List of 15 Bedroom Plants That Will Keep You Fresh & Active

15 Best Bedroom Plants That Will Help You Stay Calm and Breathe Healthy

Nothing beats the feeling of comfort brought about by being in the presence of plants or trees; with indoor plants, you can have your own piece of nature in the bedroom. With the right variety, not only will you enjoy their blooms and fresh air but also have the air cleansed of all the harmful chemicals floating around.

Why Should You Have Plants in Your Bedroom?

Here are three reasons why you should have a bedroom plant:

1. A Plant Enlivens Your Room

Our rooms are entirely made of inanimate objects; having a living plant that needs to be cared for brings more life into the room, making it a pleasant place. A potted plant by the side of your window or bed also makes the room look more appealing.

2. They Help Purify Air

Since our bedrooms use furniture and paints that have been industrially processed, they contain chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, trichloroethylene etc. which are harmful. Some plans trap all these chemicals, making the room cleaner.

3. Plants Help Relieve Stress

It’s needless to say how much we crave for the sight or touch of plants in our lives; there’s an innate need to connect with nature for all people. This can help reduce anxiety and stress. Caring for your plants and even touching them for 2 minutes is known to have positive benefits.

Top 15 Plants for Your Bedroom That Will Help You Sleep Well and Relax

There are a number of decorative indoor plants, but here are 15 of the best ones to consider for your bedroom:

1. Jasmine

This common flower can be grown as an indoor plant in your bedroom. Jasmine’s gentle aroma has a soothing effect on your senses and the mind. It can reduce stress and anxiety and improve the quality of sleep. Jasmine is especially helpful for people who are fatigued often as it promotes deep sleep and a fresh start for the next day.

2. Lavender

Who wouldn’t love the sight of a lavender plant or feel relaxed by its soothing scent? Lavender is the perfect bedroom plant which is known to help reduce stress levels in people and promote good sleep. One study even found lavender’s soothing effect on babies helping them sleep deeply and reducing the stress in both mother and the child.

3. The Snake Plant

Also called the ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’, this plant is highly recommended as it improves air quality. The snake plant air-purifier effect is due to its ability to filter out nasty toxins such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from the air.
snake plant

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera with its medicinal properties and air purifying effect in the bedroom is nothing short of a wonder plant. It works similar to the snake plant. Having an aloe vera plant in bedroom has multiple benefits from being an air purifier to a ready-to-go topical treatment for minor cuts and burns.
aloe vera

5. Gardenia

These plants are characterized by their scented blossoms and evergreen leaves that are both relaxing and refreshing. Some studies show that gardenia is effective in promoting sleep and maybe just as effective as valium in helping people relax and get deep sleep. They are, however, tricky to maintain and require a lot of care and attention. Gardenias need to be kept out of sunlight, but in a brightly lit room.

6. Spider Plant

The spider plant is also super efficient in removing impurities from the air similar to snake plant and aloe vera. It gives off oxygen throughout the day and absorbs fumes and odours from the air along with other toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene. It’s a highly effective decorative plant especially when you live in a polluted city block.
spider plant

7. Valerian

This perennial flowering plant is known for its scented white or pink flowers which get to full bloom in the summer. The plant’s blossoms were used as a perfume for a few hundred years, and its roots were used for tea or tincture. The scent of the plant’s root is powerful enough to put anyone in a drowsy state and go into deep sleep.

8. English Ivy

The English ivy is another effective bedroom plant for purifying the air. It is easy to maintain and requires moderate sunlight every day. The plant is also known for its ability to ease the symptoms of allergies in people who have asthma as confirmed by studies. The English ivy is very good at removing airborne contaminants such as faeces and mould in just a matter of hours.
english ivy

9. Peace Lilly

Not only are peace lilies pleasant to look at, but they are also champions at filtering out toxic substances from the air. They are easy to maintain once you keep them in a well-ventilated place with ample tight, away from pets and children. They need to be watered every day as they give off moisture into the room to keep it humid.
peace lily

10. Bamboo Palm

Also called reed palm, this palm plant isn’t a bamboo plant at all. It can, however, make for an attractive looking addition to your bedroom. Having a few of these around the house will not only improve the aesthetics but also have fresh air circulating throughout the house all day. This tropical plant also absorbs toxins from the air while bringing a tropical feel to the room.
bamboo palm

11. Gerbera Daisies

These bright flowers are sure to put a cheer on anyone’s faces and uplift the mood of any place. They come in different colours such as white, yellow, pink and orange. Although they don’t last too long, they are a wonderful addition to the room.
gerbera daisies

12. Golden Pothos

The heart shaped leaves of this plant and its ability to clear the air if toxins make it a great indoor plant. It does well in hanging too. It’s best kept out of the reach of children due to its mildly poisonous nature.
golden pothos

13. Parlor Palm

This bigger palm plant is commonly found as a decorative plant in buildings. It does well in brightly lit rooms and ideal for keeping your room fresh and lively.
parlor palm

14. Scented Geranium

These are aromatic plants that are excellent for improving the quality of your sleep at night. Some indoor varieties do not flower as much as their cousins but can surprise you with their variety of scents such as lime, apricot, cinnamon, nutmeg, rose, and many more.
scented geranium

15. Money Plant

The money plant is one of the most popular indoor plants due to its association with good luck and prosperity. Like other climbers, money plant in the bedroom gives your room a refreshing look and a pleasant feel.
money plant

Points to Remember While Adding Plants to Your Bedroom

Here are the things to consider before you choose a plant for your bedroom:

  • If you have pets or kids at home, ensure the plants are not toxic.
  • Wipe and clean the leaves periodically to ensure too much dust doesn’t gather on the plants.
  • Choose some plant that has a pleasant scent that creates a soothing environment and cleans the air at the same time.
  • There can be 15 to 18 plants for every 1800 square feet of area for the best results.

Having a bedroom plant is known to keep the air fresh and help relax people for a night of good sleep. Fortunately, there are a variety of plants to choose from that bring life to the bedroom and go with the preferences of your loved ones.

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