Tips to Protect Your Mobile Phone from Cyber Attacks

Keep your Smartphone Safe and Snug With these Security Tips

Smartphones have proved to be a boon in this fast-paced world. You can send mails, share files, chat and stay in touch with people all around the world. But is it smart enough to wade off cyber criminals? It’s time to use steps to protect your smartphone from cyber attacks.

You can’t do without your smartphone, no matter where you go. It’s your constant companion and has brought the whole world to your fingertips. Beware! There are criminals lurking in cyberspace waiting to get hold of important information from your phone! By following smartphone security tips, you can secure your device from cyber attacks.

Smartphone Safety Tips to Remember

1. Make a smart purchase

When you buy a new phone, the features you generally look for are screen resolution, storage space and camera clarity. But also remember to find out the various security features provided by the manufacturer. This can include mobile phone security facilities like setting passwords, detecting and deleting files that get installed without permission and tracking the phone if it gets lost or stolen.

2. Beware of shady apps

The smartphone era has given rise to a number of useful apps right from tracking your baby’s diet to managing your work e-mail. But did you know some apps can also cause smartphone security issues? While it’s difficult not to be enamored by the number of free apps being offered, make sure you go through the reviews first. Also download apps only from the official digital distribution platform of your phone’s operating system.

3. Socialise with care

Do you love playing personality quizzes on social media? They can sure be a lot of fun but there’s a catch. You may have noticed that these little games ask you for permission to access your personal details and sometimes even share them with others. These others could include hackers as well! Unless you trust the game provider, proceed with care no matter how interesting they seem.

Be invisibly smart

4. Be invisibly smart

Don’t leave your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on when you aren’t using them. It can be a threat to your mobile phone safety as other devices can access your device. If you must leave the Wi-Fi on, make sure you at least set a strong password that won’t be easy to crack. What’s more, switching off also prevents your phone’s battery from being unnecessarily drained.

5. Make payments smartly

Do you use your smartphone for banking transactions? It’s very convenient especially if you’re too busy to log on to a laptop. But have you considered the consequence of a hacker getting hold of your banking information? Always log out of these websites and apps after completing your work. Make sure you don’t store bank details, passwords and other sensitive information on your phone.

Smartphones can definitely make life easier for you. But they aren’t always smart enough to safeguard themselves from hackers and prowlers. Make sure you follow these steps to protect your smartphone from cyber attacks and save your sanity!

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