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List Of Christmas Words That Start With P

As winter brings a chill to the air and snow starts to adorn the streets, the festive spirit of Christmas warms our hearts. Families gather, lights twinkle, and the season comes alive with a certain magic that’s loved by people of all ages, especially children. Enhancing kids’ vocabulary during this season can be a delightful and educational experience. This article unfolds a comprehensive list of xmas words, beginning with P, for preschoolers and kids. From decorations to emotions, and from traditions to festivities, let’s explore some wonderful words that start with P for Christmas that can not only add sparkle to the festive conversations but also help enrich the vocabulary of your little ones.


Popular Christmas Words Beginning With P and Their Meanings

The Christmas season brings along a medley of festivities and joy, and what better way to dive into the spirit than by exploring xmas words beginning with P? Here we unwrap a delightful selection of ‘P’ letter Christmas words that add a special touch to our holiday celebrations.

1. Presents

Meaning: Presents refer to the gifts or items given to others in the spirit of generosity and joy during Christmas.


Example: “Sarah spent weeks selecting and wrapping presents for her family. On Christmas morning, everyone exchanged smiles as they unwrapped their surprises.”

2. Pine

Meaning: Pine trees, known for their pleasant aroma and evergreen branches, are often used as Christmas trees during the holiday season.


Example: “The living room was filled with the refreshing scent of pine. The tree, adorned with lights and ornaments, stood as a centerpiece of the festive décor.”


3. Poinsettia

Meaning: The poinsettia is a plant that is particularly associated with Christmas and is recognized for its vibrant red and green foliage.


Example: “Every year, Grandma places a blooming poinsettia on the dining table. The vivid colors add a touch of Christmas charm to the meal.”


4. Parade

Meaning: A parade during Christmas usually includes a procession of floats, performers, and music, creating a festive and lively atmosphere.


Example: “The annual Christmas parade marched down the main street with joyful music, dazzling lights, and a cheerful crowd celebrating the holiday spirit.”

5. Peace

Meaning: Peace refers to a state of tranquility and harmony, a sentiment often sought and cherished during the Christmas season.


Example: “The Christmas carol spoke of peace on Earth, resonating with everyone’s wish for a serene and harmonious world.”

6. Pudding

Meaning: Pudding during Christmas usually refers to a sweet, rich dessert traditionally made with suet and dried fruit.


Example: “The Christmas pudding was set ablaze with a flourish, its blue flames dancing before being extinguished to reveal the scrumptious treat.”

7. Peppermint

Meaning: Peppermint is a popular flavor during Christmas, often found in candies, chocolates, and desserts.


Example: “Candy canes, with their red and white stripes and peppermint flavor, are a favorite treat among children during Christmas.”

8. Penguin

Meaning: Penguins, the adorable, waddling birds from the icy regions, often feature in Christmas decorations and themes.


Example: “The children giggled at the cute penguin ornaments hanging from the Christmas tree, each one dressed in a tiny Santa hat.”

9. Prancer

Meaning: Prancer is one of Santa Claus’s reindeer, known for being lively and quick.

Example: “In the classic poem, Prancer joins the team of reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh, eagerly delivering presents to children around the world.”

10. Pageant

Meaning: A pageant is a festive performance or play, often depicting scenes from the Nativity during Christmas.


Example: “The children participated in the Christmas pageant, donning costumes and enacting the story of the birth of Jesus.”

11. Plum

Meaning: Plum often refers to the dried fruit used in making traditional Christmas dishes, such as plum pudding.


Example: “Grandma’s secret recipe included a generous helping of plum to give the Christmas pudding its rich and distinctive flavor.”

12. Polar Express

Meaning: Polar Express refers to a popular Christmas-themed book and film about a magical train journey to the North Pole.


Example: “The children snuggled up on the sofa, eagerly watching Polar Express, a cherished tradition in their household every Christmas.”

13. Papa Noel

Meaning: Papa Noel is another name for Santa Claus used in certain cultures, symbolizing the jolly gift-bringer.

Example: “In France, children eagerly await the arrival of Papa Noel, who brings them presents and joy.”

14. Pipers Piping

Meaning: Pipers Piping refers to the eleventh day of Christmas in the classic song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.


Example: “On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, eleven pipers piping, filling the air with festive tunes.”

15. Popcorn String

Meaning: A popcorn string is a decoration made by threading popcorn pieces onto a string, often used to adorn Christmas trees.


Example: “The family gathered to create a popcorn string, laughing and chatting as they threaded each piece onto the long thread.”

16. Presents Under the Tree

Meaning: Presents under the tree refer to the tradition of placing gift-wrapped boxes beneath the Christmas tree to be opened on Christmas day.


Example: “The children could barely contain their excitement as they spotted the pile of presents under the tree, beautifully wrapped and waiting to be discovered.”

17. Puzzle

Meaning: Puzzle refers to a game, toy, or problem designed to test ingenuity, often enjoyed during the festive season.


Example: “After dinner, the family gathered around to solve a challenging Christmas puzzle, enjoying the time spent together.”

18. Pantomime

Meaning: Pantomime is a type of musical comedy stage production often enjoyed during the Christmas season.

Example: “The annual Christmas pantomime drew crowds with its lively performances, entertaining both children and adults alike.”

19. Pinecone

Meaning: Pinecones are the woody fruit of pine trees, often used in Christmas decorations.

Example: “Sprayed with a touch of glitter, the pinecones made lovely, rustic ornaments for the Christmas tree.”

