines. Some of these tasks may seem daunting, which is why many people tend to put them off until the last minute. Instead, force yourself to get started with it and just take it slowly, one step at a time.

finish the important tasks first

7. Proactive, Not Reactive

Instead of simply reacting to your emails and phone calls and letting them set the pace of your day, be proactive and get those things done yourself. Make a plan of attack for yourself to implement each day and do your best to stick to it. With this method, you will be increasing your productivity a lot.

8. Plan Your Week

You should always give yourself at least two hours every week to think ahead about the week to come, and plan your tasks accordingly. It is important that you get into the habit of checking your progress and making sure that you complete the tasks on your schedule. By ensuring to make a plan for the week, you will be able to tackle the week with dedication and focus, rather than uncertainty and apprehension.

9. Wake Up Early

Waking up early is great because it gives you the time to wake up properly and ease into your day. Take that extra time in the morning to exercise, read something that will broaden your mind and eat a healthy and nutritious breakfast so that you will get enough energy to last you the day. When you wake up and rush out the door, you are not doing what you need to do to ensure a proper mindset to take on the day.

wake up early

10. Stand More

You may start to feel restless or sleepy after a few hours of working hard, you may notice that your posture is starting to slouch and that you are not able to focus on your work. If so, you should stand up. This simple technique is really effective at helping with a lot of things like back and shoulder pain, and it will help to improve productivity.

11. It’s Okay to Say ‘No’

There are many times when your own work gets pushed back when you take on work for someone else, or when you put your work on pause to help others. While those are nice things to do, you need to also ensure that your own work is getting done. So asking them to wait a few minutes until you have completed your task will not be a direct refusal. However, more often than not, the person would have figured out the problem in the time it took them waiting for you.

12. Have “crush” Time

Set aside some time every morning to sit and just focus on completing your tasks. Do not bother anyone with questions and get all your dreaded tasks out of the way. Once you get into the flow, the work becomes much easier.

have 'crush' time

13. Delegate Tasks

There may be times when you have too much on your plate. If possible, do not hold onto the attitude that you need to do it yourself. Make a list of tasks that you can delegate to others and get it done.

14. Wear Headphones

When you work in a fast paced office environment, it can be pretty noisy, and there are bound to be those who want to ask questions and sometimes have a little chat. By using the simple trick of wearing headphones, you discourage people from interrupting your work, and you get to cancel out the noise from the office. You do not necessarily have to be listening to anything, but seeing you with headphones on will make others think twice about coming over to talk to you.

15. Listen to Calming Sounds

If you choose to listen to something on your headphones, listen to sounds that are calming and peaceful so that you will be able to have a clear mind to think while completing your tasks. Listening to music without any lyrics can help you concentrate better.

listen to calming sounds

16. The ‘Five Second Rule’

You won’t always feel like diving right into your work, and one way to push yourself to do it is to give yourself the five second rule. If you have anything that you are trying to avoid starting, take a few deep breaths and countdown from five before diving into your task.

17. Track and Limit Your Time

Be more aware of how you use your time. Without realising it, you may spend half an hour on social media, wasting valuable working time. If you attempt to track how much time you are spending on each task – work or break related – you will be able to set reasonable limits for yourself so that you can make sure you are spending your time wisely.

18. Set Deadlines for Yourself

Stress is always seen as a bad thing, and while most of it does have negative effects on us, some people seem to work better under pressure. Good stress is good as it helps push you further, so set some deadlines for yourself so that you can complete all your tasks with some time to spare.


19. Take Regular Breaks

Working for more than 90 minutes at a stretch can cause your productivity to start declining. Ensure to plan out your breaks at the start of every day and make some time to take a walk outside the office and just get some fresh air. Just by doing something so simple, you will have re-energized yourself and given yourself the time you need to focus again.

20. Stop Trying to Be Perfect

Some people take a very long time on their tasks because they want them to be perfect, but the truth is that as human beings, we cannot always be perfect. Do what you need to do to the best of your abilities and move on. This is the best way you can be productive instead of wasting time.

With some will power and discipline, it should not be difficult to implement these small strategies to help bring up your productivity at work. So try them out, remain consistent, and you will be successful.

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