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List of Animals that Start with P

Ah, the letter ‘P’ – a pillar of the English alphabet and an absolutely fascinating letter when it comes to the animal kingdom. If someone were to ask you, “name an animal that starts with the letter P,” what would be the first creature to pop into your mind? Perhaps a parrot? Or maybe a panda? For those with preschoolers and kids, enriching their vocabulary with p letter animal names can be a fun and educational activity. After all, enhancing the “vocabulary for kids” should be as engaging as it is enlightening. Here’s a warm exploration of some delightful animal names with p. Ready to dive into this adventurous list?


List Of Common Animals Starting With P

Our world is filled with a myriad of animals, each unique in its own way. Among them, those with an animal name beginning with ‘P’ are particularly intriguing. In this list, we explore some of these animals, sharing a brief description and fun facts about each.

1. Panda

Giant pandas are native to central China and are known for their distinctive black and white coat.


Fun Facts:

  • Pandas spend most of their day eating bamboo.
  • Despite their vegetarian diet, pandas belong to the order Carnivora.

2. Penguin

Penguins are flightless birds that mostly inhabit the Southern Hemisphere, especially Antarctica.


Fun Facts:

  • Penguins can spend up to 75% of their lives in the water.
  • They have specialized feathers that trap air, providing insulation.

3. Parrot

Parrots are colorful and intelligent birds found mostly in tropical regions.


Fun Facts:

  • Some species of parrots can live for over 80 years.
  • Parrots use their feet to bring food to their mouth.

4. Puma

Pumas, also known as cougars or mountain lions, are large wild cats native to the Americas.


Fun Facts:

  • Pumas can run at speeds up to 50 mph in short bursts.
  • They are solitary animals with a strong territorial instinct.

5. Peacock

Peacocks are the male of the peafowl species, known for their iridescent tail feathers.


Fun Facts:

  • The “eye” pattern in their tail feathers is used for courtship displays.
  • Peacocks can fly, but they prefer to run or climb.

6. Platypus

Native to eastern Australia, the platypus is a semiaquatic egg-laying mammal.


Fun Facts:

  • Male platypuses have venomous spurs on their hind legs.
  • They are one of the few mammals that can produce electricity.

7. Porcupine

Porcupines are rodents that have a coat of sharp quills to defend themselves.


Fun Facts:

  • Their quills are modified hairs coated with a hard substance.
  • When threatened, a porcupine can launch its quills at a predator.

8. Pangolin

Pangolins are mammals known for their protective keratin scales.


Fun Facts:

  • They are the only mammals with such scales.
  • Pangolins consume large quantities of ants and termites.

9. Piranha

Native to South American rivers, piranhas are known for their sharp teeth and powerful jaws.


Fun Facts:

  • They are mostly scavengers, contrary to their aggressive reputation.
  • Piranha teeth are often used to make tools and weapons by local communities.

10. Prairie Dog

These burrowing rodents are native to the grasslands of North America.


Fun Facts:

  • They live in large colonies, often referred to as “towns”.
  • Prairie dogs have a complex system of communication, with different calls for specific threats.

11. Porpoise

Porpoises are marine mammals, similar to dolphins but distinguishable by their shorter beaks and different teeth shapes.


Fun Facts:

  • Porpoises use echolocation to find their prey.
  • They are generally shy and less acrobatic than dolphins.

12. Plover

Plovers are wading birds commonly found along shores and grasslands worldwide.


Fun Facts:

  • Some species of plovers feign injury to lead predators away from their nests.
  • They have a unique running and stopping pattern when foraging for food.

13. Polecat

Polecats are members of the weasel family and are native to Europe and Asia.


Fun Facts:

  • Polecats produce a strong-smelling secretion to mark their territory.
  • Their name is derived from the French “poule chat,” meaning “chicken cat,” as they were once known to prey on chickens.

14. Prawn

Prawns are crustaceans similar to shrimp but can be differentiated by the structure of their gills and the way they carry their eggs.


Fun Facts:

  • Prawns are nocturnal and are mostly active during the night.
  • They are an essential part of many cuisines and can be found in dishes worldwide.

15. Puffin

Puffins are seabirds with colorful beaks, mainly found in the North Atlantic Ocean.


Fun Facts:

  • Puffins are also referred to as “sea parrots” due to their colorful appearance.
  • They can flap their wings up to 400 times per minute, allowing them to reach speeds of 55 miles per hour.

This compilation offers a glimpse into the varied and fascinating world of animals whose names start with the letter ‘P’. Whether familiar or unfamiliar, each has its own unique story to tell.


Animal Names That Start With Letter P Chart

As we traverse through the alphabet, the letter ‘P’ boasts an eclectic range of animals, each fascinating in its own right. This chart not only lists these remarkable creatures but also enhances the experience with visual stimuli. If you’re keen on exploring animals that start with P with pictures, then this chart is a visual treat you shouldn’t miss.

Animals Beginning With P By Habitat

The animal kingdom offers a wide range of creatures that have adapted to various habitats around the world. Let’s take a journey across different terrains and waters, focusing specifically on the diversity of p start animal names in each category.


Wild Animals Start With P

In the sprawling wilderness, a plethora of animals call it their home. Each of these wild creatures has its unique characteristics and role in the ecosystem. Let’s explore some wild animals that begin with the letter ‘P’.

