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List Of Christmas Words That Start With W

The joy of Christmas often finds itself wrapped in the warm embrace of delightful words and phrases. Especially for the little ones, learning xmas words beginning with W for preschoolers and kids can be a magical experience. As the festive season approaches, let’s enrich our kids’ vocabulary with a sprinkle of Christmas cheer. This compilation isn’t just a list; it’s a sleigh ride through the winter wonderland of words that start with ‘W’ for Christmas. Each term is a snowflake, unique and exciting, waiting to land softly in the curious minds of our children, creating a snowy blanket of new knowledge to play in.


Popular Christmas Words Beginning With W and Their Meanings

As we waltz through the festive lexicon, let’s unwrap the meanings of some popular xmas words beginning with ‘W’. These ‘W’ letter Christmas words carry the essence of the holiday season, each one holding a story waiting to be told.

1. Winter

Meaning: Winter is the coldest season of the year, often associated with Christmas for its snowy landscapes and chilly weather that brings families together around the warmth of a fire.


Example: “During the winter, we love to decorate our Christmas tree and sing carols, immersing ourselves in the holiday’s frosty charm.”

2. Wreath

Meaning: A wreath is a circular arrangement of flowers, leaves, or stems traditionally hung on doors as a sign of welcome and festive spirit during Christmas time.


Example: “A green and red wreath adorned our front door, signaling that the heart of Christmas had arrived at our home.”


3. Wonderland

Meaning: Wonderland, in the context of Christmas, refers to a magical place or situation that feels like a fairy tale, often used to describe beautifully decorated places during the holidays.


Example: “The city turned into a winter wonderland with twinkling lights and merry decorations, enchanting every passerby.”


4. Wise Men

Meaning: Wise men, also known as the Magi, are the three figures from the east who followed a star to bring gifts to the newborn Jesus, as told in the Christmas story.


Example: “Children often reenact the journey of the Wise Men in school plays, bringing gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the manger.”

5. Wassail

Meaning: Wassail is a hot, mulled punch often associated with Yuletide, drunk from a ‘wassailing bowl’ during what is historically known as ‘wassailing,’ an English Christmas drinking ritual intended to ensure a good apple harvest the following year.


Example: “Grandpa would share stories of ancient Christmas traditions while we sipped on warm wassail, feeling the echoes of olden celebrations.”

6. White Christmas

Meaning: A white Christmas simply refers to the presence of snow on Christmas Day, creating a dreamy, white blanket that covers the landscape in many regions of the world.


Example: “Every year, we hope for a white Christmas, just like the ones we used to know, filled with snow-topped trees and the sound of sleigh bells in the distance.”

7. Workshop

Meaning: A workshop, especially in festive terms, often refers to Santa Claus’s workshop, where toys are made by elves in preparation for Christmas Eve delivery.


Example: “Children’s eyes widen at the thought of Santa’s workshop, a place bustling with joy, where every toy tells a story of wonder.”

8. Wrapping

Meaning: Wrapping is the act of covering a gift in decorative paper, often seen as an art form during the holiday season to conceal and beautify Christmas presents.


Example: “The night before Christmas, our living room turns into a wrapping station, with ribbons and paper strewn about, adding to the excitement of gift-giving.”

9. Wintertide

Meaning: Wintertide is a poetic term for the winter season, embodying the entire period of cold weather, and is often used in literature to evoke the deep, serene feelings associated with winter.

Example: “As wintertide approaches, we gather our warmest blankets, ready to bask in the cozy nights by the fireplace.”

10. Wassailing

Meaning: Wassailing refers to the tradition of singing carols door-to-door during Christmas, a practice that dates back to pre-Christian fertility rites.


Example: “Our choir spent the evening wassailing in the neighborhood, spreading cheer and the spirit of Christmas through song.”

11. Whimsy

Meaning: Whimsy represents the playful and quaint aspects of Christmas that inspire delight and lighthearted fun, often found in unique decorations or festive traditions.


