10 Benefits of Eating Soaked Almonds for Overall Health

10 Amazing Benefits of Soaked Almonds for Overall Health

Almonds are good for you. But not when eaten raw. We’ll talk about that in a minute but the key reason why you should eat almonds is because they supply calories, the Omega-vitamins that keep your brain and heart healthy, and they’re a good source of natural fats. Plus, they give you protein too.

If you’ve always wondered what are the benefits of almonds, we’re here to list them down for you. Keep reading and learn why almonds are a worthy snack.

Soaked Almonds Nutrition Facts

Here are some solid nutrition facts on soaked almonds. This is what you get with one tablespoon:

Nutrient Amount (In One Tablespoon)
Calories 40
Carbs 1g
Fat 3g
Protein 1g
Potassium 50mg
Calcium 2%
Iron 1%

Source: https://www.myfitnesspal.com/food/calories/raw-food-soaked-almonds-385435357

Health Benefits of Consuming Soaked Almonds


Wondering what a handful of almonds can provide with? It’s not the end-of-the-day results that matter but the long-term benefits. Don’t be surprised, because here is a list of the amazing benefits you get when you get start adding them to your diet-

1. Loaded with Nutrients

A handful of almonds packs a punch, in terms of nutrients. These nuts give you healthy fats and up to 37% of the Recommended Daily Amount (RDA). Your body won’t absorb 10 to 15% of its calories since the fat cannot be accessed by digestive enzymes. Despite this, almonds pack an impressive amount of magnesium, manganese, monosaturated fats, and protein. Vitamin E content in almonds has been shown to give you smooth and shiny hair. Besides that, the antioxidant properties of almonds are known to prevent free-radical damage and reduce the risk of development of colon cancers. Soaked almonds have benefits for pregnancy as they have folic acid which has been known to prevent birth defects.

2. Protects Your Cardiovascular Health

Almonds contain flavonoids and healthy fatty acids which are monounsaturated acids or MUFAs. These improve your cardiovascular health and complement the antioxidant content in your body. Flavonoids are known to prevent inflammation while Vitamin E and various other nutrients regulate your cholesterol levels. In fact, there’s a study that shows how almonds lower your LDL “bad” cholesterol levels and build healthier arteries, unclogging them and preventing the buildup of plaque. What does that mean? Lesser plaque equals more regulated blood pressure levels which are good for you.

3. Beats Overeating Tendencies

Almonds pack a lot of protein, fats, and fibre which are known to reduce cravings and promote satiety.   Many studies have shown that eating almonds reduces a tendency to overeat which is great for you. Less overeating and more satiety mean you lean towards a calorific deficit, thus promoting weight loss. So yes, eating soaked almonds for weight loss works. If you want to gain weight, you can also eat soaked almonds by just increasing your calorific intake.

A 2003 study by the International Journal of Obesity was conducted on women who ate almonds for six months. The study revealed astonishing results on weight loss and regulation of their BMI.

4. Improves Mood and Memory

Almonds have been shown to contain L-Carnitine and a host of other nutrients which lead to the production and growth of new brain cells. Phenylalanine, a chemical in the brain which is tied to cognitive capabilities is proven to improve memory. The Vitamin B6 in almonds is known to enhance the bioavailability of proteins to brain cells.  This stimulates neurotransmitter chemical production in your brain and improves the neuroplasticity factor. When your neuroplasticity improves, your brain is able to create new synapses, make more connections between cells, and learn new things faster. That translates to better retention, easier learning, and most important of all – a good working memory.

5. Boosts Bone Density

Eating almonds will help you meet your daily calcium intake and strengthen your bones. As we age, osteoporosis develops as our bone density decreases and our bones get brittle or weak. But with a bit of strength training and the goodness of almonds, you can reduce or eliminate that early on.

Benefits of Almonds

6. Develop Probiotic Bacteria

Almonds promote the development and growth of gut-healthy probiotic bacteria. Without these, your digestive system would be a wreck and you would face a lot of health issues. Probiotic bacteria in your gut is also responsible for beating nutritional deficiencies and making sure that the nutrients get absorbed and utilized by your physiology efficiently whenever you eat a wide variety of foods. One of the advantages of eating soaked almonds in the morning is that it improves your gut functions.

7. Balances Your pH Levels

Acidic bodies serve as breeding grounds for cancer-causing carcinogens, illnesses, and various diseases. Almonds are known to alkalize your body and give you a nice detox with its host of nutrients. This translates to a healthier and optimally functioning digestive tract and a stronger immune system.

8. Improves Blood Sugar Regulation

Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome are two medical conditions occurring throughout the world. Since almonds are low in carbs, they regulate blood sugar for diabetics. Plus, insulin function improves and the nuts supply the body with a key nutrient ‘magnesium’ which is responsible for over 300 bodily functions. If that’s not enough, you’d be surprised to know that most people around the world are deficient in magnesium or don’t require the minimum intake. But with a handful of almonds every day, you’ll be all set.

9. Lowers Incidence of Stroke and Blood Pressure

Magnesium, a mineral found in almonds, when deficient in the human body, may lead to high blood pressure cases. And high blood pressure is one of the top reasons of stroke, heart attacks, and cardiac arrests. Thankfully, the answer to this problem is eating a handful of almonds daily.

10. Good Source of Riboflavin

Your body needs riboflavin to produce energy and transport it to various organs. Vitamin B2 is known for preventing migraines, improving cognition, and lowering depression. Besides that, this nutrient maintains your eye health and leads to increased haemoglobin production in the body. This prevents anaemia and beats that fatigue or dizziness people experience.

Why Is It Better to Soak Almonds in Water Before Eating?

Almond peel has a compound called tannin which is known to inhibit nutrient absorption. What this means is that when you eat almonds raw, without soaking them, the nutrients don’t enter your bloodstream or don’t get used by your body efficiently. However, when you soak almonds and eat them without the peel, they get absorbed well.

How to Soak Almonds in Water?

Soaking almonds in water isn’t that difficult. Here is how you do it:

  • Get a large bowl.
  • Add two cups of water for one cup of almonds.
  • Make sure the water covers the almonds fully.
  • Let the bowl sit on the kitchen countertop for overnight or roughly 6 to 12 hours.
  • Drain out the water and rinse.
  • You can eat the almonds as they are, with their peels after soaking or de-skin and eat just the nuts
  • If you’re planning to refrigerate, make sure to store it in an airtight food-grade container.


Here are some frequently asked questions about soaked almonds and how to go about consuming them.

1. How Long Should I Soak Almonds in Water?

The soaking time depends on when you want to eat it. If you’re planning to eat it in the morning, then it’s a good idea to soak it overnight. The minimum soaking time for almonds,  in general, is 12 hours prior to consuming them.

2. Are Soaked Almonds Better Than the Raw Ones?

Soaked almonds are better than raw ones because the peels come off easily and the tannin doesn’t get in the way of nutrient absorption. They are also easier to digest and don’t add any weight to your body.

3. How Many Soaked Almonds Should I Eat Daily?

How many soaked almonds you should eat in a day will depend on your appetite, your calorie requirements, activity levels, and overall diet or lifestyle. However, for optimal results, just enjoying a handful or a tablespoon of these is enough to give you the benefits. If you want a specific number, eat at least 8 to 10 soaked almonds every day.

Almonds are good for your skin, hair, weight, and health. What more evidence do you need to start eating them? And the good news is that you don’t just have to eat them raw after soaking. You can make your own nut butter and non-dairy cheese using these nuts. Or maybe swap out cow’s milk for almond milk for that cup of lactose-free coffee. The options are endless but one thing’s clear, they are definitely worth the eat.

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