10 Weird Food Combinations That Actually Tastes Good

10 Food Combinations Which Sound Gross But Taste Amazing

We all have one member in our family who eats curd rice with jam or has coffee with coconut oil. It definitely raises a few eyebrows. But surprisingly some food combinations that seem gross, taste good and are even good for the body. There are certain food combinations like, chilli flavoured chocolates, jalapenos in sweet jelly or even the famous pineapple and cheese which are fast becoming a favourite among people. Let us look at some strange food combinations that people try.

Strange Food Combinations People Actually Love

Here is a list of odd food combinations that seem to be working for people:

1. Sandwich Cookies Dipped in Orange Juice

You must have tried sandwich cookies with milk or even added them in your milkshake. But have you ever dipped a sandwich cookie in orange juice? It is not as unpleasant as you might think it to be. In fact, it is rather like having an orange flavoured cookie. The orange flavour is enjoyable and mixes well with the chocolate cookie, giving you a surprisingly pleasant flavour.

2. Fries with Whipped Cream

We all love munching on fries, don’t we? But do you dip them into your favourite whipped cream? Hot fries dipped in whipped cream is in the rage right now, and it combines the crunchy, hot flavour of the fries with the smooth and creamy whipped cream which just melts in your mouth. Many people also eat fries with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, or even honey.

Fries with whipped cream

3. Banana Bread with Cheese

This is a classic sweet with a salty combination, and it works like magic in your mouth. Take a slice of banana bread, place a slice of cheese on it, and cover it with another slice of bread. It tastes delicious. Banana bread with cheese is like having your banana bread with buttercream or icing. It is also a healthy combination because the cheese gives your body its share of proteins for the day and reduces the calories that you would have gained from the buttercream otherwise.

4. Coffee with Coconut Oil

The thought of a spoonful of saturated fat in your morning coffee doesn’t sound healthy. Surprisingly though, this wretched combination is advocated by fitness experts all over the world. Adding a teaspoon or two of coconut oil into your coffee and blending it can help boost your metabolism and also aid in burning calories. You’ll be surprised that it tastes the same as your normal coffee and you can barely sense the oil in the coffee.

Coffee with coconut oil

5. Soy Sauce with Vanilla Ice Cream

This is a surprisingly fantastic combination. The soy sauce adds a hint of salty taste to your vanilla ice cream and gives it a genuinely agreeable twist. A few people may try it, but it’s not a favourite. After all, ice cream is pure and it tastes great without adding anything to it.

6. Pizza with Melted Chocolate

We love to eat pizza just the way it is, but then there are some who like to sweeten it up a bit. Yes, there are many people who like to eat pizza with melted chocolate. And the sin of eating calorie-abundant pizza is multiplied by adding a layer of melted chocolate on it.

Pizza with chocolate

7. Khakhra with Chocolate

Eating khakhra with chocolate spread or melted chocolate dip is like eating comfort food with extra comfort. Although it sounds utterly gross, it is the most indulgent snack you could have on a lazy weekday or on a cosy weekend!

8. Chocolate Momos

The dumplings from Northeast India have gone through the mill of experimentation, and you will find ample variations in momos – chocolate momos being one of them. This delectable version of the steaming soul food is something that may not sound so great, but is popular and sought after by many.

Chocolate momos

9. Chocolate with Dosa

Yes, people do eat dosa with chocolate. It sounds completely outlandish, but nowadays, many restaurants serve chocolate dosa. You may not like it at first, but once you grow accustomed to the taste, you’ll be asking for seconds.

10. Noodle Samosa

Ever heard of noodle samosa? We know you said ‘no’. But many people are trying this out. It has got itself an oriental twist, and it is tasty too. Noodle samosa sounds strange, but you can always try it out – you never know you might like it.

Noodle samosa

Bizarre Food Combinations That Definitely Shouldn’t Exist

There are food combinations that sound gross but are utterly delectable. There are other food combinations, however, which are too abominable to be allowed to exist. Here are some crazy food combinations that shouldn’t exist according to us:

1. Peanut Butter and Hummus Sandwich

Hummus with peanut butter seems like a weird combination, right? It is and it certainly shouldn’t exist on any conceivable menu in the world.

2. Bacon Dipped in Vinegar

Bacon tastes delicious and vinegar with the right food is good. Combine the two, and you have just got the worst tasting bacon strips ever. So, it should never find a place in your menu.

3. Mushroom and Peaches Combined with Blue Cheese

Foods of a certain palate are combined together because they blend well. In some alternate universe, however, somebody thought it was a great idea to combine the strong flavour of mushrooms with soft peaches and then mix in some blue cheese too. But when you taste it, you might regret it. So, avoid!

Certain food combinations taste delicious even though they may sound strange. We hope you are brave enough to stomach some of the fun ones and wise enough to avoid the really bizarre ones. Be safe and have fun experimenting with these food combinations.

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