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List Of Christmas Words That Start With V

As the festive season twinkles on the horizon, our hearts brim with excitement and our homes with the chatter of preparation. For our youngest revelers, preschoolers, and kids, the joy of Christmas also ushers in an opportunity for learning and discovery. With the holiday spirit in the air, what could be more delightful than expanding vocabulary with some Xmas words beginning with V for preschoolers and kids? From the vibrant “velvet” of Santa’s famed suit to the “vixen,” one of his trusty reindeer, each word is a doorway to enchantment. So, snuggle up with some hot cocoa as we unwrap a list of words that start with V for Christmas, specially curated to sparkle in the eyes of children and light up their festive lexicon.


Popular Christmas Words Beginning With V and Their Meanings

The letter V may be nestled towards the end of the alphabet, but it opens up a vault of valuable Christmas terms. Each term carries the essence of the holiday spirit, enriching our ‘v letter Christmas words’ collection. Let’s venture into this vocabulary voyage, revealing the magic of Xmas words beginning with V, one whimsical word at a time.

1. Vixen

Meaning: Vixen is not just a spirited female fox; it’s also the name of one of Santa Claus’s original reindeer, as named in the “A Visit from St. Nicholas” poem. This V-word embodies both the elegance and energy of the festive season.


Example: “When reciting ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ the line ‘On, Comet! On, Cupid! On, Donner and Blitzen! On, Vixen!’ always causes children’s eyes to light up with wonder.”

2. Velvet

Meaning: Velvet refers to the sumptuously soft fabric often associated with the rich texture of Santa’s suit. It’s a word that evokes a sense of luxury and comfort during the chilly Christmas season.


Example: “Touching the velvet stocking hung by the fireplace, the children whispered their wishes, hoping Santa would feel the softness as he filled them with gifts.”


3. Village

Meaning: In Christmas terms, a village often refers to the miniature, picturesque scenes depicting winter wonderlands that become common as tabletop displays during the holidays.


Example: “The Christmas village set on the mantel was complete with twinkling lights and a miniature train that circled around a snowy landscape, captivating all who passed by.”


4. Virgin

Meaning: This word is predominantly used in the nativity context, referring to the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, whose story is central to the Christmas narrative.


Example: “In the nativity play, the role of the Virgin Mary was given to a girl who portrayed her with a gentle grace, reminding everyone of the story’s humility and love.”

5. Vigil

Meaning: A vigil is a period of keeping awake during the time usually spent asleep, especially to keep watch or pray. Christmas Eve vigils are common as people await the celebration of Christmas Day.


Example: “The candlelight Christmas vigil held at the local church brought the community together in a peaceful reflection of the year and the joyous day to come.”

6. Visiting

Meaning: Visiting takes on a special meaning during Christmas, referring to the cherished tradition of going to friends and family members’ homes to share in holiday festivities.


Example: “Christmas was always a time for visiting neighbors, exchanging cookies, and spreading the cheer with carols sung door to door.”

7. Vision

Meaning: During Christmas, a vision often refers to something seen in a dream or trance, sometimes related to the spiritual or mystical aspects of the holiday celebrations.


Example: “The night before Christmas, the children fell asleep with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads, just like in the stories they adored.”

8. Volunteer

Meaning: The word volunteer becomes particularly poignant during Christmas, as it embodies the spirit of giving and helping those in need during the holiday season.


Example: “Every year, many people volunteer at local shelters during Christmas, ensuring that the warmth of the season reaches every heart.”

9. Voyage

Meaning: Voyage may not be the first word that comes to mind for Christmas, but it signifies the journeys many undertake to be with loved ones during the holidays.

Example: “Their annual Christmas voyage took them across the country, a trip filled with anticipation and the promise of family traditions awaiting their arrival.”

10. Viglor

Meaning: Vigor at Christmas time represents the energy and enthusiasm with which people engage in holiday activities, from decorating to celebrating.


Example: “Even the coldest winter day couldn’t dampen the vigor with which the children built snowmen and decked the halls with boughs of holly.”

