Ways to Keep Your Workout Routine Pain and Injury Proof

Keeping the Fitness Challenge Painless

Exercise is the key to a fit body and mind but by overexerting ourselves, we sometimes land into big trouble. Rather than going slow, we eagerly rush in. Prepare yourself by pain-proofing your body from workouts. It’s surprisingly easy and very effective!

Workouts are magical treatments for our bodies! They tone, and burn calories and fat. But sometimes, we overdo the exercising and become a victim of various muscle-related conditions that range from acute pain to infections. Fortunately, there are safe ways to ensure a pain-proof workout.

Painless Workout for Painless Muscles

1. Stretch, stretch, stretch!

The first and foremost activity to do before engaging in any kind of workout is stretching as it prepares the body for the muscular contractions it’s about to go through. Stretching loosens the muscles and gets them ready to face challenges. Stretching coupled with warm-up exercises like brisk walking, jumping jacks and squats can enhance your stamina and make your body adaptable to strenuous workouts. It’s one of the vital ways to keep your workout routine pain-proof! ||

2. Lubricate your tendons with water

We know that the human body is made up of 55-60% water, but not all of us know that water acts as a lubricant for our tendons and tissues. Our muscles are joined to the bones with the help of tendons, which, upon hydration, become more flexible, easing muscle movement. Drinking enough water keeps cramps at bay, so don’t forget to hydrate when working out by sipping water.

3. Take it one step at a time

You may be raring to give those extra pounds a kick in the butt, but stop! Don’t just jump in; take things one step at a time and slowly bring up the pace otherwise you’ll injure your muscles with an overdose of adrenaline! Begin with light exercises such as skipping rope, then slowly and steadily move on to jogging and running. If you’re lifting weights, don’t start out with 5-kg ones; go for 1.5-2-kg dumbbells instead.

Take it one step at a time

4. Don’t let ego be your downfall

Sometimes we try to project bigger, better selves. When working out at the gym, you may feel tempted to impress others by lifting heavier weights or by doing vigorous exercises that you’re just not yet ready for. The consequences of your ego could be dangerous and you could end up seriously injuring yourself. Remember, you’re working out for you, not for others so do exercises that you can handle.

5. Eat and drink right

Workouts consume energy and in order to keep your body properly nourished, you must eat a nutrient-rich diet. Avoid caffeine, and if you must drink it, keep to 2 cups of coffee and tea a day. Stay away from carbonated and sugary drinks, even packaged juice. Don’t drink iced beverages before or after workout sessions as it can tamper with your body temperature and leave you susceptible to pain.

All of us want immediate results from our workouts and in an effort to get them, we sometimes receive nothing but injury. Muscles are flexible, but it doesn’t mean they can be stretched to any possible limit without being prepared. So, take good care of yourself when exercising by pain-proofing your body from workouts.

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