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List Of Christmas Words That Start With N

The festive season of Christmas brings warmth, cheer, and a plethora of delightful vocabulary. For parents, teachers, and anyone looking to expand their kids’ vocabulary, there’s something special about introducing Christmas-themed words that are not only fun but also educational. And if you’re searching for xmas words beginning with n for preschoolers and kids, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve curated a lovely list to enrich your kids’ vocabulary. So, get ready to dive into the merry world of words that start with n for Christmas and make this festive season even more memorable for the little ones.


Popular Christmas Words Beginning With N and Their Meanings

Diving into the festive season, it’s heartwarming to explore xmas words beginning with n that encapsulate the spirit of Christmas. Let’s unwrap the magic of these ‘N’ letter Christmas words, understand their meanings, and discover how they can be used in sentences.

1. Nativity

Meaning: The term “Nativity” refers to the birth of Jesus Christ, an event celebrated with joy and reverence during Christmas. It embodies the essence of love, hope, and divine blessings.


Example: “Every Christmas, our family sets up a Nativity scene, creating a magical representation of Jesus’s birth. The children eagerly place each figure, immersing themselves in the story.”

2. Noel

Meaning: “Noel” is another word for Christmas, often used in songs and carols to celebrate the festive season. It emanates the cheer and joy associated with this time of the year.


Example: “We sang “The First Noel” together, our voices filling the room with festive joy. The word “Noel” echoed, bringing a smile to everyone’s faces.”


3. Nutmeg

Meaning: Nutmeg is a spice that holds a special place in Christmas cuisine. Its warm, sweet flavor is an essential ingredient in many festive treats.


Example: “Mom sprinkled a dash of nutmeg in the hot cocoa, filling the kitchen with a comforting aroma. The familiar scent signaled the start of our Christmas celebrations.”


4. Nog (Eggnog)

Meaning: “Nog” or “Eggnog” is a classic Christmas drink made from milk, cream, sugar, and eggs, often spiced with nutmeg and sometimes containing alcohol. It’s a holiday favorite that adds warmth to gatherings.


Example: “Grandma poured the creamy eggnog into glasses, a tradition we all eagerly awaited. The frothy nog, rich and sweet, was the taste of Christmas in a glass.”

5. Nordic

Meaning: “Nordic” refers to anything related to the Northern European countries, and during Christmas, it often alludes to specific decorations, patterns, and traditions reminiscent of these regions.


Example: “The Nordic decorations brought a cozy, rustic feel to our home. The simplistic designs and patterns felt like a piece of Scandinavia in our living room.”

6. Nuptials

Meaning: “Nuptials” means wedding ceremonies, and while not exclusive to Christmas, many couples choose this joyful season for their nuptials, making it a part of their celebration.


Example: “Sarah and John decided to have their nuptials during December, blending the joy of Christmas with their wedding celebrations. The church was adorned with holly and bells, making it a perfect union.”

7. Noodles

Meaning: Noodles might not be the first thing that comes to mind for Christmas, but in some cultures, a special noodle dish is a festive tradition.


Example: “In Japan, eating a bowl of warm noodles on Christmas Eve is customary. The long noodles symbolize longevity and happiness.”

8. Nostalgia

Meaning: “Nostalgia” is a sentimental longing for the past, and during Christmas, it often encapsulates the memories and emotions attached to previous celebrations.


Example: “Looking at the old ornaments, a wave of nostalgia washed over me. Christmas always had a way of bringing back cherished memories.”

9. Noble Fir

Meaning: A “Noble Fir” is a type of evergreen tree often used as a Christmas tree due to its symmetrical shape and sturdy branches.

Example: “We chose a Noble Fir for our Christmas tree this year. Its strong branches were perfect for holding our collection of ornaments.”

10. Nectar

Meaning: “Nectar” refers to a sweet liquid, and during Christmas, it may describe the sugary syrups and juices used in festive recipes.


Example: “The nectar from the orange added a sweet and tangy flavor to the Christmas punch. It was a refreshing twist to our holiday feast.”

11. Nap

Meaning: A “nap” is a short sleep, and after a hearty Christmas meal, it’s not uncommon for people to indulge in a brief, restful nap.


Example: “After the abundant Christmas lunch, Grandma suggested we all take a short nap. The idea was welcomed by all, especially the adults.”

