10 Best Hobbies for Men in Their 20's & 30's

10 Hobbies Men Can Take Up in Their 30s and 40s

No matter how busy you are in your life, indulging a hobby is always a good idea. Hobbies give a creative outlet for all the pent-up energy inside you while sharpening your skills. Any activity that helps you learn new things and limits your screen time binge-watching TV shows, especially after your 30s is worth pursuing. Therefore if you’re looking for a new hobby to try, here are some great ones to choose from.

Fun and Interesting Hobbies for Men

Here are some interesting hobby ideas for men:

1. Gardening

Gardening is a hobby that anyone can take up; it doesn’t involve too much technicality and comes to us innately as human beings. In fact, it’s important that we learn how to grow food if we have a backyard or some space for it around the house. If growing food doesn’t hold much appeal to you, growing flowers and decorative plants is a rewarding activity. If you have a day job that keeps you in a cubicle all day, some gardening time every week is a great outlet to get some sunlight, exercise and fresh air. Gardening also one of the best hobbies for men at home that gives a deep insight into nature and transformation of things.


2. Hiking/Camping

People often feel restless and unhappy because they are disconnected from nature and the outdoors because of living in crowded cities. If you often feel cooped up at work, there’s no better way to unwind than to take a hike on weekends. No matter where you live, there’s sure to be someplace where you can go for a hike to get back in touch with nature. All you need are some decent boots, comfortable clothes and a local guide on hiking trails. If you want to take it to the next level, try camping. Nothing will put a man back in touch with his innate self like sleeping under the stars and cooking over an open fire in the outdoors. What’s more, camping or hiking is a great way to bond with your partner and children.


3. Archery

Although it’s one of the oldest hunting methods, modern day archery is quite sophisticated. It is also relatively inexpensive as you don’t need to own expensive equipment to practice this sport. All you need is an archery range, and you can get started. This hobby allows you to connect with the oldest form of hunting weapon used by men throughout the evolution of civilisation. Going back to this old sport which relies entirely on the strength of your upper body can bring great satisfaction. Its steady, focused activity can train the mind to settle and dwell in stillness.


4. Martial Arts

No matter how old you get, it’s never too late to learn martial arts. It will make you strong enough to defend your partner if the situation demands. Learning a martial art involves disciplining both the mind and body. Your skills in physical combat will give you a sense of confidence which will spill over into other areas of your life. It will greatly increase your health, build focus and discipline and give an outlet to the warrior inside you. There are many different martial arts you can choose from. If you seek something of high intensity try Taekwondo, Muay Thai or boxing. Take up Tai-Chi for a more relaxed form.


5. Fishing

Fishing is one of the most iconic male hobbies there is. It’s a great way for fathers and sons to spend some quality time together. If you live near a large water body where fishing is allowed, it’s definitely a hobby worth picking up. Fishing brings not only the pleasure of catching fish but also food. The hobby isn’t too expensive, to begin with; you’ll need a good fishing rod and a set of baits. The hobby also requires a great deal of discipline and plenty of patience. To get good at it, you will need to start with learning about fishing rods, the line, baits, and hooks and how the fish behave.


6. Travelling

Travelling is the greatest way to learn about other cultures and try out new things and meet people from all walks of life. Taking solo bike trips with your friends once in a while is one of the best experiences you have in your lifetime. Travelling and road trips with your family is another way to make wonderful memories.


7. Photography

Modern technology has made photography a widely popular hobby. Photography can be done both in the traditional form with a DSLR or you can use your smartphone with its awesome camera to take some stunning images. If you’re serious about photography, it’s worth investing in a good camera and set of lenses that can open up the world to you in a whole new light. The coolest aspect of photography is that it can be combined with almost every other hobby or activity. If you love hiking, you can always take your camera with you and take great shots of landscapes or take it with you on travels and take pictures of every place you visit and its way of life.


8. Amateur Astronomy

Amateur astronomy visually opens up the final frontier to you; space. If you are interested in learning about stars, planets, what lies beyond, and how it all works, there’s no better way to do it than to take up this hobby. It takes time and practice however to learn to identify the constellations and the positions of stars in the sky. Once in possession of a medium-sized telescope, the true depth of the hobby becomes apparent. There are endless things to view in the night sky, the craters on the moon, the features on the planets and as you advance- thousands of deep space objects, asteroids and comets. Amateur astronomy can help you take your photography interests to the next level through Astrophotography. Photographing celestial objects is a whole other challenge that not many can take up.

Amateur Astronomy

9. Modelmaking

Building miniature replicas of aeroplanes, ships and cars is a hobby not only enjoyed by young boys but also by a lot of fathers. In fact, building accurate replicas takes years of experience and is a hobby dominated by men. Modelmaking teaches you the challenges of putting together thousands of pieces of the model by following instructions. You would need a keen eye for detail and sharp logical skills. In the end, you have a display item that looks fabulous in your office. For a greater challenge, try taking up something like ‘Aero Modelling’ where you will need to build flying models out of scratch and learn all about the physics of aeroplanes to fly them.


10. Woodworking

Woodworking and carpentry is a classic hobby that is highly appreciated by everyone. Men who can turn a lump of wood into something beautiful are admired by all. Carpentry skills also mean you can build your own furniture in the house or fix one on your own without any help.


A hobby is an excellent way to give your creative talent an outlet. However, remember that starting is the easy part. Sustaining it is harder, and mastery takes years. Any hobby that appeals to you is worth investing your time and money on if it builds your skill and provides a sense of satisfaction.

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