10 Poisonous Foods That Dogs Should Never Eat

10 Foods That Are As Harmful As Poison for Dogs

Dogs are known to be a man’s best friend for a reason. So many people across the world have opened their hearts and homes to share them with these sweet and loyal creatures who wriggle their way into our hearts. All dog owners know that your dog would like nothing more than to sample the food that you eat because eating is their favourite thing to do. As pet owners who love our dogs, we are all guilty of slipping our beloved pooches a treat or two from the dinner table, but as a responsible pet owner, it is important to know the kind of food that can be fatal to them. Unfortunately, all the goodness that comes in the forms of spices and sweets as well as a few other things, are all extremely dangerous food for dogs.

10 Human Foods That Are Toxic for Your Dog

If you are curious about the kind of foods that are bad for your dog, here is a list of must-avoid food for dogs:

1. Raw Fish

While cooked fish is safe for dogs, raw fish like salmon and trout risk being infected with a parasite called nanophyetus salmincola, which in turn may carry bacteria that is lethal for your dog. Symptoms will appear within six days.

2. Onions And Garlic

 Anything in the allium family is dangerous to dogs. Others like leeks, shallots and chives are also dangerous. Your dog’s red blood cells will be affected by a condition called haemolytic anaemia, which is a condition where RBCs get destroyed.

onion and garlic

3. Salt

Salt causes something in dogs known as sodium ion poisoning. Regular consumption of it may lead your dog to get anything ranging from seizures, diarrhoea, and high body temperature and bloating.

4. Baby Food

 Baby food often contains small amounts of garlic and onion powder, both of which are fatal to dogs. It also does not contain the needed nutrients for a dog since babies and dogs have different needs.

baby food

5. Cat Food

Cats are built to take in more protein for their body mass as compared to a dog. Your dog may not be able to ingest it well if consumed regularly.

6. Sugary Food

Dogs can get a sugar high, thereby becoming unfocused and hyperactive. Eventually, they will fall into a moody, sleepy and irate sugar slump. This can damage the liver and cause diabetes.

sugary food

7. Chocolate

Dark chocolate especially contains theobromine, making it a hazardous food for dogs. They cannot metabolise theobromine as fast as we can, which leads to the toxins building up in the body. They may become very thirsty, vomit and even have a disrupted heart rate.

 8. Alcohol

It can have either a moderate or a severe effect on your dog’s nervous system. There are risks of disrupting coordination and may lead to a coma. Any alcohol poisoning could lead to death.


9. Avocados

They contain a chemical called Persin which is highly lethal to dogs. The pits of avocados can also prose as a choking hazard.

10.  Grapes and Raisins

 May lead to kidney failure and cause your dog to become hyperactive at first and then lethargic.

grapes and raisins


If you want to know a little more, here are some questions that are often asked regarding food that is harmful to dogs.

1. What Food Makes Dogs Sick?

Dogs are built to survive on protein, fats, minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates. They will not have their proper needs met if they are given human food since it has so many ingredients that are dangerous and make dogs sick. Foods like onions, garlic, chocolate, macadamia nuts, raw fish, spicy food and others that humans eat can make your dog sick. Gummies, candies, sweets and chewing gums are all foods that people eat that are very harmful to dogs since they are so toxic that they may result in liver failure in your dog.

2. Are Eggs Good for Dogs?

Eggs are very nutritious food to give your dogs; the eggshells provide protein and calcium and are very good for them. You can add them into your dog’s diet by boiling and then crushing them once they have completely dried. Boiled eggs are the best form to give your dog an egg in. Either give it whole with the shell included after boiling, or you can cut it up and mix it into their regular food. Raw eggs, however, are not good for your dog. Giving them raw eggs means risking a case of salmonella and other problems. Avidin is a protein that occurs in raw egg whites, and that can be harmful if consumed in excess since it messes up the biotin function in the body.

When giving eggs to your dogs, remember that it is best not to give it in excess. One egg is enough for the day.

While it may be tempting to give in to their big pleading eyes, you need to stop giving them food from your plate since a lot of the ingredients we use to spice and flavour our food is quite harmful to them and if given consistently, they will, over time, develop serious health issues that can be fatal. It may be hard, but resist the urge for the benefit of your dog. Feeding them the right food instead of food bad for dogs’ health is a great way to make sure they are with us for longer.

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