Top 20 End Of The World Movies to Watch Today

20 Best End of The World Movies

Good end-of-the-world movies combine the adrenaline rush of disaster flicks with horror films’ creeping trepidation. There is pulsating suspense to these movies that make you want to wait till the finish. As the movie unravels what happens to the world as it is about to end, you sit there mentally, making a bucket list of things you want to do before the world ends, along with the characters. The movies oscillate between an extinction event or something in between for you to panic as the entire civilization braces itself for the consequences. Some world-end movies could be what you need to spice up a weekend with your partners or roommates. Here’s a list of must-watch movies that won’t disappoint anyone.

Top 20 End of The World Films You Can Watch With Your Family

Movies about the end of the world reflect some strange paranoias and phobias that humans have been harbouring over time. There are and will always be apprehensions about what lies ahead in outer space and the safety of Earth as a planet from extraterrestrial beings, comet, asteroids, meteoroids, or species from other planets. The top-rated end of the world movies span over several decades, and you can see the progression that humanity has made and the neurosis that it has bought with it. Enjoy watching world-ending movies on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other OTT channels for an eventful weekend with friends and family amidst this global crisis.

1. This Is The End

It is a comedy about the apocalypse, wherein the central characters play an exaggerated version of themselves amidst the impending disaster that looms large. It’s a fun film that deals with a serious topic with a tinge of humour and sarcasm.

Year of Release – 2013

2. Mad Max-Fury Road

This is a phenomenal movie that is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. It is popular for the scintillating performances by the stars, and it still awes the viewers with its surprise element.

Year of Release – 2015

3. Deep Impact

The movie is all about a comet that could be catastrophic for humanity. An enterprising group of people steps forward to find a solution to curb the destruction and save lives. The movie has some great performances, stills, and a poignant representation of people’s feelings and emotions.

Year of Release – 1998

4. Book of Eli

The central character Eli takes things forward when the world is plunged in darkness, thirty years after things have gone awry. Eli keeps things simple but is equally vital to put up a fight. The best part is he is blind.

Year of Release – 2010

5. The Day After Tomorrow

A movie that talks about an apocalypse centred around a climate crisis and follows a group of New Yorkers who take refuge in a commonplace after an international superstorm. The VFX and the constant threat of nature’s fury depicted is what makes viewers sit on the edge of their seats.

Year of Release – 2004

6. Interstellar

Another cinematic brilliance about the fatal consequences of climate change depicts how Earth could no longer be inhabitable. It shows NASA’s attempt to evacuate Earth. Incredibly deep and thought-provoking, it has some beautiful visual effects.

Year of Release – 2014

7. Invasion of the Body Snatchers

A throwback classic, this one is better than the original that came in 1956. The movie is about strange seeds that drift into the earth from outer space and begin to proliferate. They don’t just grow, but they replicate residents into emotionless automated bodies.

Year of Release – 1978

8. The Wandering Earth

A top grosser, this movie chronicles the journey of a group of scientists endeavouring to move Earth far away from the expanding sun to avoid a collision with Jupiter. It is now available on Netflix for viewers to watch.

Year of Release – 2019

9. Children of Men

Humans become infertile, and no one knows the reason. An adaptation of the novel is all about adults carrying on existing in an increasingly frayed society. The scenario of the banality of the future generation is scary, but the hope of the central characters keeps the viewers glued to stay positive.

Year of Release – 2006

10. 2012

Earth suddenly has an expiry date, and as it approaches, the leaders of the world begin their preparations to protect humankind and save a piece of land on the planet. The film also follows a writer trying to protect his family.

Year of Release – 2009

11. I am Legend

A truly legendary film, it follows the journey of the character who is shattered with the state of dystopia but changes his mind as he finds several suffering. He follows a path to save possible survivors and find a cure for the plague using his own immune blood.

Year of Release – 2007

12. The Road

This one another movie about surviving an apocalypse. It depicts the grim reality of an apocalypse and how the central characters choose to navigate through the effects.

Year of Release – 2009

13. 28 Days Later

The movie starts with some animal activists setting caged chimpanzees free from a research facility. Unfortunately, the chimpanzees are infected with the “Rage” virus that attacks humans and turns them into monsters that destroy countries.

Year of Release – 2002

14. The Matrix

A classy and appealing end of the world movie, this one has all it takes to be termed a classic. It’s about humanity is trapped inside a simulated reality created by intelligent machines. If the world has to end, it must end with machine overlords.

Year of Release – 1999

15. These Final Hours

The movie is about what happens after a comet has collided with Earth and follows James, who wants to head to the party to end all parties. But what follows is how he is pulled in other directions and ends up saving the life of a little girl searching for her father.

Year of Release – 2015

16. Independence Day

The movie is about aliens invading Earth on the 4th of July. A blockbuster, this one is a great pop corn-filled entertainer.

Year of Release – 1996

17. Armageddon

An asteroid is flying fast towards Earth. Who can save it – a group of astronauts? But NASA appoints a group of misfits, unqualified people from all walks of life, who decide to embark on the mission of their lives. The plan is to blow the asteroid up with a nuclear bomb.

Year of Release – 1998

18. Contagion

The movie is the onset of a global pandemic due to a deadly virus and the collapse of society. Make sure you watch this one when the dust settles.

Year of Release – 2011

19. War of the Worlds

Steven Spielberg remade this classic which itself was an adaption of the novel by HG Wells. It follows the trials of a family following the terror attack from an alien force.

Year of Release – 2005

20. Pacific Rim

This sci-fi monster film depicts how Earth is at war with the Kaiju, colossal sea monsters that have emerged from the Pacific Ocean. Humans come together to fight them in the form of Jaegers. This is an excellent end-of-the-world action flick.

Year of Release – 2013

End-of-the-world movies have been in the making for a long time. The genre has evolved over the last few years, but it continues to make people think through its thrilling stories. If you like watching movies that transport you to a world of existential oblivion, then these movies will have you covered.

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