How to Keep a Room Cool - 20 Tips That Will Help

20 Super Simple Hacks to Cool Down a Room Naturally

Many of us struggle to stay cool during the summers even in our own homes. Using air conditioning frequently can increase your bills, and they are not very earth-friendly either. Here are some easy and environment-friendly ways to keep the room cool without an air conditioner.

Best Ways to Cool Down a Room

Some of these ideas will not take you much time to implement.

1. Close the Blinds

When there is no proper air-conditioning, the sun rays coming through the windows should be avoided. To help you with this situation, you can use blinds. But it is important to have those blinds closed. There are people who might like to close them downwards because they like their atmosphere to be darker.

2. Ice and Fan

This is a trick almost everybody knows, and people have been using this method for a very long time especially in homes that do not have any air conditioning. What they do is that they put ice in a very large bowl. They then place this bowl next to the fan that would blow it across. This will create a misty, cool breeze that will feel really good during very hot days. Trying to cool a room with ice is the best way to cool a room.

3. Close the Doors

Many people do not know that heat travels through the doors too. Even if you have a storm door and a screen in place, it still does. In general, heat can equate to light. So you will need to keep your home darker than usual, and the doors should be closed really tight so that excess heat does not come out of the home.

4. Using Whole House Fans

Whole house fans are usually used in older homes, but they are getting popular again. It is basically a vent which is usually placed in the hallway. When the fan is turned on, it will suck out the hot air from the home. When you use this fan, the entire house is effectively cooled down as it draws air from outside. There is no need for air conditioning when this is at home; even if you do have AC, you should not use both at the same time as it will let the cool air out.

close the doors

5. Cook Outdoors

When it is summer, try to plan your meals a little earlier so that you will not have to use the oven during the day time. You could either cook on the grill, in a crock pot, or in a microwave. If you do not use the oven, then cook your meals after the heat of the day or before noon. This will avoid overheating.

6. Using Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are incredible at helping you keep your room cool enough. These fans keep the air in the room moving constantly, which obviously leads to lowering the temperature slightly down. But make sure that your fans are rotating anti-clockwise during the hot summers because this will help to cool your home a little better.

7. Focus on You

At times, you will not be able to lower the temperature of your room, but you can still get the temperature of the body a little down. You will be able to do this by drinking cold beverages, placing a cold cloth around your wrists or neck, and by wearing breathable (or cooler) clothing. Another way is by freezing two bottles of water and placing them under your feet. You could do this to cool yourself down.

8. Energy Efficient Bulbs

Many people use regular light bulbs but they are not efficient. Moreover, those light bulbs have another problem, which is radiating a lot of heat during the production of energy. This will definitely cause so many problems when you do not have any air conditioning at home because it is just increasing the problem of heat at home. So, it is better to switch to bulbs that are energy efficient because they produce less heat when compared to normal bulbs.

energy efficient bulbs

9. Sleep with a Wet Sheet and Suspend Your Bed

This might sound a little odd, but you can consider sleeping with a damp sheet or towel which has been in cold water. You can then place this over you when you sleep, which will keep you cool all night when you are sleeping. But make sure that you place a towel under you so that your mattress is not damaged. Remember, you get better sleep when you are cooler.

If you are sleeping on a bed that is above the ground, you will have air flowing all around you. So, if you happen to have a hammock or a cot, then you can sleep comfortably on it, and this might be a good option when the air flow is scarce.

10. Add Some Permanent Shades

If your home is not protected from the sun, then the rays from the sun will beat directly on to the top of your home. This is another problem because this means that your home will get very hot. You can still fix this problem by adding some awnings to the windows, covering the porches will provide extra shade, and you could even add extra trees. When the sun rays directly hitting the house is less, the house will be cooler.

11. Use Your Pulse Points

You can lower your body temperature by applying something cold on your pulse points. Your pulse points are located on your neck, wrists, ankles, elbows, feet, and behind the knees. So place a damp cloth or an ice pack on any of these areas to keep your body cooler.

12. Freeze Your PJs, Sheets, and Hot Water Bottle

There are so many ways people tried to stay cool before air conditioning became popular. One of the basic things they did was freeze their pyjamas and sheets. This might sound a little strange, but it does help by cooling the body and lowering the body temperature. This way, they were more comfortable.

You could also fill the hot water bottle with cold or ice water and freeze the bottle. This is a very good option because the material of the bottle is really good. The material will not sweat or create a mess on your bed, and it will last a very long time.

freeze your hot water bottle

13. Try Out a Bamboo Mat

If you are not able to find a way to sleep and create an airflow while sleeping, then you could consider using a mat made of bamboo on your mattress. Bamboo might feel a little less comfortable to sleep on, but it will not hold heat like your usual thick cotton mattress.

14. Place the Box Fans Strategically

When the air conditioning goes out, many people will pull out the box fans. Although this is a good idea, there is a strategic way to use them. You can put them on the window, but remember to point them facing outwards. This will pull out a lot of hot air and blow that air out the windows. This will make your home really cool.

15. Forget Your Electronics

We all know how hot electronics get after a while. So when you are not going to use your electronics, unplug them – especially the ones at the sockets because they produce extra heat. This will help to stop the excess heat produced inside your home. You can use this method especially when you are cooling a room with no windows.

16. Rice

If you do not have an ice pack or a hot water bottle but still need to cool down, then do not worry -you can create one on your own. Take a little rice inside your sock and then freeze it for an hour at least. After it is really frozen, you will have an amazing homemade ice pack.


17. Cover the Doors and Windows

These are some extra steps you could take with closing doors and blinds. You could use blankets and towels to cover the windows. You could then roll the towels up and place them at the bottom part on the floor near the door to keep the heat from entering the home, and not let the cold air escape. Your home might feel like a dark cave, but it will help in many situations.

18. Roofs With Cooler Coloration

You probably know that wearing anything dark during hot days would make you feel hotter. The same principles apply here. Lighter colour roofs are better at reflecting the ultraviolet rays which limit heat absorption. This is why many major cities have suggested people to have white-painted roofs that could reduce energy consumption and fight global warming.

19. Plant Shades

This plan would take earlier planning to work. A tree can block around 70 per cent of the solar radiation that will be entering your home. These shade-providing trees, when situated near the windows, can take in the heat from the sun during the afternoons and cool the house down, also providing you with a better landscape.

20. De-clutter the Room

A cluttered room will feel very hot. Therefore, you could remove the furniture, curios, magazines, books, and newspaper and pack up everything in the room that looks or feels hot. You could instead invest in thin rugs made from hemp and jute that will look good and feel amazing. You could also replace the centrepiece with something that creates a feeling of peace and calmness. For that, you could take a bowl or a vase and fill it with water. Place a few pebbles inside them and add a few shells.

Even when the climate is very hot, it is still possible to stay comfortable indoors without using air conditioning, with these easy ways to cool a room in summer. These methods will save you a lot of money, and these are an amazing way of making sure that you are doing everything you can to protect nature. With the concerns of global warming and the rise of hot weather problems, it is important to look for solutions that will have short-term comforts and a long-term impact.

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