Using Lavender during Pregnancy: Is It Harmful?

Using Lavender during Pregnancy: Is It Harmful?

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Essential oils prove to be a worthy choice for pregnant women since they are extracted from natural sources. Lavender is recommended by most women but it is also necessary to know the ways to use it safely when you are pregnant.

Is Lavender Safe during Pregnancy

Lavender can be positively used by pregnant women, but only when administered in controlled and limited quantities. It can be used in various forms as well with good precautions.

Using Lavender Oil When Pregnant

To know if you can use lavender oil when pregnant, it is necessary to know if you need to. There are tons of benefits that lavender oil can bring to you during your pregnancy, and some of them can be extremely relaxing as well.

Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender oil provides a combination of various benefits, all within a single package of sorts.

1. Easy to Get and Apply

Numerous stores near your home or even online stores for that matter house lavender oil preparations from various brands. Applying the oil on your body is not complex since all you need to do is make sure it covers the right areas. Making use of a lavender oil pregnancy bath is not a bad idea at all.

2. Gets Rid of Stretch Marks

As your tummy increases in size, the stretch marks begin to get more and more evident, which might prevail after your pregnancy as well. Combining lavender oil with jojoba oil and massaging the areas of the body that have the marks, can help reduce their prominence effectively.

3. Combats Stress

The aroma that emits from lavender oil is enticing and relaxing, to say the least. There is a reason why so many natural massage therapies make use of lavender oil in their regimen. Its nutrients, when infused within your body, provide a rejuvenating effect and help reduce stress substantially, keeping you calm and satisfied.

4. Aids Better Sleep

For mothers suffering from insomnia, there is no better remedy than a small quantity of lavender oil. That’s all that it takes to relieve any kind of depression, exhaustion or headaches that prevent you from sleeping peacefully. Leaving a tissue that is moist with a few drops of the oil can effuse an aroma within the room that can lull you to sleep.

5. Alleviates Labour Pains and Contractions

The pains that women experience in the first trimester can be reduced effectively by using lavender oil. Similarly, usage of lavender oil in pregnancy labour is also suggested by many women.

6. Used in Aromatherapy for Prenatal Massage

Aromatherapy makes use of the various smells emanated from essential oils to calm your mind and improve your pregnancy. Combined with a massage, this can prove to be extremely relaxing and can be combined with certain aroma cushions as well.

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Are There Any Side Effects of Using Lavender Oil

The application of lavender oil can cause your hormones to be stimulated, which could have different effects on your body. Similarly, using lavender oil in the early months of pregnancy can result in a miscarriage.

Cautionary Tips

Adhere to the following tips while making use of lavender oil in your pregnancy.

  • Try a small quantity of lavender oil initially to check for any potential allergies.
  • Stay away from the Lavindin species of the flower, which is quite harmful to pregnant women.

Using Lavender Tea While Pregnant

Some women also recommend drinking lavender tea during pregnancy to great effect. While its consumption is safe and so is the usage of lavender as a seasoning element, the tea needs to be prepared appropriately.

Are There Any Advantages of Consuming Lavender Tea

On a general basis, it is best to avoid any tea that is prepared exclusively using the lavender herb. Drinking any other tea that has the flavour of lavender can bring a soothing effect within the body, along with benefits of the actual constituent used to make the tea.

Side Effects of Drinking Lavender Tea

The side effects of drinking tea prepared directly from lavender are quite substantial.

  • The development of the foetus can be affected in myriad ways.
  • Hormone disruption can cause breasts to develop in male babies.
  • Increased headache and constipation can be observed as well.

Cautionary Tips

Here are a few tips to be adhered to while consuming any kind of lavender tea

  • Choose a tea that has a lavender flavour instead of it being the main herb.
  • Check with your doctor regarding consumption of lavender tea.

The benefits that are provided by lavender essential oil during early pregnancy may not be observed in lavender tea preparations. It is important that the safety of both you and your baby are not compromised.

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