Example: “The Christmas fair was full of whimsy, with quirky stalls selling everything from handcrafted elves to gingerbread castles.”

12. White Elephant

Meaning: A white elephant is a type of gift exchange where humorous and impractical gifts are given, aiming to entertain rather than gain value, common at Christmas parties.


Example: “At the office Christmas party, the white elephant gift exchange was the highlight, with everyone roaring with laughter over the bizarre presents.”

13. Wintry

Meaning: Wintry describes something characteristic of winter, particularly its cold weather and icy conditions, often used to describe the Christmas atmosphere in many parts of the world.

Example: “The wintry scene outside our window was the perfect backdrop for an evening spent baking cookies and wrapping gifts.”

14. Warmth

Meaning: Warmth during Christmas doesn’t just refer to the physical coziness provided by a fire or blanket but also to the affection and geniality shared among people.


Example: “Nothing compares to the warmth of family reunions during Christmas, where hugs are shared, and love is reaffirmed.”

15. Wish List

Meaning: A wish list is a compilation of items or experiences someone desires, often made by children before Christmas in the hopes that Santa Claus might grant their wishes.


Example: “The children carefully penned their wish list to Santa, their faces alight with the hope of Christmas morning surprises.”

16. Wassailer

Meaning: A wassailer is one who participates in wassailing, engaging in the merriment of singing and toasting to the health of others during the Christmas season.


Example: “Every wassailer took a sip of the spiced cider, their voices raised in joyous caroling that warmed the chilly evening air.”

17. Welcome

Meaning: Welcome is a greeting extended during Christmas time, expressing happiness at the arrival of guests or the beginning of the festive season.


Example: “A hearty welcome was offered to all who crossed the threshold, the spirit of Christmas making every heart generous.”

18. Wonder

Meaning: Wonder encapsulates the awe and amazement, especially in children, elicited by the magical aspects of the Christmas season.

Example: “The children’s eyes sparkled with wonder as they watched the snowflakes fall, each one a whisper of Christmas magic.”

19. Worship

Meaning: Worship during Christmas refers to religious services and acts of devotion that commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ and are observed by Christians around the world.

Example: “On Christmas Eve, many families attend midnight worship, their voices united in hymns celebrating the sacred occasion.”

20. Whirligig

Meaning: A whirligig, in the context of Christmas, is a toy or ornament that spins or whirls, often used as a playful decoration to capture the festive spirit.

Example: “The market stalls were filled with colorful whirligigs, their spinning bringing to life the exuberant soul of the festive season.”

21. Wondrous

Meaning: Wondrous captures the marvelous and remarkable feelings inspired by the Christmas season, often used to describe extraordinary experiences or decorations.

Example: “The wondrous display of Christmas lights in the town square drew crowds from miles away, each sparkling bulb adding to the enchantment of the season.”

22. Wintery

Meaning: Wintery is an adjective that brings to mind the distinctive features of winter, particularly when describing scenes or weather patterns that are typical for the Christmas season.

Example: “The wintery landscape blanketed in snow was the perfect canvas for children to leave their playful marks with sleds and snowmen.”

23. Warm-hearted

Meaning: Warm-heartedness describes someone showing kindness and compassion, traits that are especially valued and encouraged during the Christmas period.

Example: “The warm-hearted gestures of neighbors during the holiday season, from sharing baked goods to helping decorate homes, truly embody the spirit of Christmas.”

24. Wishes

Meaning: Wishes are expressions of hope for happiness or fulfillment, often exchanged during Christmas time as people aspire for joy and peace in the coming year.

Example: “We exchanged Christmas wishes, each card and gift a testament to the love and goodwill we hoped to share.”

25. Wassail Bowl

Meaning: A wassail bowl is a large, often ornate bowl from which the festive beverage wassail is served, a centerpiece in ancient Christmas wassailing traditions.

Example: “At the center of the Christmas feast was a beautifully decorated wassail bowl, inviting all the guests to partake in the age-old tradition of toasting to good health.”

