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List Of Christmas Words That Start With J

As the air fills with the delightful aroma of gingerbread cookies and the soft sounds of jingle bells echo in the distance, it’s evident that Christmas is just around the corner. This festive season is a magical time for everyone, especially preschoolers and kids, whose eyes sparkle with joy at the mere mention of Santa and gifts. It’s also a perfect opportunity to enrich our little ones’ vocabulary with some thematic words. That’s why we’ve compiled this enchanting list of xmas words beginning with J for preschoolers and kids. This compilation is more than just a list; it’s a treasure trove designed to enhance kids’ vocabulary and immerse them in the festive spirit. So, let’s explore some words that start with J for Christmas, shall we?


Popular Christmas Words Beginning With J and Their Meanings

In the spirit of Christmas, it’s time to familiarize ourselves with some xmas words beginning with j. From the joyous jubilations to the serene journey of Joseph and Mary, ‘J’ letter Christmas words are an integral part of our festive lexicon. Let’s unravel the meanings behind these words and see how they light up our celebrations.

1. Jingle

Meaning: Jingle refers to the cheerful sound made by small bells, often associated with Christmas festivities.


Example: “The jingle of bells filled the air as Santa’s sleigh glided through the sky. Kids excitedly listened to the familiar sound, knowing presents were on the way.”

2. Joy

Meaning: Joy is a feeling of immense happiness and delight, often experienced during the Christmas season.


Example: “Joy spread across the room as the family gathered to unwrap their presents. The children’s laughter and smiles were the perfect embodiment of the Christmas spirit.”


3. Journey

Meaning: In the Christmas context, the journey refers to the travels of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem.


Example: “The journey to Bethlehem was long and tiring, but Joseph and Mary persevered. The story is a reminder of faith and determination.”


4. Jovial

Meaning: Jovial describes a person who is cheerful and friendly, which is a common mood during the Christmas season.


Example: “John’s jovial demeanor made the Christmas party lively and unforgettable. His laughter and jokes brought warmth to everyone’s hearts.”

5. Jubilee

Meaning: Jubilee is a special anniversary or celebration, and during Christmas, it can refer to the joyous celebration of Christ’s birth.


Example: “The town held a jubilee with carols and feasts, marking the merry occasion. The streets buzzed with excitement and happiness.”

6. Jigsaw

Meaning: A jigsaw is a puzzle consisting of pieces that fit together to form a picture, often given as a Christmas gift.


Example: “Sarah unwrapped her present to find a beautiful jigsaw puzzle depicting a snowy Christmas scene. She couldn’t wait to piece it together.”

7. Jingle Bells

Meaning: Jingle Bells is a popular Christmas song and also refers to the small bells that make a jingling sound.


Example: “Children sang “Jingle Bells” with enthusiasm during the school concert. The melody and cheer encapsulated the spirit of Christmas perfectly.”

8. Jolliness

Meaning: Jolliness means being in good spirits, often associated with a cheerful mood during Christmas.


Example: “The jolliness of the season was infectious, with everyone partaking in the festivities. Homes were filled with laughter and merriment.”

9. Journal

Meaning: A journal, often gifted during Christmas, is a book where one can record personal thoughts, memories, or experiences.

Example: “Emma received a beautiful journal for Christmas and decided to pen down her memories of the day. It was a thoughtful gift that she cherished.”

10. Jamboree

Meaning: A jamboree is a large festive gathering or celebration, often filled with music and entertainment.


Example: “The Christmas jamboree in the town square was a sight to behold. People from all walks of life came together to celebrate the season.”

11. Juniper

Meaning: Juniper is a type of evergreen shrub whose branches are sometimes used for Christmas decorations.


Example: “The juniper branches adorned the fireplace, giving the room a rustic and festive look. The fresh scent added to the ambiance.”

12. Jumper

Meaning: In the context of Christmas, a jumper is a knitted sweater, often featuring festive designs or patterns.


