Importance of Making Kids Learn About Outdoor Environment

Keeping Your Toddler Tuned To Changes in Nature

Every parent should realize the importance of nature in child development. Kids should be allowed to play freely while outdoors and enjoy themselves completely. The more they connect with their environment, the better they’ll flourish. Moms, find out how to help your toddlers establish a strong connection with nature.

Children are naturally inclined to their environment. Their mind is full of questions about nature. However, the changes in nature and its various elements might get muddled in their tiny heads. As a parent, you can contribute largely towards fostering this relationship with the surroundings. So, what are you waiting for? Begin right away.

Build the Connection between Toddlers and Nature

1. Outdoor Activities

These days with TV, apps, and video games, children are mostly restricted to their rooms or indoor environments. Parents should make it a point to include some time for them with regards to a daily dose of outdoor play in early childhood. How about taking your kid to a park where she can run around, play games with mates, swing, slide, and more. Over weekends, it’s a good idea to take kids for a nature walk.

2. Nature Treasure

Toddlers exploring environment create several chances of learning from it. Sometimes, it’s the adults who create a sense of fear or disgust towards different natural elements or creatures. For example, next time there’s an insect crawling, do not scream or screech. Instead, show your little one what the creepy-crawlies are actually up to. Similarly, when your child comes home covered in mud, don’t scold him. Learn to laugh it off and encourage him to speak about his experience. When you go for a nature walk with your child, collect dried flowers, leaves, stones etc. and ask your child to store in a separate ‘nature treasure’ box.

3. Plant Watering is Fun

The smartest way of making toddlers learn about environment is teaching them to water plants. Make this a daily habit for them, at the same time teach them that plants need sunlight and water to grow. Don’t forget to emphasise on the importance of saving plants and trees. This is a good way of introducing your child to subjects like environmental science.

4. Teaching Seasons to Kids

Through rhymes, activities, hands-on experiences, kids gradually learn that summer season is bright and sunny, whereas, during monsoons, rainfall prevents them from going outside. Similarly, they learn that during winters they need to put on warm clothes and might experience snow too. Spring is the time to look forward to fresh flowers blooming everywhere!

5. Rules for outdoor environment for children

Explain to your little one that they should not throw waste papers or plastics on the road.These things should always go into the trash can. By constantly revising, they will develop a better civic sense and learn that dumping garbage anywhere is actually harmful for the environment.

There are several benefits of toddlers connecting with nature. Children develop emotionally, socially and intellectually when they are closely linked to nature. So, do take the right measures to show them the way and gift them a healthy, fresh and free future.

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