Top 11 Roof Styles To Choose For Your Dream House

11 Best Roof Styles To Choose For Your Dream Home

The roof might be the last element to be noticed by anyone. Yet, it makes a huge difference in the look and feel of a property. Just like every other component in building a beautiful home– you have the option to choose from many roofs.

Popular Roof Design Ideas

1. Gable Style Roof

The gable-style roof is one of the simplest designs to choose from. It has a slope on both sides; therefore, it’s visible from both sides of your home. This roof style goes well with most architectural designs, whether it’s contemporary or Georgian. This roof style looks even better when combined with other choices like sliding bricks and even shutters for the windows.


2. Hip Style Roof

One of the most commonly used roof designs in modern homes would be the hip style roof. Unlike the gable style, this style has four sloping sides with a small ridge on the top. The main reason behind the fame of this roof would be the availability of excess storage. You can store Christmas decorations, antiques, or other things on the roof. Some also choose to design private living spaces right under their hip-style roof because of the extra living space.


3. Metal Roof Style

The talk about different roof styles will be incomplete without “metal” since it’s a smart choice. Three key properties of these roofs would be durability, resilience, and lightweight. Many homeowners claim that their metal roofs keep the place cool and less noisy. Often, homeowners choose to design and paint their metal roofs with plenty of style elements. The metal roof style goes best with homes that are abundant in greenery. When paired with white borders and a lush green garden – these roofs look stunning. There are multiple choices of metals to pick from. You can choose copper, aluminum, and even steel roof styles.


4. Shed Style Roof

The shed-style roof could be the simplest design of all! This roof has a flat top, which is carefully sloped in the top. Based on the angle of the slope, homeowners can choose to have an upper floor. When compared to the hip-style roof, the shed offers more headroom. This is mainly because of the chipped top. The shed roof can also be designed with room for water runoff. This version is also known as the skillion.


5. Dormer

The Dormer style roof comes with a small window. A small structure is built along the slope of the roof. This is a vertical element to hold the window. Many times, the window is also known as the “Rooftop Window.” Dormers can enhance the look and feel of the roof. Meanwhile, these can also be used to add more space to the roof. The Dormer-style roofs are famous from medieval times and are still in the trend in many parts of the world.


6. Butterfly Style Roof

Next on our list of different roof styles would be the Butterfly. This roof speaks volumes about architecture and contemporary homes. Unlike the hip and shed designs which are used exhaustively, the butterfly style roof comes with wings! The roof is an inversion of the common slope and forms a “V.” To be more precise, the roof is downwards from the sides, meeting at the Centre. A major highlight in the butterfly-styled roof would be the partitions. You can divide the roof space into two and use it for different purposes. For example, one side of the roof can be used for storage, whereas the other can be designed with big windows and used as a living room.


7. Jerkinhead

The Jerkinhead roof design extends the hip-style roof to see the common slope on both sides. Yet, the chipping of the peak is more prominent. A major reason behind this roof style would be the protection from heavy winds. The jerkinhead roof style is much safer if your home should be designed and built in a windy place. It forms an integral part of the home, blends well with French windows, and gives a modern look to your home.


8. The Flat Roof

The flat roof can be considered an ancient design. The roof is extremely famous in arid destinations. Compared to the sloped roof designs, the flat ones are easier to build and are much cheaper. The slope can only be 10 degrees on a flat roof. This portion is also known as a “pitch.” Flat roofs come with smart irrigation systems, which help to avoid flooding on the roof.


9. Barn Style Roof

The barn roof style has multiple slopes. Often, it takes the shape of “half an octagon.” This means the roof can have a minimum of four slopes. This style of roofing is useful when the building is tall and compact. It’s seen in many farms and storage facilities and does not have steep slopes. This is a significant difference between the barn and the other hip (or shed) styled roofs. The barn-style roof is also known as the gambrel.


10. Mansard Roof Style

The Mansard roof is also known as the French roof. It has double slopes on all four sides. The slopes carefully meet to form a low pitch on the top. The lower pitch always remains less steep than the upper pitch. This roof style gives plenty of attic space. Homeowners can choose to have closed (or open) dormers for an immediate aesthetic appeal.


11. The Bonnet Roof

Last on our list would be the Bonnet Roof. This roof style is a reverse of the mansard. The lower side of the roof hangs over the body of the home. This overhang roof can be used to cover a porch and blend well with French vernacular homes.


There is a different roof for every home, as they do much more than just covering it! Instead, they can be used to boost the aesthetics of your property, accommodate living and even act as extended storage. Therefore, homeowners need to choose the right roof style for their property.

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