Example: “Tom wore his favorite Christmas jumper, adorned with reindeer and snowflakes. It was a cozy and festive choice for the season.”

13. Jingle Bell Rock

Meaning: “Jingle Bell Rock” is a popular Christmas song known for its upbeat and festive rhythm.

Example: “As soon as “Jingle Bell Rock” started playing, everyone got up to dance. The song added a lively and upbeat mood to the party.”

14. Jeer

Meaning: To jeer means to mock or ridicule, and in Christmas stories, characters like Scrooge often jeer at the festivities initially.


Example: “Scrooge would jeer at the carolers, dismissing the festive cheer. However, his transformation is a significant part of the Christmas story.”

15. Jack Frost

Meaning: Jack Frost is a mythical figure associated with chilly winter weather, often mentioned in Christmas stories and songs.


Example: “Children giggled as they heard stories of Jack Frost nipping at their noses. The character added a touch of whimsy to the winter tales.”

16. Julep

Meaning: A julep is a sweet drink, and during Christmas, it might refer to a refreshing beverage enjoyed during holiday celebrations.


Example: “Guests were served a minty julep as they mingled and celebrated. The drink was a cool and festive addition to the menu.”

17. Jalapeño

Meaning: Jalapeño peppers can be part of festive holiday recipes, adding a spicy kick to Christmas meals.


Example: “The Christmas dinner had a surprise twist with jalapeño poppers. The spicy treats were an unexpected but welcome addition.”

18. Joyous

Meaning: Joyous means full of happiness and joy and is often used to describe the Christmas season.

Example: “The joyous celebrations of Christmas brought families and friends together. The season was marked by love, generosity, and togetherness.”

19. Jostle

Meaning: To jostle means to bump or push against someone gently, like in a crowd of Christmas shoppers.

Example: “Shoppers would jostle gently through the crowded market, eager to find the perfect gifts. The festive hustle was all part of the season’s excitement.”

20. Jest

Meaning: A jest is a joke or playful remark, often shared during light-hearted Christmas gatherings.

Example: “Uncle Bob’s jest had everyone laughing around the Christmas dinner table. His sense of humor was always a hit.”

21. Jewel

Meaning: A jewel can refer to a precious stone or ornament, often given as a gift during Christmas.

Example: “Sophia unwrapped a small box to find a jewel-studded necklace. It was a thoughtful and exquisite Christmas present.”

22. Juicy

Meaning: Juicy is used to describe food that is moist and succulent, like a perfectly roasted Christmas turkey.

Example: “The juicy roast was the centerpiece of the Christmas feast. Every bite was a celebration of flavors.”

23. Jazzy

Meaning: Jazzy means bright, colorful, or lively and can describe vibrant Christmas decorations or lively tunes.

Example: “The jazzy Christmas lights dazzled everyone who walked past. The display was a vibrant celebration of the season.”

24. Jolt

Meaning: A jolt is a sudden burst of energy or emotion, like the excitement felt on Christmas morning.

Example: “A jolt of excitement ran through the kids as they rushed to the tree on Christmas morning. The sight of presents filled them with joy.”

25. Jaunty

Meaning: Jaunty means having a cheerful and self-confident manner, often used to describe a lively Christmas tune or a stylish outfit.

Example: “The jaunty Christmas tune had everyone tapping their feet. The music set a cheerful and upbeat tone for the celebration.”

26. Jargon

Meaning: Jargon refers to words or expressions used by a particular group, and during Christmas, it could include festive phrases and sayings.

Example: “Familiar Christmas jargon like “Ho Ho Ho” and “Merry Christmas” filled the air. The festive phrases added to the holiday cheer.”

27. Jingle-jangle

Meaning: Jingle-jangle refers to the cheerful noise made by light, tinkling objects, like Christmas bells.

Example: “The jingle-jangle of the sleigh bells announced Santa’s arrival. The sound was synonymous with Christmas cheer and excitement.”

28. Japanese Yew

Meaning: The Japanese Yew is an evergreen shrub often used in Christmas decorations.

