20+ Best Games for Couples to Play

20+ Interesting Couple Games to Play Anytime

You have found your partner for life, but the adventure should not stop there. Relationships need work if they are going to last. Depending on the initial feelings alone may not work as feelings might fade with time. Finding something fun to do together is one of the keys to making your relationship stand the test of time. Fun games for couples are one option you can call upon in your time of need.

Best Couple Games to Enjoy With Your Partner

Best Couple Games to Enjoy With Your Partner

Spice up your relationship by playing around together. Here we have some delightful games for couples to play at home and outside:

1. This or That

This couple questions game is a great pick for those who want to know their partners better.


  • This game requires you to give your partner two options to choose from.
  • Examples are “Mountains or beaches?”, “Burgers or pizza?”, “Vanilla or chocolate?”, “Coffee or tea?” etc.
  • You can take turns asking questions.

2. Ding Dong Ditch

The couple’s version of this game is a little bit different from the version played by kids.


  • Bake or buy some special treats for those who you will visit for this game.
  • You can wrap it up nicely and even add a note.
  • Sneak up to someone’s front door.
  • Place the treat at the doorstep.
  • Ring the doorbell and hurry out of sight before anyone answers the door.

3. Name that Tune

Throw a little party for two and learn about your partner’s taste in music.


  • Choose some songs from your music library.
  • Take turns playing only the first few seconds of the song.
  • Your partner should try to guess which song it is.
  • One point goes each towards the right artist and song title.
  • Whoever gets the most points wins.

4. Mystery Tasting

How good are your partner’s taste buds? Play this game and find out!


  • You can opt for going with drinks or treats. If you are opting for drinks, you can pick between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • If you choose treats, you can buy or bake a few different flavored cakes. You can even try this out with different flavors of chips.
  • Blindfold your partner and line up the edibles or drinks of choice in cups or plates.
  • Have your partner taste each of them and try to guess what it is.
  • If your partner has a lot of experience, you can make this game tougher and opt for naming the ingredients instead.

5. Two Truths and a Lie

This is one of the more fun trivia games for couples, especially if the relationship is new.


  • Take turns to tell each other three stories or statements.
  • Two of these should be true, and one should be false.
  • Your partner should guess which one is false.

6. Challenge of Pretzels

If neither of you spends a lot of time in the kitchen, this game is going to be very entertaining. The aim is to compete against one another to see who can bake the most pretzels.


  • Get yourselves everything you need to bake two separate sets of pretzels.
  • Set a time limit and start your bake-off.
  • Whoever is closer to completing their pretzels, or has completed the first, wins!
  • If the two of you don’t want to bake, you can compete for who can eat the most pretzels in a given time.

7. Have I Ever

This is one of the more popular drinking games for couples.


  • Grab a bottle of alcohol and two shot glasses, one for each of you.
  • Take turns in making a statement, for example, “Never have I ever gone skinny dipping.”
  • If you have never done it, you don’t need to do anything, but if you have done it, you will need to take a shot.
  • Tricks can be included; for example, you can say, “Never have I ever…” when you have actually done something, but you will have to take a shot!
  • If you are playing with other couples, you can make it couple specific game and play as teams. Questions need to be specific for the couple. For example, “Never have we ever gone on a cruise to the Caribbean.” You can only take the shot if you have done this as a couple.
  • Alternatively, you can all play as individuals.

8. The Picture Game

This is a lot of fun for couples who have found themselves in a rut and whose relationship needs some spicing up.


  • Take a cubical box that you can comfortably throw like a dice.
  • Stick pictures on all sides. If you want to spice up your relationship, you can stick some naughty pictures on there.
  • Take turns to throw the dice.
  • Whoever has thrown the dice will need to do whatever is on the picture on display.
  • Pictures can be cuddles, kisses, etc.

9. Scavenger Hunt of Romance

Put a spin on the regular scavenger hunt by personalizing the game to suit the two of you.


  • Decide the special prize first so that you can work on your clues that will lead your partner to a romantic surprise. This can be anything from a homemade romantic dinner to a carriage ride in the park.
  • Leave clues or riddles to help your partner find their way to the prize.

10. Shave the Balloon

Balloon games for couples are always more fun at a get-together with other couples.


