10 Tips on How to Calm Your Mind from Stress & Anxiety

10 Proven Tricks to Calm Your Mind Instantly

As our lives get busier and more productive, our body and mind begin to experience stress. Stress surfaces in the form of diseases, illness, unhealthy eating, and much more. In fact, we all know that stress is bad for us but most of us don’t do anything about it. But today, we’ll walk you through a series of tips and tricks to calm your mind from anxiety.

10 Ways to Make Your Mind Calm and Peaceful

Here are 10 ways you can train yourself to calm your mind from stress and anxiety. Whether you’re having a panic attack or need a simple pick-me-up routine for the busy hours of the day, these will help.

1. Do Nothing

Do nothing is basically meditating. Start small by blocking up just 5 minutes a day for meditating or simply doing nothing. It’s worth it. If you don’t know how to do nothing, here’s an exercise – go out to a secluded spot and watch how people move about without talking to them. There are also mindfulness apps out there in the Google Play Store that provide guided meditation sessions. Check them out if you want extra help.

Do Nothing

2. Practice Gratitude

Shifting your energies in a positive direction starts with gratitude. Make a list of five good things that happened to you at the end of every day or before going to bed. Reflect on that and enjoy the feeling you experience. Smile in front of the mirror after waking up and going to bed too. The act of smiling reinforces how you feel about yourself and the days.

Practice Gratitude

3. Make Positivity a Habit

Just like negative behaviours set in with negative routines, you can practice calming your mind by setting up positive routines. Block out time for fun and relaxation in your routine to make the most out of this. You don’t want to just work, work, and work. Make time to go shopping, hang out with friends, draw, meditate, and do the things you like. And make it a regular routine because that’s what rejuvenates you.


4. Exercise Everyday

Exercising every day will help you release those endorphins or feel-good hormones. They are what make you feel alive and give you energy. Plus, besides having benefits for the mind, exercise keeps you in great shape too. Just 10 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) or cardio a day is a good start for reaping those benefits. If you don’t feel like doing intense exercises, you can try signing up for Qi Gong and Yoga classes. These feature moving meditations and are very therapeutic in their own ways too.

Exercise Everyday

5. Don’t Take Your Thoughts Personally

Thoughts are like clouds that hover over your mind. You can take them personally or choose not to. If you feel too distracted, you can label the thoughts you are feeling with emotion. For example, some labels would be judging, worrying, or criticizing. Label and leave them at that. This helps you to not get sucked into the contents of the thoughts and allow them to simply pass.

Don't Take Your Thoughts Personally

6. Eat Healthily

What you eat will influence how you feel. If you’re eating junk and processed foods, you’re going to feel sick sooner or later. The best way to start remedying that is by eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Go for organic grass-fed meats and lean meats and don’t forget to take fish for the Omega-3s.

7. Draw and Doodle

There are various mindfulness or art therapy exercises out there for calming the mind. One such exercise is drawing zectangles. Even patterns like Mandala will help you. Whatever it is, try drawing and doodling. And you don’t have to be the best artist either. Just draw to melt the stress away into the paper. Who knows? As you improve your skills, you might have something more to look forward to – like showing off your art to your friends and family.

Draw and Doodle

8. Begin Journaling

Journal your thoughts and emotions on paper. Even if you’ve had a boring day and nothing interesting, write it down. The simple act of writing down will have a therapeutic effect on your mind, triggering the relaxation response in your body and calm you.


9. Go for a Walk

Nothing beats nature when it comes to providing you with your daily dose of relaxation. Go out for a walk, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and simply let go. Pay attention to your surroundings and make a mental note of the sights you observe. You’d be surprised how it takes things off your mind and doesn’t cost anything at all.

10. Make New Friends

Having negative people around you means that you’re more likely to pick up on their emotions and feel the blues. Distance yourself from toxic people and try making new friends. Meet up with people who are positive and ready to face the world every day with a smile. Those are the types that uplift you, calm your mind, and are pleasant to hang around with. We can say just one thing here- it works, you make new friends who last a lifetime and your worries melt away.

Make New Friends

It doesn’t cost money or anything lavish to calm your mind in an instant. All it takes is just 5 to 10 minutes of your time a day and when you keep at it, you’ll notice the positive effects snowball and become something big. In fact, your mind and soul will thank you for it.  For starters, try out our tips and tricks above, give it a week or two and watch how your mind rewires or changes for the better. The anxiety melting away will be a huge bonus on the side.

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