When Should You Wear Tights and Leggings?

Know What you Wear – Tights v/s Leggings

With so many options available on the shelves at supermarkets, it can be hard to pick bottom wear. Leggings and tights for women can be especially confusing. However, a little help in terms of choosing the right leg wear is all you need!

If the choice between leggings and tights becomes a little too much to bear, maybe you need a quick lowdown. Drive away all confusion and step out looking your sartorial best with this quick guide.

Tights or Leggings – Know When to Wear What

1. What are tights?

Tights are made from a thick variety of nylon or a blend of cotton and lycra. They help cover your foot and stretch all the way up to your waist. They are slightly thicker than stockings, but are worn the same way as them. Wear them with shorts – denim shorts by day and cotton shorts in the night. They can also be paired with shift dresses. Make it a point to experiment with colours.

2. What are leggings?

Leggings are footless and can extend right down to the ankles. They resemble pants and have become a fashion statement thanks to their snug fit! They come in a variety of prints and patterns. Choose a pair that help flatter your legs. Feel the need to experiment? Try on a pair of ballet pumps or leather leggings with a fringe high-low top.


3. Difference in style quotient

Leggings for women are casual and can be worn during your daily workout. The dressier variety of leggings can be paired with a tunic for office. Don’t feel like baring skin? It’s also possible to sport a pair of leggings under a dress or a skirt!
Tights for women range from professional to casual. They should be worn under dresses, skirts and shorts. They give your posterior an enviable shape. The only catch is that tights are, well, extremely tight! But they still are comfortable, almost like your second skin.

4. When to wear tights?

You can start wearing them in autumn when you bring out shorter, trendy dresses. Wearing tights under slightly long skirts is also a great idea. The look can be paired with a cute pair of boots. When winter arrives, you can get tights to help keep you warm.

5. When to wear leggings?

Leggings are comfortable and can be worn in all seasons, even winter. Pairing leggings with a large sweater and a pair of cool boots will help you channel a chic street style. This can come in handy when you’re heading for a night out with hubby, without the kids.

The battle between tights vs leggings ends here. The difference between tights and leggings thus depends on need, occasion and the kind of look you desire. Make the best use of leggings or tights, whichever you’re in a mood for. They are, after all, every woman’s best friend!

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