11. Vocal

Meaning: Vocal is a word that captures the essence of Christmas through singing and the sharing of joyous carols. It signifies the use of the voice to spread cheer and celebrate.


Example: “The choir’s vocal performance of ‘Silent Night’ filled the air with a serene harmony as the community gathered to listen, wrapped in the warmth of shared tradition.”

12. Veneration

Meaning: Veneration, a profound expression of respect, often surfaces during Christmas as people honor religious figures and traditions associated with the holiday.


Example: “The veneration of the nativity scene by families on Christmas Eve is a testament to the deep spiritual connection many feel with the holiday’s origins.”

13. Vintage

Meaning: Vintage refers to something from the past of high quality and enduring value, much like the timeless Christmas traditions that return year after year.

Example: “The vintage ornaments passed down through generations held a special place on the Christmas tree, each telling a story of the yuletide past.”

14. Virtue

Meaning: Virtue represents the moral excellence and righteousness celebrated during Christmas, often exemplified by acts of kindness and the spirit of giving.


Example: “The virtue of generosity is never more evident than during Christmas when even the simplest gestures of goodwill can carry great meaning.”

15. Vigilant

Meaning: Vigilant, often associated with being keenly watchful to avoid danger, also refers to the alertness with which children await Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve.


Example: “The children were especially vigilant on Christmas Eve, listening for the faint tinkle of sleigh bells and the patter of reindeer hooves on the roof.”

16. Vow

Meaning: A vow is a solemn promise, and during Christmas, it often reflects the commitments we make to uphold the holiday’s values and spread joy.


Example: “They made a Christmas vow to each other to always find time for family during the holidays, no matter how busy life might become.”

17. Vibrant

Meaning: Vibrant describes something full of energy and life; during Christmas, it captures the dynamic, spirited atmosphere of the season.


Example: “The Christmas market was vibrant with colors, sounds, and scents, bustling with people choosing gifts and sampling festive treats.”

18. Vista

Meaning: Vista means a pleasing view, and at Christmas, it often refers to the breathtaking scenes of decorated streets and homes lit up with festive lights.

Example: “The panoramic vista of the town adorned with Christmas lights was a mesmerizing sight, one that drew people from all around to witness its splendor.”

19. Valor

Meaning: Valor is great courage in the face of danger, and while it may seem out of place at Christmas, it symbolizes the brave acts of those who help others during this season.

Example: “The valor shown by volunteers, who brave the winter conditions to ensure everyone has a warm meal on Christmas, is a humbling reminder of the season’s true spirit.”

20. Vespers

Meaning: Vespers are evening prayers, and in the context of Christmas, they refer to the religious services held to commemorate the sacredness of the holiday.

Example: “The sound of vespers echoed from the church, a gentle reminder of the reflective and prayerful aspect that Christmas holds for many.”

21. Velvetine

Meaning: Velvetine, reminiscent of the soft fabric velvet, often refers to the plush, velvety texture of Christmas decorations or Santa’s iconic suit.

Example: “The children marveled at the velvetine red stockings hanging by the fireplace, eager to see them filled with presents on Christmas morning.”

22. Vanilla

Meaning: Vanilla is a popular flavor during the Christmas season, used in various holiday treats such as cookies, cakes, and beverages.

Example: “The aroma of vanilla from the freshly baked Christmas cookies spread throughout the house.”

23. Veranda

Meaning: A veranda decked out in Christmas decor can be the perfect stage for holiday gatherings or a peaceful spot to enjoy a winter’s eve.

Example: “They sipped hot cocoa on the veranda, now draped in twinkling lights and garlands, a cozy retreat from the festive bustle inside.”

24. Verses

Meaning: Verses during Christmas refer to the lines of carols or poems that capture the holiday’s spirit, often recited or sung during celebrations.

Example: “The family gathered around the piano, singing verses from their favorite Christmas carols, each note a cherished memory in the making.”

