The Power of Silence & Benefits of Practicing It

10 Ways Leaders Use Silence to Enhance Their Power and How You Can Too!

Our minds are engulfed with numerous thoughts right from the time we get up in the morning to the time we go back to sleep at night. In this noisy world where most of us have internal noises to fight too, it is so important to embrace silence. You might have noticed that a moment of silence helps you calm your mind, visualise things better, and lends your mind immense benefits. No wonder silence is practised by great leaders to enhance their power, and if you wish to know how you can achieve the same benefits, we suggest reading the post below for a thorough insight into this topic.

The Hidden Benefits of Silence

In ancient times, our world had no chaos of human-made sounds, and silence prevailed everywhere. When we practise silence; we benefit greatly from it. Let us learn some of the benefits of practising silence.

1. Better Conversations

When you remain silent, you let the other person talk, which means you care to listen and when you do so, people feel comfortable talking to you. Thus, conversations become deeper and better.

2. Better Response

Seldom do we realise the effects of our response to a situation on the other person. If you practice silence, you may be able to focus and think better before you utter your response. When there is a gap between feelings and response, you may not only be deliberate with your words, but it may also deliver wiser, and meaningful words.

3. Mindfulness And Self-compassion

A woman sitting in silence

Silence is not only effective and beneficial while dealing with others, but it is great for your overall well-being too. Silence triggers mindfulness, which means you visualise your feelings and emotions with a better perspective, and it also involves self-compassion, which means handling various situations with sympathy, kindness and understanding.

4. Beneficial For Physical Health

Silence is great for lowering blood pressure levels and reducing stress by regulating adrenaline and cortisol levels. It is also effective in improving brain chemistry by growing new cells and helps in improving the immunity of the body.

5. Improved Creativity

Silence is a great way of improving creativity. This is because when you practise this virtue, the healing power of silence helps you integrate your thoughts and thus spin them into meaningful avenues.

How to Embrace The Power of Silence

Silence may not come naturally to us, especially when there are so many external distractions. However, if you make a conscious and deliberate effort, you can create peace and silence within yourself. Let’s see how we can embrace the power of silence.

1. Meditation

One of the easiest and most effective ways of embracing silence is by practising meditation. The best time to practice meditation, especially for beginners is in the morning. However, if you are a pro, sneaking a few minutes out of your busy life for some soulful experience is worth the effort.

2. Listen More, Talk Less

Most of indulge in conversations not to listen but to speak. When our minds are filled with numerous thoughts and emotions, it can be difficult to practise silence. However, if you become a good listener, you may not only be indulging in more meaningful conversations, but you may also reap the benefits of being on the reclusive side, which may help you stay calm and gain some meaningful insights.

3. Reduce The Noise Around

Whenever you are alone, try and minimise the noise that surrounds you, once in a while. It may not only help you feel relaxed and centred but will also enhance your potential and productivity. So next time you are alone in your car, house or workplace for some time, try muting the noises around and see how peaceful and calm you would feel.

4. Begin Your Day With Silence

Instead of succumbing to the urge of picking up your phone, switching on the television for the latest news or reading the newspaper with your morning cup of tea or coffee, you should simply sit relaxed and silent. Soak in the morning peace and tranquillity and see how it transforms you, making you feel energetic for the rest of the day.

5. Praying

Whenever you visit a temple, mosque or church, notice the kind of positivity and tranquillity that prevails inside. Well, the places of worship are amongst the best places where you can embrace the power of silence. You can also pray, sitting in the comfort of your house. Praying to that divine existence is a great way of bringing silence and calmness in your life.

A woman praying

6. Take A Solo Trip

If you think a trip all by yourself would be boring, wait until you embark on one. You may realise how important it is to be all by yourself and soak in your silence and peace of your soul. Being alone certainly does not mean being lonely. Instead, it is a great way to connect with your inner self and feel the calmness and silence of your soul.

7. Break From Social Media

Most of us are big social media fans, and we keep checking our phones every few minutes to be apprised with what is happening with the people we know (or don’t know). But have you ever realised the impact of social media on the silence of our minds? Well, one of the most effective ways of practising silence is by taking an occasional break from social media, for feeling the silence of your mind.

8. Find A Quiet Corner

Whenever your mind is surrounded by external or internal turmoil, you should take refuge in silence, and for that, you can assign a designated place in your house. You need not name it or tell everyone about your silent place, but whenever you feel the need, you should slip into this place for some silent-time. It can be any place in your house, for example, your study, your prayer room, a corner in your garden, etc.

9. Go Hiking

Arrange a hiking trip, either solo or with a friend. The idea is to seize the opportunity to feel the vastness and openness of nature, which in turn, may help you get in sync with your internal silence.

10. Practise Yoga

Just like meditation, yoga is very effective in helping you experience the true power of silence. When you practice yoga, you let go off fluctuations and doubts from your mind, which in turn may help you gain better knowledge and perspective about yourself.

Silence can prove to be of great benefit and importance if we learn to use it wisely. We hope that this article helps you understand the value of this virtue. Therefore, make use of silence, because it truly has the power to improve your life.

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