Example: “The Japanese Yew branches were woven into the Christmas wreath. Their lush greenery added a touch of elegance to the decor.”

29. Joviality

Meaning: Joviality refers to the cheerful and good-humored atmosphere often found during Christmas gatherings.

Example: “The joviality of the Christmas party was contagious, with everyone partaking in laughter and merriment. The room was filled with a spirit of warmth and camaraderie.”

30. Junket

Meaning: A junket refers to a festive celebration or outing. Christmas can be described as a pleasurable outing or festive gathering.

Example: “The office organized a Christmas junket, complete with delicious food and lively music. Employees enjoyed the festive outing, celebrating the season together.”

Activities That Will Help Your Child Learn Christmas Words With Letter J

Learning new vocabulary can be a fun and engaging experience for children, especially when it’s related to festive celebrations. To familiarize your little ones with Christmas words starting with the letter J, we have curated a list of activities that are both educational and festive. Let’s explore how these activities can make learning Christmas words that begin with the letter J a delightful adventure!

1. Christmas Jigsaw Puzzles

Engage your kids in solving jigsaw puzzles that depict scenes related to Christmas words that start with ‘J’, like ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘Joy’. Not only does this activity enhance cognitive skills, but it also subtly introduces them to new vocabulary.

Example: You could have a puzzle that, when completed, shows children singing “Jingle Bells” or a joyful Christmas celebration.

2. Joyful Flashcards

Create a set of flashcards each bearing Christmas words starting with the letter J, along with corresponding images or drawings. This visual connection can be a powerful tool in helping kids remember and understand the words.

Example: A flashcard with an image of a jubilant family opening gifts can be labeled “Joy”.

3. Jingle Bell Word Hunt

Organize a treasure hunt where clues lead to Christmas decorations or objects related to Christmas words that begin with the letter J. Each clue can be accompanied by a jingle bell to make it more festive.

Example: A clue could lead to a cozy ‘Jumper’ or a ‘Juniper’ decorated with lights and ornaments.

4. Christmas Word Jar

Create a ‘Christmas Word Jar’ where each word pulled out starts with the letter ‘J’. Kids can then be encouraged to create a drawing or a craft related to that word.

Example: If a child pulls out the word ‘Jubilee’, they could create a festive scene depicting a jubilee celebration.

5. Storytelling Sessions

Host storytelling sessions where stories revolve around Christmas words starting with the letter J. This immersive experience can enhance retention while fostering a love for storytelling.

Example: A story could narrate the journey of ‘Jack Frost’ and how he brings ‘Joy’ and ‘Jolliness’ to Christmas celebrations.


1. What Are Some Easy Christmas Words Starting With the Letter J for Toddlers to Learn?

Some easy Christmas words starting with the letter J for toddlers to learn include ‘Joy’, which refers to a feeling of happiness, and ‘Jingle’, the sound that small bells make. These words are simple, festive, and can be easily associated with familiar holiday elements.

2. How Can I Incorporate Christmas Words That Begin With the Letter J Into Holiday Decorations?

Incorporating Christmas words that begin with the letter J into holiday decorations can be creative and fun. For instance, you can hang ornaments shaped like ‘Jingle Bells’, or use ‘Juniper’ branches for a fragrant and festive touch to your decor.

3. Are There Any Traditional Christmas Songs That Feature Words Starting With the Letter J?

Yes, there are traditional Christmas songs that feature words starting with ‘J’, such as “Jingle Bells” and “Jingle Bell Rock”. These songs are classic favorites that evoke festive feelings and are loved by people of all ages.

In conclusion, familiarizing children and adults alike with Christmas words starting with the letter J adds a sprinkle of joy and a dash of jolliness to the festive season. Whether it’s through engaging activities, delightful decorations, or heartwarming songs, these words can become an integral part of our holiday experiences. So, this Christmas, let’s embrace the jubilation, don our jolliest jumpers, and create memories that will be cherished like precious jewels.

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