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List Of Christmas Words That Start With S

The festive season has a magical way of sprinkling joy and laughter in every corner, especially for our little ones. The twinkling lights, the scent of freshly baked cookies, and the excitement of gifts under the tree all paint a picture-perfect Christmas. But what adds more color to this vibrant celebration is the vocabulary that comes alive with the season. A rich collection of “xmas words beginning with s for preschoolers and kids” can turn these festive moments into learning opportunities. Imagine your child’s eyes lighting up as they explore “words that start with s for Christmas,” seamlessly integrating them into their “kids vocabulary.” Let’s embark on a heartwarming journey to discover these words that encapsulate the spirit of Christmas, making it memorable for our little learners.


Popular Christmas Words Beginning With S and Their Meanings

In the festive whirlwind of Christmas, certain words capture the essence of the season perfectly. Here, we explore 30 delightful “xmas words beginning with s” that hold a special place in our hearts. These “S letter Christmas words” paint vivid pictures of holiday scenes and memories.

1. Snowflake

Meaning: A snowflake is a single ice crystal that falls through the Earth’s atmosphere during winter, creating a blanket of snow.


Example: “As Sarah looked out of the window, she marveled at the delicate snowflakes gracefully dancing down from the sky.”

2. Stocking

Meaning: A Christmas stocking is a decorative sock-shaped bag that is hung up and traditionally filled with small gifts and treats.


Example: “On Christmas morning, the children rushed to the fireplace to find their stockings brimming with surprises.”


3. Santa Claus

Meaning: Santa Claus is a legendary figure who is said to bring gifts to the homes of well-behaved children on Christmas Eve.


Example: “The kids eagerly wrote letters to Santa Claus, listing their wishes and promising good behavior.”


4. Sleigh

Meaning: A sleigh is a traditional vehicle, usually drawn by reindeer, used for traveling over snow.


Example: “In stories, Santa Claus travels in a magical sleigh, delivering presents to children worldwide.”

5. Snowman

Meaning: A snowman is a figure made of packed snow, often decorated with clothing and accessories.


Example: “The children spent the afternoon building a cheerful snowman, complete with a carrot nose and a bright scarf.”

6. Star

Meaning: In the context of Christmas, a star often represents the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Wise Men to Jesus’s birthplace.


Example: “A gleaming star adorned the top of the Christmas tree, shining brightly in the cozy room.”

7. Sweets

Meaning: Sweets refer to candies or confections that are traditionally enjoyed during the festive season.


Example: “Grandma’s table was laden with a variety of sweets, from peppermints to chocolate truffles.”

8. Snowball

Meaning: A snowball is a spherical object made from snow, often used in playful fights.


Example: “The kids had a joyous time having a snowball fight in the backyard, laughing and ducking behind snow forts.”

9. Silent Night

Meaning: “Silent Night” is a popular Christmas carol that describes the calm and peaceful birth of Jesus.

Example: “The choir’s rendition of “Silent Night” filled the church with a serene and heartfelt melody.”

10. Season’s Greetings

Meaning: Season’s greetings are a warm expression used to convey good wishes during the festive season.


Example: “Sending the season’s greetings through beautifully crafted cards is a cherished Christmas tradition for many.”

11. Skate

Meaning: To skate means to glide over ice wearing bladed footwear known as ice skates.


Example: “The park was filled with people eager to skate on the frozen pond, creating a lively winter scene.”

12. Sparkle

Meaning: Sparkle refers to the shimmering or glittering effect often associated with Christmas decorations.


Example: “The Christmas lights made the entire street sparkle with festive cheer.”

13. Spruce

Meaning: A spruce is a type of coniferous tree, often used as a Christmas tree.

Example: “The family went to the farm to pick out a perfect spruce for their living room.”

14. Shepherd

Meaning: In the Nativity story, shepherds are among the first to visit the newborn Jesus.


Example: “The school play featured a scene where shepherds, guided by a star, visit the stable.”

15. Sugarplum

Meaning: A sugarplum is a sweet candy that is traditionally associated with Christmas festivities.


Example: “Visions of sugarplums and other treats danced in the children’s heads as they awaited Christmas morning.”

16. Sack

Meaning: A sack refers to a large bag, often depicted as being used by Santa Claus to carry presents.


Example: “In many stories, Santa Claus carries a huge sack filled with presents for children all over the world.”

17. Snowfall

Meaning: Snowfall refers to the process of snow descending from the clouds to cover the ground.


Example: “The gentle snowfall added a magical touch to the festive atmosphere.”

18. Scarf

Meaning: A scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth, often worn during winter.

Example: “Tom wrapped up in a cozy scarf before heading out to enjoy the Christmas market.”

19. Stable

Meaning: In the context of Christmas, a stable is the place where Jesus is said to have been born.

Example: “The nativity scene depicted a humble stable with Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus at its heart.”

20. Savor

Meaning: To savor is to fully enjoy or appreciate something, such as a delicious Christmas meal.

