Furniture Care Tips During Monsoon Season

Keep Furniture Away from Monsoon Woes

Monsoons are a welcome change from the summer heat. But the excess moisture could have an adverse effect on your favourite pieces of furniture. If you’re concerned about them getting ruined, you need a few easy-to-follow furniture care tips for the rainy season.

Keeping furniture looking almost as good as new takes work. When the monsoon comes, you have more to contend with. Those pieces of vintage furniture could see wood expansion during rainy season. That lovely wrought iron furniture set could start getting rusted due to exposure to moisture. What do you do? Get started on your quest to keeping things away from monsoon woes.

How To Take Care Of Furniture During Monsoon Season

1. Keep it Away from Dampness

Move away all the furniture you’ve placed near windows and doors. The gentle spray that comes in with the breeze might be refreshing to you but it’s definitely not good for the furniture. You should also consider moving chairs, cabinets and tables away from the walls. You don’t want leakages and dampness to ruin your precious investment. Think of this as an opportunity to do a bit of long-awaited rearranging!

2. Say no to Moisture

You might face some furniture problems during the rainy season even after moving everything away from the walls. This is because of excessive moisture in the air. Don’t add to it by cleaning furniture with a damp cloth. Use a dry and soft cloth to clean it instead. You can also try household cleaners on glass and metal countertops. Make sure hubby and the kids don’t place damp bath towels over furniture to dry.

Polish it up

3. Polish it Up

Taking care of furniture in the monsoons involves making sure it’s protected. Since you can’t ensure everything is perfect with your hands so full of taking care of the little ones, apply a layer of polish to all wooden furniture. Don’t shine it, just coat it. Apply a coat of anti-rust paint on the wrought iron ones as well. It’ll make them look brand new and will also keep them from warping and rusting.

4. Keep Rooms as Dry as Possible

The excess amount of moisture in the air can have a field day on furniture. One way to counter this is to keep rooms properly ventilated. Keep a few doors and windows open for cross ventilation. You can also use a dehumidifier to check the moisture level in the rooms and bring it down. If the bathroom or kitchen is still too humid, you might want to consider installing an exhaust fan.

5. Lubrication is The Key

Wood expansion is a common problem during monsoon. You could end up with a kitchen cabinet that’s too difficult to open or drawers that just won’t open at all. The way out of this is to lubricate all such furniture pieces to reduce friction caused by moisture. Don’t resort to forcing them shut otherwise you’ll damage them.

These furniture care tips for the rainy season are the perfect solution for all your monsoon-related furniture woes. Follow them to keep your valuable hardwood tables and intricate wrought iron chairs looking brand new. When the rains come, you’ll be well and ready to enjoy them.

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