13 Women write Love Letters To Their Bodies

Love Letters to My Big Dimpled Butt, My Sausage Arms and the Nose My Daddy Gave Me

What started out as a personal experiment turned into an influx of letters flooding our inboxes. While we knew that every woman struggled with accepting her body (yes even the ones that workout and have no jiggle), so many can express so beautifully their love/hate relationship with it. Let’s look what these women wanted to say to their noses, arms, flab and more!

Tucking my love handles into my jeans this morning and watching the bulge disappear has become such an involuntary action, yet somehow the pleasure(read:LIE) of appearing slimmer is always there! Plucking that thick chin hair, sucking that tummy in for photos, holding the camera high up for a selfie, these things are such a big part of me and if you’re anything like me (chubby, with imbalanced hormones and sort of hairy) then they are probably ‘normal’ things you do too!

I’m not sure if it was my love for writing letters or my habit of talking to inanimate objects that birth this but I began to wonder, what if I addressed everything about me that I had trouble accepting? Would that change the way I look at my flaws? The next thing to do was Google “Love letters to my butt”. Turns out like all other great ideas these days, this one too had been done.

Nonetheless, I sent out messages to some kick-ass women I know and asked them if they would like to write letters to a body part or anything about themselves they’ve struggled to love. 2 days later, I had 13 letters, some hilarious, some touching and all of them endearing.

I’m not sure how and when my love handles brought about such purpose but I’m glad they found their purpose, apart from popping out my low waisted jeans!

Love Letters To My Big Dimpled Butt, My Sausage Arms and The Nose my Daddy Gave Me

  1. Anisha moved down to Pune after she recently found a man that’s so good to be true, she is waiting for that moment she catches him doing something NORMAL just so she can stop being so cutely wide-eyed at how perfect he is! Anisha wrote a love/hate letter to her nose and we couldn’t find her and her nose more adorable!

Anisha Letter

2. Rutuja left us little notes every now and then until she actually left us to pursue what she really loved.      Rutu wanted to tell her Corgi-like legs how she always felt about them. Look how that turned out!

Rutu Letter

3. Rebecca is a multi-talented musician and vocalist who loves God, people, her husband, pretty lights        and recently her Rasgulla-like love handles. Look what Rebecca has to say to them.

Rebecca Letter

4. Anita is a Speech therapist in England but she is also a terrific writer! When she isn’t baking, writing,     reading or working, Anita is a brown girl that speaks like a non-brown girl. Growing up, Anita tried to     squeeze her “Indian Roundness” into regular trousers. Now, in the times of Lycra and stretchier fabrics,   she flaunts it in all its glory! Read Anita’s journey of a brown girl in a white world!

Anita Letter

5. Aparna is a 20-something girl whose cheeks you’d want to pull but don’t be fooled by the cute-face, she is the sass equivalent of Beyonce! Aparna wakes up each morning and kicks her PCOS in its face ever since she was 18! So yeah, we think she is awesome!

Aparna Letter

6. Mahak loves to weave regular words together to make magical sentences. She also magically hides these thunder-thighs she addresses in her letters beautifully under flowing clothes. Like honestly, we wouldnt know there were jiggly thighs if she hadn’t told us!

Mahak Letter

7. Rashmi is a badass girl with a gift for words and emotions. She can magically transform from one-of the-guys to that friend you can talk to about anything under the sun. From intense, emo, deep and dark to hilarious, cheeky and fun, Rashmi pretty much has all your moods covered. Let’s hear about her long-lived battle of the tresses!

Rashmi Letter

8. Malvika, Man! Vegan(before it became as popular), poet, teacher, belly dancer and recently pole dancer, Malvika dreams and does everything she wants to without waiting for the right time. She is one of those likeable people, and she doesn’t even have to try! Like Mahak, Malvika also has some things she wanted to share with her thighs, read on to see what they are.

Malvika Letter

9. Nadine is a Film Maker who lives in Melbourne, Australia.She has a small business dedicated to skin, beauty and wellness. She is a multi-faceted woman with a heart that stands out in a crowd. There’s few few people as raw, real and honest as Nadine is and we think the world needs more people like her! Nadine battled something scary last year that left a scar, an emotional one and well as a physical one. Hear what she has to say to this scar below.

Nadine Letter

10 You’d think Mrunal’s height is what would stand out when you know her but it is her little acts of kindness that do instead. Mrunal is a lover of all things art, including quaint cafe’s and secret gardens. Mrunal’s love-hate relationship with her feet started as a young girl. Read her letter to know what it feels like to have big feet in a country that caters to little feet.

Mrunal Letter

11. Romita Puruswani is a little person with BIG dreams. She is miss fix-it when you need her to be and also designated driver for every night of debauchery. Basically she is the ideal friend to have. She also has the coolest eyebrows on the planet. Read about how she learnt to accept them.

Romita Letter

12. Sharon Cheung is a ray of sunshine! She is that happy, funny friend that you share loads of laughs with but also the one that will patiently listen to you. Sharon is a Chinese girl that grew up in Canada and is currently living in Sydney. She writes an honest account of how confusing it was to grow up Chinese in Canada and how she has finally embraced her identity.

Sharon Cheung Letter

13. Tianna is a galaxy-unicorn loving 16 year old trapped in a 30 year old chubby body. She is always writing stories in her head and most times she is living in one too! Read about Tianna’s relationship with her body below.

Tianna Letter

Remember ladies, sometimes you are the only one that can make you see how beautiful you really are. Sometimes you have to give yourself pep talks. Like “hello,You’re a badass, you’re doing great, Don’t be sad, love you!”. There are days you won’t feel like the sun is shining out of your bottom and that’s okay. As long as you get out from under that blanket eventually, dust the leftover pizza and cake crumbs off yourself, look at yourself in the mirror and see somebody who made it through the storm, you’re good!

So Dear, dimply-butt cheeks, stretch-marked hips, ample tummy rolls, hairy legs, uneven breasts, skinny calves, crooked teeth and patchy skin, you are unique, you are special and you make us part of the incredible women we are!

To the women who were as touched reading these honest accounts as we were and would love to continue this, send in your letters to us or tell us that you are interested in the comments below.

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