List of Must Have Toys For Baby’s First Year

List of Must Have Toys For Baby’s First Year

Your baby’s first year is full of growth, learning and fun. Toys can have a huge impact on your child’s development, both mentally and physically! Let’s have a look at the kind of toys you should consider picking at this time.

Picking up toys for your baby is more complicated than a shopping trip with no real agenda in mind. When speaking to parents about why and how they choose toys, most of them admit that their choice depends on what is available online or in the store. At the most, the age group on toy boxes is enough of an indicator for parents buying toys for their babies.

The choice is usually a mix of what’s attractive, reasonably priced and safe for children to use. But what if we told you that the toys you pick can play a role in your baby’s future skills? Would you then consider researching for the right toy?

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Introduction to the World of Toys

When it comes to choosing toys for your baby, it’s important to remember that toys are far more than just entertainment. For babies, the primary mode of learning and development is play time. Age appropriate toys which stimulate visual, motor and language development should be carefully chosen for your baby.

In the first year it is important to choose toys that help your baby build physical strength and stimulate his motor development. The most popular ones are designed to improve their sensory skills as well, by being colourful or musical.

Guidelines for Choosing Appropriate Toys

Your newborn’s vision is not very clear even though the entire visual system is formed. To stimulate and strengthen the visual system of your baby you need to focus on toys which are big in size and are black and white. Besides this, toys which are made of high contrast colours should also be given to your baby. Once your baby begins to grab things and out them in her mouth, it’s time for you to buy textured toys.

Here’s a list of great toys to invest in

  • Soft balls for improved muscle strength
  • Plush toys that make sounds for auditory development
  • Flash cards for visual development
  • Teething rings for comfort from gum pain
  • Baby safe mirrors for face recognition
  • Music or chime toys to strengthen the auditory system
  • Baby gym for development in general
  • Stuffed toys for reassurance and security
  • On-the-go-toy to keep baby occupied

Toys definitely have a very important role to play in a baby’s life. We’re sure your baby’s development is top priority for you right now, which is why it’s best to invest in some great toys to help boost development. The best part is you will get to watch your baby enjoy these toys and hit new impressive milestones. What more can a proud mommy ask for?

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