10 Bathroom Plants to Keep Your Space Bright and Cheery

10 Plants for Your Bathroom

Many people prefer keeping indoor air-purifying plants in their house as these plants improve the air quality and also spruce up the look of a house. You might have also placed a pot or two in your living room and kitchen, but what about the bathrooms in your home? Bathrooms too deserve to be decorated with lush green plants. Although not all indoor plants can thrive in bathrooms, some houseplants that prefer the moisture and cosy confines of the bathroom can surely do.

Depending upon the size of the bathroom, you can decide whether you want to keep plants in small pots or large ones. If you are more adventurous, then you can try the hanging variety. You may have to experiment a bit to understand the perfect conditions for a particular plant. You may find yourself moving your pot around a bit with the changing seasons. But with time and patience, you will learn the tricks of the trade.

10 Air-purifying Plants That will Keep Your Bathroom Fresh

Indoor plants don’t just look appealing, they purify the surrounding air, keep pollutants away and eliminate unpleasant odours. They remove formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene toxins from the atmosphere. They also ease stress and can make you feel relaxed and rejuvenated, which is why you must keep plants in your bathroom. Here is a list of air-purifying plants that you can keep in your bathroom.

1. Orchids

Orchid in the bathroom

Orchids make as ideal bathroom plants as they absorb moisture and grow well in the damp and humid environment. They are comparatively small in size and do not take up much space. Orchids prefer indirect sunlight. You can place the orchid plant on the window-sill, sink, or on the bathtub where it won’t receive direct sunlight. They are ideal for small spaces that are warm and damp and have indirect light.

2. Bamboo


Lucky bamboo is the fuss-free, fast-growing plant that flourishes in low, indirect light. Pop some colourful pebbles in a pretty bowl or beaker full of water and simply place the bamboo in it. Absolutely no soil is required. Adorn the window-sill or the bathroom counter with lucky bamboo. You must change the water regularly. Since it grows very quickly, you can manage its size by cutting and shaping or by using a barrier to stunt its growth.

3. Peace Lily

Peace lily plant

The peace lily is a popular air purifying plants. This plant filters out harmful toxins from the air. It is a plant with ornate flowers that grow well in low, indirect sunlight. Peace lily plant makes as a perfect bathroom plant as it can help absorb moisture from the air. This plant welcomes the humidity of a steamy shower but must be watered or misted regularly. However, if you find that the plant is not flowering, move it to a brighter spot.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant

It is high time you spread the magic of aloe vera to your bathroom as well. The ‘plant of immortality’, as it is fondly called, requires very little attention. It thrives in low heat and damp conditions and too much direct sunlight can burn its leaves. So it’s a perfect plant for restrooms of any size. Furthermore, having an aloe vera plant comes in handy to soothe minor cuts and burns, dry skin, insect bites, etc.

5. Croton

Croton plant

The leaves of the croton plant have exquisite colours on them. It would be a treat to be greeted by them every morning. The bathroom is a good place to keep crotons as they require plenty of moisture and bright, indirect light. The croton plant should be watered regularly but don’t let water stand in the pot. As croton plants tend to grow about three feet tall and three feet wide, make sure your bathroom has ample space for letting it grow well.

6. Cast Iron Plant

Cast iron plant

The cast iron plant doesn’t mind if it is ignored. This plant is low in maintenance and is suitable for dark bathrooms. The cast iron plant will grow well even in low light and sweltering heat. This plant won’t mind if you don’t water it frequently, however, don’t ignore it. Water it regularly but ensure that the soil dries out completely first.

7. ZZ Plant

The zz plant

The ZZ or Zee Zee plant can live for eternity and is also known as the eternity plant. It has shiny, green oval-shaped leaves that grow on long shoots and extends to almost two feet in height. Neither direct sunlight nor too much shade works for the ZZ plant. It grows well on window-sills enjoying indirect sunlight. Let the top soil dry out before every watering. In case you forget to water it for a long time, then just water it well and witness it revive itself in no time.

8. Ferns

Fern plant

Ferns like Boston fern, Asparagus fern and Staghorn fern are popular choices among bathroom plants because they are easy to care for. They flourish on window-sills that receive indirect sunlight. The humidity in the bathroom helps keep the soil of ferns suitably moist and not soaking wet. Water or mist your ferns accordingly. The long-stemmed fern with gorgeous frilled leaves will liven up your space and boost up your spirits.

9. Chinese Evergreen

Chinese evergreen plant

You cannot go wrong with this one. Growing the Chinese evergreen is simple and hassle-free. It has green leaves with yellow or white streaks. It loves moderate to low light and humid spaces. The Chinese evergreen is adaptive but may not be able to sustain in cold temperatures. It will thrive well in warm and humid conditions of the bathrooms.

10. Spider Plant

Spider plant

The spider plants are the best bathroom plants for feng shui felicity and good fortune. They are natural purifiers that remove carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and other toxins and fumes from the air. The spider plant loves cramped spaces and thrives in any temperature. So, whether your bathroom is bright and sunny or is dark and shaded, it is sure to sprout. Direct heat may wither the leaves though. It doesn’t require much care; just remember to water only when the top layer of the soil dries out.

The list of plants that can be kept in the bathroom doesn’t end here. Some other plants that you can consider are snake plant, Ivy, Pothos, Philodendron, Begonia, Dracaena, etc. Pick attractive pots and experiment with space. Whether it is the sill, a cosy corner, or the sink counter, your plant will simply steal the show. Bring in some green-goodness in your bathroom with these plants.

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