  • Each couple should be given a blown balloon.
  • Each balloon should be sprayed with shaving cream.
  • One partner will need to hold the balloon in their mouth.
  • The other partner needs to use a razor to shave the lather formed on the balloon.
  • The winning couple is the one who finishes first without popping their balloon.

11. Romantic Scrabble

If you and your partner enjoy an occasional game of scrabble, you can switch it up by changing up the rules a little to make it one of the romantic games that you play.


  • The game is played according to scrabble rules, where you need to form words.
  • In the romantic version, you are only allowed to use romantic words.
  • To add a twist, make a rule that the first person who gets a complete word can ask the other “Truth or Dare.”

12. Copy Cat Movie

If watching movies has gotten a bit boring, make it a lot more fun with this fun game.


  • Pick out a romantic comedy to watch.
  • Choose your favorite scene, and you and your partner will need to act it out.

13. Roleplay

Roleplaying is a great way to get things exciting, whether it is just over dinner or extended into the bedroom.


  • Both you and your partner decide on what characters you want to role-play. It can be anybody from a real person to a character in a movie or even an anime character if you are into that.
  • Get your outfits ready for the date night.
  • Spend the entire date night in character, using phrases the character says, using similar gestures, and attempting to mimic their voice.

14. Couple Card Games

Card games for couples are a great option when you want to keep yourselves active and bond during a night in.


  • Choose the type of cards you want to play. There are many options, such as the traditional cards, UNO, Exploding Kittens, and others.
  • If you opt to play with regular cards, some of the games that need only two players are Slapjack, Double Solitaire, Rummy, Go Fish, War, and many more.

15. Board Games

Has it been long that you played a board game? Then it is time to give it another go! These can be great fun, even if you are playing with only two players.


  • These days, there are many board games to choose from, so pick one that will suit both of you.
  • Some great options are games like Chess or Checkers, Pictionary, Taboo, and so many more.
  • You can have an agreement that whoever wins the greatest number of games gets to be pampered for the day.

16. I Spy

This is the perfect game for when you are on the move.


  • Take a drive somewhere, or set up in your living room or front porch, and take turns to be the spy.
  • You can opt to allow for clues to make the guessing a little easier.
  • This game can be played while on road trips while waiting in lines or even from the breakfast table.

17. Cherry Delight

This is one of the tough couple games, and it can be played with just the two of you or with other couples. Just be sure to be careful of the cherry pits, which is what makes the game a little challenging.


  • Arrange plates with six cherries on each plate at a table.
  • Each person or couple needs to stand in front of one plate with their hands at their backs.
  • You can set a timer to see who can eat the most cherries in the given time or see who finishes their cherries first while hands are held at their backs.

18. Hot and Cold

This is a cute game that can be played when you have bought a present for your partner.


  • Hide the present at a place where it is not easily noticeable.
  • Have your partner try to find it.
  • If your partner gets close to the present, say “hot,” but if your partner moves away from it, say “cold.”

19. Video Games

While it is more common to play video games alone, it can be a lot more fun if you play with your favorite person.


  • Choose a video game that is suitable for two players, such as racing games, battle games, etc., and play for the win.
  • Alternatively, you can play adventure games such as Assassin’s Creed and see who can complete their quest first.

20. Origami

This may not seem like the ideal game to play with your significant other, but it sure can be fun once you get going! This little game will come in handy if you ever find yourselves wanting to DIY any decorations.


  • Follow a tutorial on how to create something simple, like a fish.
  • Once the two of you have gotten the hang of it, start a timer and see who can make the greatest number of your origami delights in the time limit.
  • You can also set a specific target of completed works and see who hits it first.

21. Thread the Needle

Don’t worry; this doesn’t require you to do any actual sewing, but it is fun to play, especially if there is an audience.


  • Grab a needle and thread, or as many as are needed if more couples are playing. There should be one needle and thread per couple.
  • Have one partner hold the needle while the other tries to thread it.
  • The couple who manages to thread the needle first is the winner.
  • If you are playing with just the two of you, you can play it two ways. Either set a timer and play within the time limit, or you can time the attempts, and whoever took the least time to thread the needle wins.

Playing games is a wonderful way to bond, and you do not always have to wait for a party or get together to do it. If you and your partner play a game together every now and then, your relationship will be a lot more fun. Just remember that all the games mentioned can be tweaked to make them more personal to you. Don’t feel shy about including your likes or shared moments together to add the extra element of intimacy to your game.

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