20. Pavlova

Meaning: Pavlova is a meringue-based dessert often associated with festive celebrations in Australia and New Zealand.

Example: “The Christmas feast concluded with a delicious pavlova, topped with fresh berries and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.”

21. Pyramid of Presents

Meaning: A pyramid of presents refers to a stack of gift-wrapped boxes arranged in a pyramid shape.

Example: “The pyramid of presents under the tree added a sense of wonder and anticipation to the festive celebrations.”

22. Partridge

Meaning: A partridge is a bird often mentioned in the traditional song “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.

Example: “On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent me a partridge in a pear tree, marking the start of the festive season.”

23. Punch

Meaning: Punch is a festive drink made from a mixture of fruit juices, soda, and sometimes alcohol.

Example: “The Christmas punch, a delightful concoction of juices and spices, was a hit at the holiday party.”

24. Pajamas

Meaning: Pajamas refer to comfortable clothing worn for sleeping, often gifted and worn during Christmas.

Example: “The family donned their matching Christmas pajamas, creating a cozy and festive atmosphere at home.”

25. Personalized Ornaments

Meaning: Personalized ornaments are decorations that are customized with names, dates, or special messages.

Example: “The tree was adorned with personalized ornaments, each one telling a story and holding cherished memories.”

26. Postcards

Meaning: Postcards are cards sent through the mail without an envelope, often featuring festive images and greetings during Christmas.

Example: “The family received numerous Christmas postcards, each one bringing warm wishes and festive cheer.”

27. Pie

Meaning: Pie refers to a baked dish made with a pastry dough crust, often filled with sweet fillings like fruits or nuts during Christmas.

Example: “The aroma of freshly baked apple pie filled the kitchen, signaling the beginning of the festive feast.”

28. Pantomime Horse

Meaning: A pantomime horse is a theatrical representation of a horse, played by two actors in a single costume.

Example: “The children laughed with delight as the pantomime horse pranced on stage during the Christmas play.”

29. Prayer

Meaning: Prayer is a solemn request or expression of thanks to a deity or higher power, often a part of Christmas celebrations.

Example: “The family gathered around the dinner table, heads bowed in prayer, giving thanks for the food and the joyous time spent together.”

30. Polar Bear

Meaning: The polar bear, a large white bear native to the Arctic, is often featured in Christmas decorations and stories due to its association with snowy landscapes.

Example: “The children’s faces lit up as they saw a fluffy polar bear decoration in the store, imagining it playing in a snowy Christmas scene.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter P

As we bask in the festive glow of the season, it’s a perfect time to engage children in activities that are not just fun but also educational. Here, we’ll explore some creative and interactive activities that will help your child learn Christmas words starting with the letter P. These playful endeavors are aimed at making your little ones familiar with Christmas words that begin with the letter P, ensuring they have a joyful and enriching experience.

1. P-Letter Christmas Word Hunt

Introduce your child to a treasure hunt, but with a twist. Hide flashcards around the house, each with Christmas words starting with the letter P written on them. The excitement of the hunt, coupled with the joy of discovering new words, will make the learning process fun.

2. Christmas Pictionary With Words That Begin With P

Engage the whole family in a festive game of Pictionary, focusing solely on Christmas words that begin with the letter P. Whether it’s drawing a ‘Penguin’ or a ‘Pine tree’, it’s a great way to help your child associate words with images.

3. Crafty Christmas Collages

Encourage your child to create a festive collage using pictures and words of Christmas items starting with the letter P. They can cut out images of ‘Presents’, ‘Poinsettias’, and ‘Puddings’ from magazines or draw them, boosting their creativity and vocabulary simultaneously.

4. Storytelling Sessions

Craft a delightful story that centers around Christmas elements starting with P. Narrate tales about ‘Prancer the reindeer’ or ‘Papa Noel’s visit’, helping your child to pick up new Christmas words starting with the letter P naturally through storytelling.

5. Sing along with P-Words

Create a fun sing-along session with Christmas carols and songs, emphasizing words that begin with P. Whether it’s ‘Pipers Piping’ or ‘Partridge in a Pear tree’, singing will make the words memorable for your child.


1. What are some easy ways to teach preschoolers Christmas words that start with P?

Engaging preschoolers with visual aids like flashcards and interactive games such as Pictionary or a themed treasure hunt can be easy and fun ways to teach them Christmas words that start with P. Additionally, storytelling and sing-along sessions centered around these words can make the learning process joyful and memorable.

2. How can I incorporate Christmas words starting with the letter P into holiday decorations?

You can create personalized ornaments, banners, and festive labels using Christmas words starting with the letter P, such as ‘Peace’, ‘Pine’, and ‘Poinsettia’. These can then be used to adorn your Christmas tree, walls, and gifts, adding a touch of educational charm to your decorations.

3. Are there any popular books or movies that can help kids learn Christmas words with the letter P?

Yes, books and movies like “The Polar Express” and stories about Papa Noel or Prancer the reindeer can be entertaining ways for kids to familiarize themselves with Christmas words with the letter P. Watching or reading these together can turn into a fun and educational family activity.

As we wrap up our festive exploration, it’s clear that the holiday season provides a treasure trove of Christmas words that start with P, enriching our vocabulary and bringing joy to our celebrations. By engaging kids in playful activities and embedding these words in our traditions, we ensure that the learning process is as magical as the season itself. So, this Christmas, let’s embrace these words and create memories that will be cherished and recalled with a smile, year after year.

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