How to Activate Your Subconscious Mind - 10 Tips That Help

10 Ways To Activate Your Subconscious Mind To Get What You Want

Our subconscious mind is more powerful than we realise. It can control many things in our life. Understanding more about our subconscious and learning ways to nurture it can help us improve our lives and make it more fulfilling. But to do that you need to know what the subconscious mind is all about, how you can utilise its latent powers, and most importantly how you can activate it for your own and your family’s benefits. So, read on to find out more about how the subconscious mind works.

What Is the Subconscious Mind?

You must be familiar with the term ‘subconscious mind’. It usually refers to the mind with its thoughts, self-healing, self-control, will power, intuition, sixth-sense, etc. However, while some of these terms are so common, yet there are still many grey areas around them.

There is also a question of whether the superconscious and subconscious are synonymous. No, they are not. Superconsciousness is a higher level than the subconsciousness. In this article, we are dealing with the subconscious only.

Much research has been done about the subconscious, and there are innumerable theories around them. Whether you wish to rely on all this or consider them overwhelming, there is at least one simple fact you need to be clear about – You can work on your subconscious mind! You can use your thoughts, words, and actions, for your ultimate benefit.

The role of the subconscious is to take your directives, generally in the form of repeated thoughts, messages and communication. In this way, the subconscious mind can be controlled to aid the process of making things really happen in the physical world by the form of manifestation. Your thoughts, communication and messages take the form of a kind of intangible energy that is converted by the subconscious mind into a more tangible reality.

Now how can you communicate with your subconscious via messages, thoughts and other techniques? There are many ways you can achieve this effectively. All you need is some practice, patience and persistence with these techniques.

However, first, you need to know more about the power of the subconscious before you try to master the techniques to activate it.

What Is the Power of the Subconscious Mind?

The power of the subconscious has been used for time immemorial. It has not only been mastered by great saints, thinkers and leaders but also has been practised by common people in their daily lives. You can read about the amazing success stories of people who have mastered the sub-conscious like Napolean Hill, Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Robert Kiyosaki, and Stephen Covey.

Did you know that believing in the subconscious and using it can actually result in amazing and long-term effects on your health, happiness, prosperity, holistic growth, relationships, unlimited capacity to gain knowledge, higher thinking, correct body weight, power to combat terminal illnesses, mental problems, depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, anger and so much more….

Practice some of the below ways of inculcating the subconscious into your daily life, habits and routine.

How To Activate Your Subconscious Mind?

To make the best use of your subconscious mind, you must know how to train it. Here are 10 effective ways to do this:

1. Meditation

Your daily exercise routine should include meditation techniques. Find a peaceful place, sit in a comfortable posture and close your eyes. Empty your mind of all thoughts, while you practice breathing in and out for a few minutes. A mind-blowing breathing and meditation practice is the yogic pranayama. Try it!


2. Visualisation

You should also spend a part of your day practising visualisation. Start doing it by using a few of your senses initially, like noting sound and smell. Then go on to colours, textures, tastes, touch, etc. You can also use a vision board to gather all your thoughts for more clarity on your life vision.

3. Affirmation

A common sight on a sports field is players gathering together in a circle before they are about to achieve something. What do you think they are doing? They practice affirmation by motivating and encouraging each other with talk and team spirit. We also should follow this in our lives every day. Engage in positive self-talk towards your goals and happiness. Do this as many times a day as you can. Don’t have time? Then do it while taking a shower, making a meal, etc. Do it with a lot of feelings. Otherwise, it will not work. Surround yourself with people who think positively.


4. Repeat for Results

Just like you repeat exercises till they give the desired results, you can exercise your mental muscles repeatedly to reach your life goals. There are some pre-requisites to this: You need to be clear about what you want, identify the obstacles, search for possible reasons and so on. You can achieve this by creating a communication system with your mind.

According to EEG research, in the 15-minute space when you are awake and asleep, the brain waves are slower. At this time, there are around 7-14 electrical waves each second called alpha waves. This is when the subconscious mind is highly receptive to messages. So, communicate with your subconscious mind at this time of the day.

5. Music

Use the melody of soothing music to empower your subconscious. Alpha music can help our brain achieve the alpha state. This state helps control our subconscious effectively. It makes us more receptive, awake and alert. Spiritual gurus use it all the time. Find out what kind of music suits you best and immerse yourself in it!


6. Sleep on It

A simple and easy way to get to the bottom of your subconscious is to sleep on it. This is especially effective if you have a problem that you are unable to find a solution to easily. Just let it be and sleep over it. Let the subconscious take over and find the right solutions and decisions. You can easily ask your children to do this as well.

7. Indulge in Art

This is one of the most effective ways to unleash the power of your subconscious. Painting, sketching, drawing, singing, and dancing are some ways to control your subconscious mind. You don’t need to be an expert at it; all you need to do is enjoy it. This helps to open up your subconscious for greater benefits to your body, mind, and soul.

Indulge in Art

8. Combat Resistance

Keep questioning yourself. Why do you feel uncomfortable to do something? How can you overcome it? Keep asking these questions repeatedly. Once you identify them, it will be much easier to deal with resistance.

9. Plan Your Life Goals

Create a plan for your life for a period of time: maybe a quarter, a year, five years or a decade, whatever suits you best. Be realistic about the plan so that it is something you can safely keep and implement over time. While you create the plan, focus on your life principles, values and motivation factors. Create short term and long-term goals. This will keep your subconscious working at the backend for the most ideal plan for your situation, lifestyle and realities.

Plan Your Life Goals

10. Be Thankful

Have gratitude for your family and the things you own. This allows you to appreciate whatever life has given you. After you start tuning your subconscious to believe that what is you have is good for now, and people are doing their best for you, you don’t need more and more, you actually move towards attaining greater positivity.

Now, that you have an idea about how to control your subconscious mind, there’s nothing to stop you. Try these techniques to activate your subconscious mind, and accomplish your goals and achieve success in life. Don’t worry, there are no adverse effects.

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