12. Naughty

Meaning: “Naughty” refers to misbehavior, often used in the context of Santa’s list categorizing children as either naughty or nice based on their behavior.


Example: “Jimmy promised to be good, hoping to be on Santa’s nice list instead of the naughty one. He was determined to find presents under the tree on Christmas morning.”

13. Nice

Meaning: “Nice” in the context of Christmas refers to good behavior, with children aiming to be on Santa’s “nice” list to receive gifts.

Example: “Emma tried her best to be on the nice list by helping her parents with Christmas preparations. She was excited about the prospect of Santa’s visit.”

14. Nudge

Meaning: “Nudge” means to gently push or prod someone, and during Christmas, it could mean encouraging someone to join in the festivities.


Example: “I gave my brother a playful nudge, urging him to join in the caroling. His initial hesitation turned into joyful singing.”

15. Nuzzle

Meaning: “Nuzzle” means to cuddle or snuggle, and during Christmas, it evokes images of cozy moments shared with loved ones.


Example: “We all nuzzled close to the fireplace, savoring the warmth and the glow of the Christmas lights. It was a moment of comfort and love.”

16. Neighborly

Meaning: “Neighborly” describes friendly and kind behavior towards neighbors, which is often emphasized during the Christmas season.


Example: “The Johnsons were known for their neighborly spirit, always sharing homemade cookies during Christmas. Their generosity made the neighborhood feel like one big family.”

17. Nifty

Meaning: “Nifty” means clever or attractive, and during Christmas, it can describe unique and thoughtful gifts or decorations.


Example: “Maria found some nifty ornaments at the Christmas market. Each one was unique and added a creative touch to our tree.”

18. Nightcap

Meaning: A “nightcap” is a drink, usually alcoholic, consumed before going to bed, and it is often enjoyed during Christmas evenings.

Example: “Dad poured himself a small nightcap, a tradition he followed every Christmas Eve. The quiet moment allowed him to reflect on the year gone by.”

19. Nimble

Meaning: “Nimble” means quick and light in movement and can describe lively and energetic dances or activities during Christmas celebrations.

Example: “The nimble dancers twirled to the lively Christmas tunes. Their graceful movements added a festive flair to the evening.”

20. Nacreous

Meaning: “Nacreous” refers to resembling nacre or mother-of-pearl, and during Christmas, it can describe decorations with a lustrous, iridescent quality.

Example: “The nacreous ornaments glimmered on the tree, reflecting the colorful lights beautifully. Their shimmer added an elegant touch to our decorations.”

21. Nutcracker

Meaning: “Nutcracker” is both a tool used to crack nuts and a traditional Christmas decoration or character from the famous ballet.

Example: “The Nutcracker stood proudly on the mantelpiece, a symbol of Christmas tradition and storytelling. Every year, we enjoyed watching the ballet and bringing the story to life at home.”

22. Nick (as in Saint Nick)

Meaning: “Saint Nick” is a colloquial name for Saint Nicholas, a historic Christian saint and the inspiration for the modern-day figure of Santa Claus.

Example: Children around the world look forward to the arrival of Saint Nick, hoping he’ll fill their stockings with gifts. The story of Saint Nick, known for his generosity and love for children, captures the spirit of giving at Christmas.

23. Needlepoint

Meaning: “Needlepoint” is a form of embroidery that is often used to create intricate Christmas decorations and gifts.

Example: “Grandma gifted us a beautiful needlepoint stocking, meticulously crafted with festive motifs. It was a piece of art that we cherished and displayed every Christmas.”

24. Notes

Meaning: “Notes” can refer to musical notes in Christmas carols or handwritten notes in Christmas cards conveying heartfelt messages.

Example: “The notes of “Jingle Bells” filled the air, creating a cheerful atmosphere. Simultaneously, we wrote personal notes in our Christmas cards, sharing our love and wishes.”

25. Nativity Play

Meaning: A “Nativity Play” is a performance depicting the birth of Jesus, often enacted by children during Christmas.

Example: “The children were excited to perform in the Nativity Play, each playing a role in telling the sacred story. The play was a beautiful representation of the Christmas spirit.”

26. Nourish

Meaning: “Nourish” means to provide food or other substances necessary for growth and health. During Christmas, it refers to the abundance of food and emotional nourishment.

