Things That Deserve to Get Banned in India

Let’s Ban! 6 Things To Chuck From Our Lives

In recent times, India has seen a ban on a number of things like porn and beef. Though a section of society considers this to be right, there are others who feel it’s irrelevant. In any case, there are other things that should be banned in India immediately!

Did the ban on porn and beef leave you confused? Well, you’re not alone in your bewilderment. There are a lot of people who can’t understand how banning these things is going to make much difference to society. However, it’s also definitely given rise to a number of speculations about the various issues in our everyday lives that should be banned.

Things That Need to be Banned in India

1. Selfies

What started off as a fun thing has now gripped the whole nation like an epidemic. This was okay as long these were innocent clicks. But the selfie fever knows no bounds anymore. People can be seen clicking selfies at funerals, hospitals and other inappropriate places like the loo while attending nature’s call. What’s more, they have no qualms about sharing these on the social media networking sites.

2. Nosy Relatives

There’s hardly anyone around who hasn’t put up with this particular species of relatives! They’re always keen on knowing the minutest details of your life. They have no shame in poking their nose into your personal affairs, be it your wedding plans or God forbid, even family planning!

3. Poor Conversationalists in Social Media

You might have come across people whose reply to most of your chats is a “hmm”. This just kills the point of chatting! Then there are others who can’t be bothered to type “Ok” and instead prefer the annoying “K”.

2 girls are taking selfie

4. Saas Bahu Saga

When these serials were initially launched, they were a respite from the boredom of monotonous TV programmes. However, over the years, they’ve only become more of a nuisance. No matter what channel you switch to, you can find a beautifully bedecked lady making ugly plans against her in-laws. Even worse, the story stretches on and on and on with new characters being introduced and the dead coming to life.

5. Life Changers

As the famous saying goes, ‘It takes only one person to change your life – you’. Why, then, do some people never understand that they have no business suggesting life changes to others? Be it something as small as eating your favourite food or an important decision like whom to marry, everything is your choice. Anyone who thinks otherwise should be banned from your life!

6. Lingo-istics

These are the new breed of people who can’t write anything without using internet lingo. Though a number of expressions were developed to make conversation easier on the internet, there are those who type whole sentences in this lingo. The poor receiver ends up confused and struggling to decipher the message. Didcha get dat?

There are a number of other things that should be banned to make the world a better place. This includes religious conflicts, racism, bias against the LGBT community and violence. Hopefully, our world leaders will wake up to the reality and work towards banning things that cause more ill than porn and beef combined!

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