26. Witty

Meaning: Witty encompasses the clever and quick-humored nature of some Christmas banter and storytelling, bringing laughter and joy to festive gatherings.

Example: “Uncle John’s witty remarks during Christmas dinner had everyone chuckling, proving that a good sense of humor was one of the best gifts of all.”

27. Wrap-up

Meaning: Wrap-up in Christmas terms refers to the finalizing or bringing to a close of activities, such as wrapping presents or concluding festive celebrations.

Example: “As we wrap up the Christmas celebrations, we take a moment to reflect on the cherished memories created and the joy shared among loved ones.”

28. Wintertide Cheer

Meaning: Wintertide cheer refers to the general happiness and spirited atmosphere that is prevalent during the winter holiday season, especially at Christmas.

Example: “The sound of laughter and music filled the air, a clear sign of the winter tide cheer that Christmas brings each year.”

29. Whirlwind

Meaning: Whirlwind can describe the busy and rapid activities often associated with the lead-up to Christmas as families and communities prepare for the celebration.

Example: “The days before Christmas were a whirlwind of activity, with last-minute shopping, baking, and decorating keeping everyone on their toes.”

30. Wreath-making

Meaning: Wreath-making is the activity of crafting wreaths, which is a popular Christmas tradition, symbolizing the strength and persistence of life through the winter season.

Example: “The annual wreath-making workshop became a cherished Christmas tradition, with each creation adding a personal touch to the holiday decor.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter W

Introducing Christmas words starting with the letter ‘W’ can be a festive and fun educational journey for your child. Engage them with these merry activities designed to embed Christmas words that begin with the letter ‘W’ into their joyful holiday memories.

1. Winter Word Wall

Create a dedicated space on a wall or bulletin board at home where you and your child can together display words that start with ‘W’. As you add each new word, encourage your child to illustrate or decorate their word wall with corresponding Christmas imagery.

2. Whimsical ‘W’ Word Storytime

Craft a whimsical Christmas story together using as many ‘W’ words as possible. Take turns with your child to invent a festive tale, maybe about a ‘Wise Wizard’s Winter Wonderland,’ and see how many ‘W’ words you can weave into your storytelling.

3. ‘W’ Word Christmas Carol Charades

Turn learning into a playful game by acting out popular Christmas carols that feature words starting with ‘W’. Your child can guess the carol and identify the ‘W’ word, promoting both physical activity and learning.

4. Wonderland Word Search

Create a Christmas-themed word search puzzle with ‘W’ words for your child to find. This not only helps with word recognition but can also be a calming activity during the busy holiday season.

5. Wrap and Rhyme Game

During gift-wrapping sessions, come up with festive rhymes using ‘W’ words. For example, as you wrap a toy whistle, you could say, “We wrap and we rhyme, with a whistle so fine, waiting for winter’s Christmas time.”


In the spirit of Christmas learning and fun, here are some frequently asked questions about Christmas words with the letter ‘W’ to quench your curiosity and expand your festive lexicon.

1. What are some unique Christmas words that start with the letter ‘W’?

Unique Christmas words that begin with ‘W’ include ‘Wassailer,’ referring to a person who takes part in the festive singing of carols, and ‘Whirligig,’ which can describe a lively Christmas toy or decoration that spins.

2. How can I teach my child Christmas words starting with ‘W’?

You can teach your child Christmas words starting with ‘W’ by incorporating them into holiday-themed games, crafts, and stories that make learning fun and contextually relevant to the season.

3. Why is learning Christmas words with the letter ‘W’ important for kids?

Learning Christmas words with the letter ‘W’ helps broaden children’s vocabulary and understanding of holiday traditions, fostering a deeper connection with the season’s cultural and linguistic richness.

As the season of joy and giving unfolds, enriching your child’s vocabulary with Christmas words that start with ‘W’ can be a delightful way to enhance their holiday experience. These words carry the magic of the season and offer a fun opportunity for learning amidst the festive celebrations. Let’s make this Christmas not just about gifts and gaiety but also about growing and learning together in the warm glow of family and fun.

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