Example: “The family gathered around the table to savor the festive feast lovingly prepared by Grandma.”

21. Spice

Meaning: Spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are often used in Christmas dishes and drinks.

Example: “The aroma of spices filled the air as the Christmas cookies baked in the oven.”

22. Surprise

Meaning: A surprise is an unexpected or astonishing event, often associated with gift-giving at Christmas.

Example: “The children’s faces lit up with joy as they unwrapped the surprise gifts under the tree.”

23. Snowy

Meaning: Snowy describes a scene or object that is covered with or characterized by snow.

Example: “The snowy landscape looked like a picture-perfect Christmas card.”

24. Sip

Meaning: To sip means to drink slowly or in small amounts, often referring to warm beverages enjoyed during Christmas.

Example: “Everyone gathered around the fire to sip hot cocoa and share stories.”

25. Shimmer

Meaning: Shimmer refers to a soft, wavering light or gleam, often seen in Christmas decorations.

Example: “The shimmering decorations added a magical touch to the festive ambiance.”

26. Song

Meaning: In the context of Christmas, a song often refers to a carol or a festive tune.

Example: “The Christmas song playing on the radio sets a joyful mood in the house.”

27. Snuggle

Meaning: To snuggle means to settle into a warm, comfortable, and affectionate position.

Example: “The family snuggled on the couch, enjoying a classic Christmas movie together.”

28. Scent

Meaning: Scent refers to a distinctive smell, especially one associated with Christmas, such as pine or cinnamon.

Example: “The scent of fresh pine from the Christmas tree filled the room with a comforting aroma.”

29. Smile

Meaning: A smile is a pleased or kind facial expression, often seen during joyous occasions like Christmas.

Example: “Smiles were abundant as everyone exchanged gifts and celebrated together.”

30. Starry

Meaning: Starry describes a clear night sky filled with stars, often creating a magical backdrop for Christmas celebrations.

Example: “With a starry sky above, the small town’s Christmas lights twinkled even more beautifully.”

31. Sweetness

Meaning: Sweetness refers to the quality of being sweet, and during Christmas, it often relates to treats and kind gestures.

Example: “The sweetness of the homemade cookies was matched only by the warmth and kindness shared among friends.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter S

Introducing your child to a festive vocabulary can be a joyful and educational experience. Through playful activities centered around “Christmas words starting with the letter s,” you can create memorable learning moments. Here are a few engaging activities to help your little one master “Christmas words that begin with the letter S.”

1. Christmas ‘S’ Word Hunt

Encourage your child to search for items around the house or in a Christmas book that correlate with “Christmas words starting with the letter s.” Create a checklist with words like stocking, star, and snowflake, and let them embark on a festive scavenger hunt.

2. ‘S’ Word Christmas Crafts

Engage your child in craft activities centered around “Christmas words that begin with the letter s.” For instance, they could create a snowman from cotton balls, a sparkling star ornament, or even a festive stocking using colored paper and glitter.

3. Storytelling With ‘S’ Words

Encourage your child to come up with a short Christmas story, urging them to use as many ‘S’ words as they can. This activity not only improves their vocabulary but also enhances their creative thinking.

4. ‘S’ Letter Christmas Song

Turn a classic Christmas tune into an educational experience by swapping in “Christmas words starting with the letter s.” You could sing familiar tunes but replace certain words with festive ‘S’ words. For instance, “Santa Claus is coming to town” could include snowflakes, sleighs, and stockings.

5. Baking Sweet ‘S’ Treats

Involve your child in the kitchen to bake some Christmas treats that begin with the letter ‘S’, such as sugar cookies or shortbread. This is a fun, hands-on way to familiarize them with ‘S’ words while also creating delicious memories.


1. What are some easy Christmas words starting with the letter ‘S’ for toddlers?

Easy “Christmas words starting with the letter ‘S'” for toddlers include ‘star’, ‘snow’, and ‘Santa’. These words are simple and often associated with visual elements that can aid in recognition and learning.

2. How can I use the list of ‘S’ words in preparing for Christmas activities at home?

You can use the list of ‘S’ words to create festive scavenger hunts, craft activities, and storytelling sessions that center around Christmas. Incorporating these words into games and activities makes learning engaging and fun.

3. Are there any Christmas songs that predominantly feature words starting with ‘S’?

Yes, several Christmas songs feature words starting with ‘S’, such as “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, “Silent Night”, and “Silver Bells”. These songs can be a joyful way to familiarize children with ‘S’ words during the festive season.

Embracing the festive season with a focus on “Christmas words that start with the letter ‘S'” can be a delightful and educational journey for kids and adults alike. From stories to crafts, each activity weaves a tapestry of memories that resonate with the joy and warmth of Christmas. So, this holiday season, let the letter ‘S’ guide you through a world of snowflakes, Santa, and sweet surprises, creating cherished moments that last a lifetime.

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