20 Inspiring and Beautiful Quotes for Single Mothers

20 Best Single Mother Quotes That Shows How Priceless You Are

Quotes are beautiful thoughts, funny things and inspiring lines said by people. Some quotes may give you joy and happiness, some may make you sad, some may get you thinking, and some may inspire you. Here is a list of 30 beautiful quotes for single mothers to inspire them and to tell them how cherished and invaluable they are!

20 Beautiful and Positive Quotes That Will Inspire All Single Moms

Raising children is certainly not an easy task; more so if you are a single mom. For some, being a single mom can be a deliberate choice, and for some, it can be due to circumstances. However, we’re sure that all single moms out there are acing the responsibility of parenting their wonderful kids. All the same, however strong and determined she may be, at times, a single mom may feel the pinch or may get bogged down by her daily challenges. In order to inspire these beautiful and strong women, we have compiled a list of 30 beautiful and positive quotes for single moms.

  • “Single moms: You are a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, a maid, a cook, a referee, a heroine, a provider, a defender, a protector, a true Superwoman. Wear your cape proudly.” – Mandy Hale
  • “Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears but also twice the hugs, twice the love and twice the pride.” – Anonymous
  • “A single mom tries when things are hard. She never gives up. She believes in her family, even when things are tough. She knows that above all things, a mother’s love is more than enough.” – Deniece Williams
  • “Even on the days you feel like you are failing, look around. I promise your kids still think you are the best mom in the whole universe.” – Anonymous
  • “Being a working mother and a working single parent instils in you a sense of determination.” – Felicity Jones
Single mom
  • “I would say to any single parent currently feeling the weight of stereotype or stigmatization that I am prouder of my years as a single mother than of any other part of my life.” – J.K Rowling
  • “As a single mom, I am juggling a lot and working long hours. Yes, it costs them a little, but what my children get in return is a mother who is energized and content.” – Edie Falco
  • “I know it is hard for you mama. I know it can be hard to get up every day and have us rely on you. I know it is hard to feel like sometimes your world is so small. I want to remind you, you are the world. You are the world that we little ones revolve around. You are our nurture, our home, and our comfort. You are everything to us and I hope even on your hard days, you know how special you are, especially to your little people.” – Anonymous
  • “Work hard for what you want because it won’t come to you without a fight. You have to be strong and courageous and know that you can do anything you put your mind to. If somebody puts you down or criticizes you, just keep on believing in yourself and turn it into something positive.” – Leah LaBelle
  • “Now, go back to all you are doing – your cleaning, working, driving, nose-wiping, cooking, clothes folding, everyday things – and hold your head high. Motherhood matters. More than having the perfect house, the perfect body, the perfect planning schedule, the perfect kids, the perfect anything. You are a game changer. A life changer. You are their mother. That is why you matter.” – Anonymous
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  • “Do not swim against the current. Just know that you are doing what you have to do, and you are doing it as well as you are able. You are not a Superwoman and no one expects you to be one.” – Anonymous
  • “Remember that a single mom is just like any other mom and that our number one priority is our kids. Any parent does whatever it takes for their kids and a single mother is no different.” – Paula Miranda
  • “I think moms, single or not, put a lot of pressure on ourselves trying to balance it all. It’s never going to be perfectly balanced – the sooner you know this, the sooner you can relieve some of the pressure you put on yourself.” – Denise Richards
  • “There are so many women out there who are single moms, really not by choice, and doing it and making it work every day. I think it is becoming much more a part of our culture and I hope it will become more accepted and that those women are going to be more and more appreciated, respected and supported.” – Connie Britton
  • “I am a single mom and I am the breadwinner and I have to work and I have to do these things and that is just the way it is. I do not think my son even knows anything different.” – Charisma Carpenter
Single mom multitasking
  • “A single mom has a backbone made of steel and a heart  made of gold.” – Anonymous
  • “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” – Maya Angelou
  • “Just because I am a single mother does not mean I cannot be a success.” – Yvonne Kaloki
  • “I can’t tell you how much I respect all the single moms out there doing it solo.” – Jennie Finch
  • “I didn’t plan on being a single mom, but you have to deal with the cards you are dealt with in the best way.” – Tichina Arnold

The quotes listed above are some of the most popular and motivating quotes on being a single mom by a few well-known personalities. Whenever you feel down or low, read through these quotes and get back the spark and determination to do what you have ventured out to do – to give the best to your child who means the world to you.

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