20 Different Types of Eyeliner Styles & How to Use Them

20 Eyeliner Styles You Can Try for Bold and Beautiful Eyes

Every woman’s makeup kit would undoubtedly have the most versatile and popular beauty product – the eyeliner! Be it a liquid eyeliner or smudged eyeliner trend; simple eyes can speak a thousand words by just adding kohl and eyeliner to them.

Different Ways to Apply Eyeliner

Women have been wearing eyeliner for ages and are so used to wearing it the same way that they forget about several innovative and creative ways to apply it. Following are some of the ways through which you will realize the real potential of an eyeliner:

1. Neon Flick

To recreate the Neon Flick, use a gel eyeliner or a liquid liner with a slanted brush. While applying, ensure that at the end you have that perfect flick. Start applying from the inner eye and then pick back at the end of the outer lash line to give that cool abstract feel.


2. Multi-Colored Muse

Here you get to play with colors by applying different shades yet combining hues at the bottom and the top of the eyes. This makes the eyes pop! To add more to the vivid colors, one can also apply a bright shadow color on the top.


3. Red Strike

A unique yet bold eyeliner style; red eyeliner poses beautifully on the eyes and elevates and enhances the makeup look. You can use a cream formula or pencil to create this look. One can initially draw the wings on the outer corners and then apply it the other way to be more comfortable.


4. Brighten the Waterline

When you have overslept or were awake the whole night and want to avoid puffy-looking eyes in the morning; applying eyeliner to the waterline would be a great rescue. Applying flesh-toned or white eyeliner on the inner waterline brightens the eyes and reduces any visible redness in the eyes.


5. Baby Wings

To give a dramatic eyeliner wing style, connect the outer corner of the top and the bottom eyeliner with a flick. Use a long-lasting cream-based eyeliner pencil for creating this winged look.


6. Smoky Smudged Frame

Pop your eye color by framing your eye shape by applying the eyeliner on the bottom and top lash line. To create a high intense effect, smudge the liner with fingers or a brush.


7. Stiletto Wing

This kind of wing is not thick but has a thin stiletto heel look. For recreating this look, use a thin and angled eyeliner brush. Alternatively, you can use a liquid eyeliner. Apply the eyeliner in the outward motion and go towards the end of the eye.


8. Just the Top

You can apply liner only on the top if you are not comfortable wearing it on both lashes. Apply it on the top lash to shape the eyes and match it with the eyeshadow.


9. Team Two-toned

This is one of those surprisingly subtle black eyeliner designs to add punch to your eyes. To the regular black eyeliner, add the second contrast color under the bottom lashes. For a crisp, thin, and neutral color look, you can use the angled liner brush.


10. Thick and Thin

Applying the liner by changing the shape to thin and thick, one can play well with the widths of the shape of the eyes. You can add a light line on the bottom and keep the top of the eyes intact with a packed line.


11. Metallic Wings

The shiny metallic eyeliner added like a thin, delicate line on top of the regular black liner creates a stunning makeup.


12. Brighter and Better Look

Give a gorgeous look to your eyes with sparkle, mixed color, bold, and fresh graphic eyeliner look. One can apply a shimmering shadow to the lids to create a magnificent look.


13. Tight Line

This is a very natural way to wear eyeliner. Create a highly tight line by applying underneath the top lashes, preferably using a waterproof liner to remain smudge-free.


14. Orange Effect

Orange graphic eyeliner applied sporadically in the appropriate places in a tasteful artistic way gives a cat-style eyeliner effect.


15. Abstract Feel

Apply your eyeliner in subtle sizes and shapes on both the eyelashes in a way that brings out a delicate balance and highlights the contours of the eyes.


16. Iced Out

Silver eyeliner is often used to provide a frosty look. You can apply it for any occasion and add a new perspective to the way you use makeup.


17. Double

The double application of the eyeliner provides excellent definition to the eyes, enhancing the creases well. Ensure to practice the shape perfectly before applying it this way.


18. Midas Touch

A simple metallic touch creates a different and unique look. Apply the eyeliner, and after it dries add the metallic pigment to it.


19. Upside Down Inside out

Emphasize and add a colorful look to the bottom lashes alog with the outer and inner corners. To make it more effectively, extend the eyeliner to the edge of the eye.


20. Double Up

Layered liner with two different colors adds a chic look. The one on the lashline is used to define the shape of the eyes, while the other one brings character and dimension to the look.


By creating the most trendy, sophisticated, and chic looks with just an eyeliner, you can be in vogue always!

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