1. Panther

2. Porcupine

3. Puma (or Cougar)

4. Platypus

5. Prairie Dog

6. Pangolin

7. Plover

8. Polecat

9. Peafowl

10. Partridge

11. Pronghorn

12. Potoo

13. Python

14. Pudu (smallest deer species)

15. Peregrine Falcon

Domestic Animals that Begins With P

Domestication has been a part of human history for thousands of years. These animals, starting with the letter ‘P’, have been close companions, sources of sustenance, or vital to livelihoods for ages.

1. Pig

2. Pekinese (dog breed)

3. Persian (cat breed)

4. Plymouth Rock (chicken breed)

5. Pug (dog breed)

6. Palomino (horse breed)

7. Poodle

8. Pygmy Goat

9. Pigeon

10. Polish (chicken breed)

11. Paint Horse

12. Papillon (dog breed)

13. Parrot (domesticated species)

14. Peruvian Inca Orchid (dog breed)

15. Pomeranian

Sea and Ocean Animals With P

The vast oceans and seas of our planet house an array of aquatic life. Here are some remarkable marine animals that have names starting with the letter ‘P’.

1. Porpoise

2. Prawn

3. Parrotfish

4. Plankton

5. Pufferfish

6. Portuguese Man o’ War

7. Pilot Whale

8. Pickerel

9. Pollock

10. Perch

11. Panther Grouper

12. Pipefish

13. Porcelain Crab

14. Pinniped (general term for seals and sea lions)

15. Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Zoo Animals With P

Zoos play host to a myriad of animals from diverse habitats. These p-starting names are often crowd favorites and tend to be some of the stars of their respective enclosures.

1. Panda

2. Penguin

3. Peacock

4. Proboscis Monkey

5. Potoroo

6. Paca

7. Palm Cockatoo

8. Poison Dart Frog

9. Pygmy Hippopotamus

10. Prehensile-tailed Porcupine

11. Pika

12. Pink Fairy Armadillo

13. Parrot (various species)

14. Pallas’s Cat

15. Przewalski’s Horse

Extinct Animals Starting With Letter P

History has witnessed the existence of numerous creatures that have sadly disappeared from our world. Let’s remember some of these extinct animals that had names beginning with ‘P’.

1. Pachycephalosaurus

2. Paraceratherium

3. Passenger Pigeon

4. Plesiosaur

5. Protoceratops

6. Palaeoloxodon (ancient elephants)

7. Pinta Island Tortoise

8. Pachyrhinosaurus

9. Protarchaeopteryx

Each habitat, whether it’s the wild, our homes, the vast oceans, zoological parks, or history itself, offers a myriad of animals that enrich our understanding of the world around us. The letter ‘P’ certainly houses an impressive array of these creatures.

Animals Names With P By Type

The animal kingdom’s diversity spans not just habitats but also types and classifications. This section will delve deep into various types of creatures, each with a p letter animal name, offering a glance into the rich tapestry of life.

Mammals That Begins With P

Mammals are warm-blooded vertebrates that predominantly have hair or fur and typically give birth to live young. Let’s shed light on some mammals, each with a name starting with the coveted ‘P’.

1. Panda

2. Panther

3. Puma

4. Platypus

5. Porcupine

6. Pangolin

7. Pronghorn

8. Potoroo

9. Pudu

10. Polar Bear

11. Pygmy Goat

12. Proboscis Monkey

13. Pygmy Hippopotamus

14. Pika

15. Palomino Horse

Insects Starting With P

Insects are the most diverse group of animals on Earth. With their unique characteristics and abilities, insects with names starting with the letter ‘P’ offer an intriguing study into the microcosm of nature.

1. Painted Lady (butterfly)

2. Paper Wasp

3. Parasitic Wasp

4. Peacock Butterfly

5. Pill Bug

6. Pine Sawfly

7. Potato Beetle

8. Peach-Potato Aphid

9. Praying Mantis

10. Pond Skater

11. Puss Moth Caterpillar

12. Pharaoh Ant

13. Pink Bollworm

14. Pantomime Grasshopper

15. Pine Beetle

Reptiles With P

Cold-blooded and often misunderstood, reptiles have been around for millions of years. These animal name, each beginning with the letter ‘P’, provide insights into the incredible adaptability and resilience of life.

1. Python

2. Painted Turtle

3. Panther Chameleon

4. Puff Adder

5. Prairie Rattlesnake

6. Pacific Gecko

7. Parson’s Chameleon

8. Pueblan Milk Snake

9. Peninsula Ribbon Snake

10. Pig-nosed Turtle

11. Paraguayan Caiman Lizard

12. Prehensile-tailed Skink

13. Peninsula Newt

14. Pinta Island Tortoise (though now extinct)

15. Philippine Crocodile


1. Which Animals Begins With P And Found In Savannahs?

Prairie Dogs and Pangolins are commonly found in savannah habitats.

2. Which Australian Animal Starting With P?

The Platypus is a unique p name animal native to Australia.

In conclusion, the vast realm of the animal kingdom is both diverse and captivating, especially when explored alphabetically. The letter ‘P’ alone introduces us to a myriad of creatures, each with its own story, habitat, and unique attributes. This exploration not only broadens our understanding but also fosters appreciation for the intricate web of life on our planet.

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