Fun with Threads and Shapes!

Lacing Shapes DIY

This easy-to-do activity sharpens a very important motor skill in your child – lacing or threading. It is simple and there’s scope to get really innovative with it. Don’t we all wish that our children learn to express themselves well? Try this craft to see what your child creates

This amazing DIY activity will teach your child how to thread. It is so easy to make, and yet the finished product looks so beautiful, that it is sure to put a smile on everybody’s face. What’s more, you can do this activity from materials that are all lying around your house!

You Will Need

  1. Cardboard or Chartpaper
  2. Markers, sketch pens
  3. Scissors
  4. Different coloured yarn, thread, or ribbons
  5. Punching machine
  6. Ribbon
  7. Twig or stick
  8. One enthusiastic mom-child pair!

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Arrange all your supplies for easy access.
    Cardboard or Chartpaper
  2. Using the marker and sketch pen, draw big shapes on the cardboard or chart paper. You can also print out colourful shapes like we did.
  3. Using the scissors, cut out the shapes you just drew. Do not worry if it is not a perfect shape. Encourage your child to do it on her own.
    Cut shapes using Scissors
    Scissor and shape
  4. Using the punch machine, punch holes along the border of the shape you just cut out. Make sure the holes are not too close to each other.
    Using the punch machine punch on shape
  5. Take a piece of string (or yarn or ribbon), and weave it through the holes you just punched. Go in from one hole, come out from the next. Repeat this until you have gone through all the holes and have arrived at the first hole.
    Take a piece of string and put in holes
  6. Adjust the cord and then tie a knot to avoid the string falling out of the holes.
    Adjust the cord and then tie a knot
    Adjust the cord and then tie a knot
  7. Repeat the same process with the remaining shapes.
    Repeat the same process
  8. Next, take the twig and ribbon and tie pieces of ribbon to the twig.
    take the twig and ribbon
  9. You can tape the shapes to the ribbon or even glue them on.
    You can tape the shapes
  10. Your hanging shape mobile is ready!
    Your hanging shape mobile is ready

Messiness Score


Level Of Difficulty


Parental Involment


Skills Enhanced

Fine motor skils, cutting along lines, lacing and threading skills, pre-writing skills.

You will observe your child doing…

Your child will want to cut the shapes by himself. He will be excited to ask you about the shapes you’ve chosen together.

It will be fun because…

Once your child sees his creation hanging up there, he will be proud of his work of art.

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