10 Family Apps to Stay Organized, Manage Household Chores & Kids

10 Must-have Apps for Families

Living in this fast-paced environment we hardly have time for ourselves. If you have jam-packed schedules and you find it difficult to make time for your family, then there are some apps that can help you manage your life. Family management apps can help you achieve work-life balance. These apps can bring convenience in your life and add a bit of fun to your routines.

Reasons Why You Need Family Organiser Apps

It’s possible to state an endless number of reasons as to why family organiser apps are a great idea in today’s world. Here are the top five of them:

  • You might be spending a lot of time making to-do lists which can be taken care of with an app. An app will make your life organised. You can note everything in the app – even the time when you have to pick up your son from his music class and set an alarm. The app will remind you everything.
  • Grocery shopping will also be easier when done with an app. Items can be updated as and when they are over or are purchased on the app.
  • Apps working on the basis of incentives help parents teach their children about work and reward. It also gets them to stay engaged in the family and grow up to be responsible individuals.
  • Parents with younger children can monitor them using family locator apps to keep them safe at all times.
  • Apps can help you stay connected with all your family members at one time and organise events too.

Best Family Apps to Keep Your Life Organised

If you are looking for apps to manage your family and chores, here are the best ones out there:

1. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is one of the most highly rated apps that can help you organise your home life. It can be synced with numerous devices and can help you keep track of everyone’s schedules, to-do lists, grocery lists, etc. Although the app is meant to make life easier for busy parents, all the family members can participate and stay connected.

Key Features

  • Each family member can be assigned a specific colour.
  • If you are planning an event, you can share information on this app and delegate different tasks to the members of your family.
  • You can create multiple to-do-lists.
  • Shopping lists can be organised and updated by every family member.

Ratings: Cozi app has got a rating of 4.8 out of 5.

Available On: This app is available on both Google Play and App Store.

2. OurHome – Chores, Rewards, Groceries, and Calendar

This app can help you tackle your household chores in a smart way by making it fun. It can help you manage your chores by turning it into a game with rewards. Everybody is motivated by incentives that come with bigger responsibilities. The app aims at instilling responsibility in kids from a young age.

Key Features

  • Creates tasks for family members.
  • Assigns value points to different tasks.
  • Make schedules and assign tasks with a calendar.
  • It makes shopping easier.

Ratings: This app has got a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Available On: The app is available on Google Play and App Store.

3. ChoreMonster

It’s a fun app for children, which is designed to encourage them to complete chores on time. They can earn points for chores which can be exchanged for real-life rewards. Although there is no calendar function, children are motivated to work alongside parents to complete their chores.

Key Features

  • Parents and children are able to see different screens as per their profiles.
  • Parents get to choose what the prize can be.
  • Parents can get stats of the weekly chore.

Ratings: ChoreMonster has got a rating of 2.3 out of 5

Available On: It can be downloaded on both Google Play and App Store.

A girl doing laundry

4. Chore Pad HD

Chore Pad HD is a highly recommended app for iOS users and features a chore-chart tool that includes everything you can imagine. It is easy to operate and can motivate your kids to help you with the chores, which will help them to grow up to be responsible adults.

Key Features

  • This app has got a 5-star certification and has EAS recommended status.
  • The system has rewards for chores done well.
  • Parent mode is used for configuration, password, synching, chores, and rewards.

Ratings: Chore Pad HD has got a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Available On: It is only available on App Store.

5. FamiSafe

FamiSafe is one of the most reliable family tracker apps. A host of features allow parents to keep track of their child’s locations, set screen time limits, or block apps, etc. It also gives parents complete information about all the places children visited throughout the day, and the time spent by them using mobiles.

Key Features

  • Allows live location tracking and Geo-fencing.
  • App blocking feature prevents overuse of apps.
  • Parental control settings allow parents to block certain websites and links.
  • Screen time and activity can be controlled.

Ratings: FamiSafe has got a rating of 3.6 out of 5.

Available On: This app is available on both the App Store and Google Play.

6. LaLa Breakfast

LaLa Breakfast is a meal planning app for children. With this app, they can decide and select what food items go into their meals. It makes it fun by using monsters, sounds, and colours with a food library that is completely customizable. What the children choose becomes the grocery list.

Key Features

  • Allows children to participate in meal planning.
  • Syncs with all iOS devices in one click.
  • Helps you buy what is needed.
  • Saves time and money.

Ratings : LaLa Breakfast has a rating of 4.2 out of 5.

Available On : It is available on the App Store.

7. Limitly Screen Time Control

This application is designed to limit the use of a device by children. It can control the applications children have access to and monitor time spent on others. The goal of this application is to ensure children do not waste too much time on smartphones and other electronic devices.

Key Features

  • It helps set daily apps usage limits.
  • Set block hours during the day to avoid distractions
  • It can help you pause the devices on command instantly.
  • Get usage statistics and their activity on the device

Ratings : Limitly Screen Time Control has got a rating of 4 out of 5.

Available on: This app is available on Google Play.

A little girl using a smartphone

8. Flayk

Flayk hosts a range of features that is useful for family management such event planners, to-do list, calendar, and lets you manage multiple families and groups.

Key Features

  • Lets add and edit events with family members.
  • Manage multiple families.
  • It can help customise profiles of members.

Ratings: Flayk has got a rating of3.5 out of 5.

Available On: It’s available on Google Play and App Store.

9. Mothershp

Mothershp makes everything better by bringing other apps with similar functions to one platform. It helps turn an otherwise boring routine into a fun game.

Key Features

  • It has motivation-based tasks with a reward system.
  • Parents can assign tasks and set rewards.
  • Parents can assess the quality of work for apt rewards.

Ratings: Mothershp has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.

Available On: It is available on Google Play and App Store.

10. Any.do

Any.do is a wonderful app for people who have busy schedules. This app allows them to create to-do lists and schedule events.

Key Features

  • Lets users organise tasks for upcoming weeks or months in advance.
  • Allows importing to-do lists directly from computer or mailbox.
  • Lets share events with family and friends.

Ratings: Any.do has a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

Available On: This app is available for download on both Google Play and AppStore.

Technology has made our lives simpler. With these apps, you can manage your to-do-lists’, share the same and other information with your family members and stay connected with the. These apps come as a blessing if you are on tight schedules. You can even monitor your children and ensure their safety. Try these apps, you will realise that they can be of great help to you.

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