25. Vessel

Meaning: A vessel, while typically a large ship or boat, at Christmas might refer to anything that holds something else, like a bowl of punch or a basket of yuletide treats.

Example: “The ornate vessel, filled to the brim with homemade eggnog, became the centerpiece of the Christmas feast.”

26. Vigilance

Meaning: Vigilance conveys the act of keeping a careful watch, particularly for possible danger or difficulties, resonating with the attentiveness of parents during the holiday season.

Example: “With vigilance, parents watched over their little ones, ensuring their safety amid the excitement of the Christmas parade.”

27. Vivacity

Meaning: Vivacity captures the lively and animated spirit that Christmas brings, seen in the enthusiasm of festive celebrations and gatherings.

Example: “The vivacity of the holiday party was infectious, with laughter and music filling the air, embodying the lively spirit of Christmas.”

28. Viands

Meaning: Viands are articles of food, and during Christmas, this term takes on a festive twist, often referring to the sumptuous feast prepared for the holiday.

Example: “The table was laden with viands of every description, from roasted turkey to pies, a true testament to the season’s abundance.”

29. Vigils

Meaning: Vigils are periods of staying awake during times usually spent asleep, especially to keep watch or pray, marking the anticipation of Christmas morning.

Example: “Children all over the neighborhood held vigils by their windows, eyes heavy but hearts light, watching for the first sign of Santa’s sleigh.”

30. Virtuosity

Meaning: Virtuosity refers to great skill or ability, and during the festive season, it’s seen in the remarkable talent displayed in Christmas concerts and performances.

Example: “The virtuosity of the choir’s performance added a majestic quality to the evening’s festivities, leaving the audience in awe of their harmonic skill.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter V

Immersing your child in the festive lexicon can be both educational and immensely fun. Engaging in activities focused on Christmas words starting with the letter V will not only enhance their vocabulary but also wrap learning in the spirit of the season. Below are joyful and interactive activities that will have your child merrily reciting Christmas words that begin with the letter V.

1. V Letter Christmas Vocabulary Flashcards

Create a set of flashcards with Christmas words starting with the letter V and vibrant images on the other side. This visual association helps children remember the words and their meanings, turning memorization into a festive game.

2. Christmas V Word Scavenger Hunt

Organize a scavenger hunt where clues are tied to Christmas words that begin with the letter V. Each clue leads to a hidden object or decoration around the house that represents the word, making discovery a part of the festive fun.

3. V in Christmas Story Time

Incorporate Christmas words starting with the letter V into story time by reading Christmas books or creating stories together that use as many ‘V’ words as possible. This activity reinforces learning through narrative context, which is proven to be highly effective for memory.

4. Christmas Carol Charades with V Words

Play a game of charades where every word acted out is one of the Christmas words that begin with the letter V. This encourages not only verbal recognition but also non-verbal understanding and physical memory of the words.

5. Craft a V Word Christmas Tree

Encourage your child to decorate a small Christmas tree with ornaments that have ‘V’ words written on them. This creative activity allows them to physically handle the words, enhancing their tactile learning.


1. Why is it important for children to learn Christmas words starting with the letter V?

Learning Christmas words starting with the letter V helps children develop their vocabulary and linguistic skills in a seasonal context, enhancing both their language development and their engagement with the cultural aspects of the holiday.

2. How can I make learning Christmas words that begin with the letter V fun for kids?

Make learning fun by incorporating games, crafts, and storytelling that use Christmas words starting with the letter V, turning vocabulary building into an enjoyable and memorable holiday activity.

3. Are there any online resources for Christmas words that begin with the letter V?

Yes, there are many online resources such as educational websites, printable flashcards, and interactive games specifically designed to teach children about Christmas words that begin with the letter V.

In wrapping up our festive foray into Christmas words that start with the letter V, remember that each word holds the potential to unlock a child’s imagination and enrich their holiday experience. May your home be filled with the voice of learning and the verve of Christmas cheer as you explore these vocabulary treasures together.

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