Example: “The Christmas feast was not just about the food but also about nourishing our bonds and relationships. We gathered around the table, hearts full and spirits high.”

27. Nugget

Meaning: “Nugget” usually refers to a small lump of gold but can also describe a valuable or interesting piece of information shared during Christmas gatherings.

Example: “Grandpa shared a nugget of wisdom about the importance of family during his Christmas toast. His words resonated with everyone, making the moment precious.”

28. Nebula

Meaning: “Nebula” refers to a cloud of gas and dust in outer space and might seem an odd choice for Christmas, yet it can be linked to the Star of Bethlehem that guided the Three Wise Men.

Example: “The Christmas story speaks of a star guiding the way, much like a nebula, radiant and mystical in the night sky. The kids marveled at this connection, finding the universe in their festive tale.”

29. Nisse

Meaning: A Nisse (or Tomte in Swedish) is a mythological creature from Nordic folklore typically associated with the winter solstice and Christmas season, often depicted as a small, bearded, gnome-like figure.

Example: In Scandinavian Christmas traditions, the Nisse is believed to protect homes and bring good luck, with families leaving out porridge for him on Christmas Eve. Children are often delighted by stories of the Nisse, imagining his mischievous yet benevolent antics during the holiday season.

30. Nectarine

Meaning: “Nectarine” is a smooth-skinned fruit similar to a peach. During Christmas, nectarines and other fruits might be included in festive dishes or given as fresh, healthy gifts.

Example: “Among the rich desserts, the nectarine tart stood out with its vibrant, fresh flavor. It was a refreshing addition to the Christmas spread, reminding us of the sweetness of sharing.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter N

Festive seasons are perfect opportunities to introduce educational yet fun activities to children. By engaging in play and interactive tasks, kids can easily grasp and remember Christmas words starting with the letter N. Below are some delightful activities that will help children not only to learn but also to cherish these Christmas words that begin with the letter N.

1. Christmas N-Word Treasure Hunt

Engage your kids in a treasure hunt around the house, where they search for items or pictures related to Christmas words starting with the letter N.

Example: Hide pictures of a Nutcracker, Noel decorations, or even a small bottle of Nog. Provide them with clues and watch their excitement as they find each “N” word item.

2. Craft a Nativity Scene

Encourage children to create their own Nativity scene using craft supplies. This hands-on activity will help them understand the significance of the word while boosting their creativity.

Example: Provide them with clay, paper, colors, and other craft materials. Let them sculpt figures and share the story of Nativity, familiarizing them with one of the most profound Christmas words that begin with the letter N.

3. Christmas N-Word Storytelling

In this activity, kids can craft a short Christmas story using as many words beginning with the letter “N” as they can think of.

Example: A narrative could involve a Naughty elf sipping Nog near a Nordic Christmas tree. This activity can be both amusing and educational.

4. Christmas N-Word Flashcards

Create flashcards with images and words of Christmas words starting with the letter N and use them for quick and engaging learning sessions.

Example: Flashcards can include images of a Nutmeg, Noodles, or Nectarine with the corresponding words. Kids can then associate the pictures with the words, enhancing their vocabulary.


1. Why focus on learning Christmas words starting with a specific letter?

Focusing on words that start with a specific letter, like “N”, adds an element of fun and challenge to learning. It helps children build their vocabulary in a thematic and structured manner, making the process engaging and more memorable.

2. Can learning Christmas words also be educational for preschoolers?

Absolutely! Introducing preschoolers to Christmas words starting with the letter N can be an enjoyable way to enhance their language skills while also allowing them to understand and appreciate the festive season.

3. How can parents ensure that learning Christmas words is a fun activity?

Parents can integrate learning into play by using activities like treasure hunts, storytelling, or crafting, making the process of discovering Christmas words starting with the letter N both fun and educational. This way, children associate learning with enjoyment, which can foster a lifelong love for knowledge.

As we wrap up our festive journey through Christmas words that begin with the letter “N”, it’s heartwarming to reflect on how these words and activities can bring joy and learning into our homes. From the delightful “Noel” to the comforting “Nuzzle”, each word carries with it the essence of the season and offers a unique opportunity to enrich a child’s vocabulary. By integrating these words into playful and engaging activities, we can ensure that the spirit of Christmas is not just celebrated but also learned and cherished, creating memories that last a lifetime.

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