10 Reasons Why You Should Not Wear a Bra at Night

10 Important Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wear a Bra to Bed

Most women can’t wait until the end of the day to remove their bras. It is a relief to get rid of those tight straps and under-wires. But some women believe that wearing a bra to bed can help prevent sagging of breasts. However, doctors claim that breast sagging is inevitable with age as the connective tissue which supports the breasts may lose its elasticity in due course of time. Other factors like genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, dramatic weight gain or loss are likely to have more effect on sagging of breasts than keeping a bra on when sleeping. On the contrary, wearing a bra to bed can have adverse health effects.

Why Should You Not Wear A Bra While Sleeping?

Most women may want to know if wearing a bra at night is good or bad. There is some confusion regarding the practice of wearing a bra at night. While some women may wince at the mere thought of it, others believe that the extra support can avert sagging breasts. But wearing a bra at night hardly impacts sagging breasts. Thus, the aim of providing support to the breasts by wearing a bra becomes redundant, because the breasts naturally push back down against the chest. Although it is a woman’s personal choice, a bra which is neither tight nor stiff may be comfortable for bedtime, and ideal from a health perspective. Some of the reasons why you may not prefer wearing a bra while sleeping can include the following points:

1. Restricts Circulation

Wearing a bra when sleeping can hinder the free circulation of blood, particularly, if one is wearing a fitted bra with a tight elastic underwire. It may be better to choose a sports bra which is comfier in comparison.

2. Pigmentation

Regularly wearing a bra to bed can produce pigmentation or skin irritation in the area where the bra’s elastic band or wire is in contact with the soft skin. The skin may feel scratchy and sore as the underwire can dig into the tender skin. It may also become discoloured or develop marks and spots. Therefore it may bear well to wear a loose, soft bra while sleeping.

3. Troubled Sleep

Comfort assists in promoting sound sleep. Putting on a tight bra when sleeping at night can arouse discomfort, which in turn may affect the quality of sleep. One may feel irritated or restless on account of being uncomfortable. Not getting good sleep can poorly affect overall health.

4. Oedema

Wearing a tight bra on a regular basis can trigger a condition which is characterised by the surplus accumulation of fluid in the cavities and the tissues of the body. This condition is called ‘oedema’, and it can prompt unnecessary health complications.

5. Breast Cancer

There is no concrete evidence to prove whether sleeping in a bra can cause breast cancer. But a wrong type or size can be detrimental for the health. Along with aching straps and painful wires, sleeping in a bra at night can increase the possibility of breast cancer.

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6. Lymphatic Blockage

Wearing a bra to bed can harmfully affect the lymphatic system. The garment can confine the lymph nodes present in the breast and underarm area which filter and drain the toxic waste out of the body and are our body’s defence against foreign objects and infections. Improper lymph drainage can negatively impact the normal functioning of kidneys, liver and other organs of the body.

7. Excessive Sweating

Sporting a bra habitually while sleeping, particularly in summer, can generate excessive sweating. Fancy bras made of synthetic things like polyester can especially activate extreme sweating.

8. Development of Lumps

Wearing a bra consistently at nighttime can initiate the growth of lumps and cysts in the breasts. The bra confinement can become a reason for chronic skin inflammation and unsuitable drainage resulting in the advancement of benign lumps.

9. Breast Fungus

Having a bra on while sleeping can create a conducive, warm and moist setting for fungi to breed and multiply. In case the bra is ill-fitting, the conditions become more favourable for the growth of breast fungus.

10. Affects Breast Physiology

Donning a bra 24/7 may not provide the skin with an opportunity to recover and repair itself from any possible damage. Constrictive bras lead to lasting indents in the skin tissues, thus damagingly influencing the breast physiology.


Some frequently asked questions about wearing a bra at night are:

1. Can I Wear a Bra at Night During Pregnancy?

If you desire to wear a bra at night during pregnancy you can do so. It may be better to go in for a maternity bra which can give you the extra support and also hold the nursing pads in proper place to catch any dripping milk while being snuggly and unrestrictive.

2. Does Wearing a Bra at Night Affect Your Breast Size?

In spite of popular belief, it is a myth that wearing a bra at night can affect the breast size. It may also not stop sagging, but can be a source of a lot of discomfort and skin distress.

Most women may recoil at the uncomfortable suggestion of sleeping at night in a bra, while many women may choose to sleep with their bras on. However, sleeping with bras may not be a good thing. It can result in many health problems. Nevertheless, if you are sensible in picking a comfortable, non-underwire, lightweight bra, it should not pose an issue. A camisole-style night suit with an in-built bra is a good option to get a good night’s sleep.

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