4 Ways to Keep Your Child’s Christmas & New Year Gift Expectations Practical

Keeping Your Child’s New Year Gift Expectations Practical

In recent years, Christmas and New Year have become quite an expensive affair with children expecting too much by way of presents. For parents who are clueless about tackling these expectations, here are some ways of taming down your preteen’s gifts expectations in some smart ways.

Children today can really set the bar high when it comes to Christmas presents. Kid’s expectations can be demanding, and as parents, it’s only natural to not want to disappoint them. But what happens when their wants and expectations exceed what you can afford to give them? Here’s what you can do to keep their expectations for a Christmas present practical.

How to Lower Your Preteen’s Christmas and New Year Gifts Expectations

1. Keep Giving and Gifting your Child to a Minimum

It’s called strategic deprivation where you limit giving and gifting your child toys, clothes, etc. throughout the year. Giving them whatever they want is going to make them want more. Giving them less is not a bad thing so long as their basic necessities are met. This act of not giving them anything and everything from the start will only make them appreciate something when they finally get it.

2. Limit the Number of Gifts

This season doesn’t have to be about extravagance. Gifting your child 10 presents as opposed to one doesn’t make you a better parent. Yes, all parents want to give their children the best but that best doesn’t have to come in numbers. If your child is used to getting 10 presents at this time, the next year he or she is probably going to expect much more. Keep gifting real and practical. A single present can be as delightful for a child if it’s given with love.

3. Keep it Simple from the Beginning

Children are not born with an instinctive nature for gifts. So when they are small, this is the best time to keep their Christmas expectations low key. By being practical and giving them what you can afford, they too learn to accept and appreciate whatever is given to them.

4. Talk to your Kids about It

If your child expects something out of the ordinary and you can’t possibly meet his or her expectation, it helps to have a positive chat about it. There’s no need to be blunt in telling them you can’t afford to give them what they want. You can put it gently across in whichever manner you feel best. Most preteens are usually at an understanding age. So telling them that you need to downsize on the number of gifts or giving them something other than what they want because of certain other financial matters that need to be taken care of will help soften the blow.

Not giving your children what they want doesn’t need to be seen as a cruel deprivation of sorts. It’s nice to buy them things every now and then but knowing how to keep it realistic goes a long way in lowering their preteen’s Christmas present expectations. If you know how to strike the right balance with your kids all year long, a Christmas or New Year morning can be much more meaningful.

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